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Describe a situation where you had to multi task.
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Every day I multi-task. There are tasks that have to be accomplished on a daily basis and there are always emergencies that come up that have to be dealt with.
I have had to multi task on numerous occasions. My personnel officer resigned with no notice and I had to act as HR Manager and personnel officer until I could get the position filled. I gathered my team together for their input. Since we are a "family", everyone was willing to assist. I prioritized my tasks and was willing to work through my breaks, lunch hours and overtime to complete the tasks.
Multi task in the area of termination and onboarding.
I have to multi-task on numerous occasions. I would prioritize the task from most important to least important. I would create a spreadsheet with each task and estimate the time it would take to complete each task. I would have no problem delegating assignments to my team should I need to do so.
It was during school term. When I not only have to manage attending lectures, doing reports, projects, preparing for exams but I also have other commitments such as volunteering outside school. This means being able to multitask, to find out your priorities and setting time to do it. Time is never enough, but it depends on how you assign and manage it.
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