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Laboratory Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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Describe your passion for the work we do at this laboratory.
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I am very interested in pharmaceutical work. The things being done in this lab are helping to improve peoples lives and that make me feel like i'm doing something to improve the world.
To perform standard laboratory procedures including clerical, blood collection, washroom, central receiving, and limited technical functions. I am responsible for proper recognition of the patients; quickly and professionally obtain specimens for laboratory analysis; interview and verify physicians's request of OPD and OPS patients, inter patients information into the computer and produce and deliver reports.
I am very passionate about Science and therefore my interest lies in working in a science laboratory.
All the accessories should be in proper condition.
I consider the lab as the front line for patients diagnosis. With out lab testing, no one knows what's wrong with the patients, and being able to provide the information that may save the patients life, brings passion and dedication to the work that's done within the lab.
I am very passionate for the job I am a motivated person and also motivate my co-worker to achieve goals of conpany.
To grow with the lab and make really good progress.
Ever since I actually started Honors Biology, I was enthralled by the field. My love for it grew when I took AP. I'd love to be close to the sourec.
Clean and safe laboratory.
I am interested in sustainability, and water is one of the key resources that need to be conserved and taken care of, but sadly, it is being wasted and contaminated by human beings. I did some research about the Professor Ohman's lab. And, it was on population ecology of marine zooplankton. Even though his lab and my interest are not directly related, I believe that I need to understand microorganisms in water in order to study in depth in water sustainability and how microorganisms affect animals. Also, his research interests include climate change effects and California current ecosystem LTER site, which I am interested in too.
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