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By providing examples, convince me that you can adapt to a wide variety of people, situations and environments.
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I have experience as a registrar and have been in contact with all ages ranging from high school graduates to working parents.
As I mentioned before, always stay calm in any situation. Always try to calm the person down and find out what the situation or problem is and assure them they will get their question or problem resolved.
When I worked with WW, I had to handle many different people, with many different questions, at the same time. I also went into companies and was able to adapt to many different work environments.
In all my past work experiences I have dealt with people from various social and economic backgrounds. It's part of daily life, really.
Well I've worked with special needs children and their parents I've developed IEP's for each student of mine and have meetings early with parents describing our academic goals and their academic goals for their children. I've dealt with parents crying and upset with how their children are acting, in which we resolved with a specific plan of action for both teachers and parents.
There have been numerous occasions where I have had to handle tough situations in a Professional manner. Parents always need to be informed of child behavior, even when the parents are not pleased with the information. From serious medical emergencies to programs fee policies, I am constantly answering questions and using a telephone. I communicate with all types of personalities and special needs.
I worked for years in the mental health field where I have dealt with individuals with many different personality types, I am able show respect and work with everyone.
The fact that I have worked at different places as a teacher. I have come across different students and not only students but also environments. I worked in private.
Working in a wedding environment, one is constantly confronted with a variety of people running on emotions. It is my job to control the situation and get the vendor, bride, family, or guest to calm down and find a solution to the problem. Often it is really listening to a person vent.
I started at Durham as a substitute in the office during the first week of school. They had hired a new receptionist, but she couldn't be there during the first week of school. I hit the ground running, by helping people enroll, answered questions about requirements, and answered the phones as well. Of course I didn't really know any of the answers to their questions, but I wasn't afraid to ask questions and find the answers. I knew that I was there to help facilitate a smooth new start to the school year, and did whatever I could to help make that happen. The receptionist came the next day, and I think she was overwhelmed, as she didn't return. I worked the next week and then they asked me if I wanted the job. I worked with a first year AP as well as a seasoned AP. I have had parents thank me for explaining the attendance and 90% rule to them and I have Another year, the power was out on the first day of school and we had to work through that... It was a challenge, but we explained to the parents and students what we were dealing with and we.
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