Permanent Staffing Recruiter Interview Questions

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How do you use social media and other online tools in your recruitment process?

Permanent Staffing Recruiter Interview Questions

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    How do you use social media and other online tools in your recruitment process?

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    Recruitment requires a lot of selling. Do you have any sales training?

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    What does the term personal branding mean to you? Are you satisfied with your personal brand?

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    Do you have experience guiding candidates through job offer negotiations?

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    Tell me three details a recruiter should never include in a job posting.

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    Do you have experience writing resumes, and coaching candidates on how to best present themselves to a client?

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    What steps would you take if your newly placed candidate quit without notice?

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    How do you help your clients to make sound hiring decisions?

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    How many permanent placements did you make last year?

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    Do you have experience using an ATS? Which applicant tracking systems do you know best?

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    As a perm recruiter, which publications and resources do you turn to the most?

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    How is your recruitment performance measured in your current role?

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    What are your top 3 most important activities as a recruiter?

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    What would you do if a client asked something unethical of you?

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    Are you comfortable being paid on a 100% commission basis?

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    What questions do you have for me?

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    How do you maintain relationships with your clients?

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    In which industry are you best versed, when it comes to permanent staffing needs?

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    How often do you look for opportunities to approach potential new clients?

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    When interviewing a candidate, what is the most important question you could ask?

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    If you had a highly skilled candidate, but their appearance was terrible, would you present them to your client?

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    How do you properly vet potential new clients? Is it necessary to you to that your clients are ethical, or will you take any job order?

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    What does the term attrition mean, and what are the biggest causes of employee attrition rates?

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    How do you use data and analytics in your recruitment process?

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    Walk me through the types of placements you have made in your recruitment career. In which industries are most interested?

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    Talk to me about your level of proficiency with LinkedIn Recruiter.

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    What is the most critical area of training for a new recruiter?

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    How do you treat candidates not selected for the job? Walk me through your process.

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    Talented recruiters are entrepreneurial. Give me an example of how you have embraced an entrepreneurial mindset.

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    Are you accustomed to working in a bullpen environment or do you have a personal office?