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Talk about a time you had to work with a very difficult person. What was the situation and how did you handle it?

"In my current role, I have a customer that flies off the handle very easily if things don't happen just right and I learned this from my first interactions with him. In seeing this happen from the start, I have always maintained a calm demeanor when he was upset and showed empathy by asking questions about his expectations and how to fix situations for him. To this day, I expect difficulty from him when we work together and the years we've had a working relationship together have better prepared me for more clients like him in the future."

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27 The Sovos Group Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Talk about a time you had to work with a very difficult person. What was the situation and how did you handle it?

  • 2. A key component to success here at The Sovos Group is building solid relationships with new clients. How do you effectively get to know new people and lay the groundwork for a long lasting relationship?

  • 3. In what ways would our clients here at The Sovos Group benefit from your knowledge and services?

  • 4. Beyond revenue, how do The Sovos Group's products benefit our clients?

  • 5. Talk about a time that you successfully educated another individual or group in your area of expertise. What made your educational experience effective?

  • 6. What are the biggest regulatory concerns for financial services?

  • 7. Walk me through your experience in enterprise software sales, and complex sales cycles.

  • 8. Tell me about your experience with predictive modeling projects.

  • 9. How do you stay organized and on track when working on a long-term project?

  • 10. At The Sovos Group, you will have the opportunity to work with high level executives and leaders from the companies we contract with. What experience do you have in working with people at these levels?

  • 11. Would you say that you are a goal oriented person on the job? Why would you say that?

  • 12. Discuss a couple of software sales techniques. Which sales technique do you think is most effective for The Sovos Group, and why?

  • 13. Customer service is our top priority at The Sovos Group. What is your customer service philosophy?

  • 14. What roles are you comfortable assuming in working as part of a larger team?

  • 15. A career move to a consultant with The Sovos Group may find you working on new challenges that you haven't faced during your career. What's been the most challenging project you've led up to this point in your career?

  • 16. As a consultant with The Sovos Group, you will be relied upon to build trust with our clients as you work with them on financial stability and well-being. What would be your tactics to build trust from the start with a new client?

  • 17. At The Sovos Group, we often work with both small and large businesses on their tax preparation. What common deductions would you recommend for small businesses?

  • 18. Which accounting platforms are you familiar working with?

  • 19. How did you maintain a good relationship with your most recent boss?

  • 20. If you were to join The Sovos Group in this role, you will be counted on to lead projects. Talk about a time you had to lead a team of individuals. What leadership skills do you have that you will bring to the table here?

  • 21. Give an example of a time that you brought an innovation to an accounting practice for an organization. What was your motivation to do this?

  • 22. What tax preparation programs do you familiarity working on?

  • 23. For our clients here at The Sovos Group, we are brought in as consultant project managers that are working with unfamiliar teams of people. What leadership style would you bring to our clients that would be effective and efficient with our clients?

  • 24. We value accountability at The Sovos Group. If a customer sent a formal complaint about an interaction with you, how would you handle it?

  • 25. Tell me why you are the right fit for The Sovos Group, and this position.

  • 26. At The Sovos Group, our clients look to us to help find new and creative ways to save tax dollars. Have you ever had a unique situation where you helped an organization save tax dollars through your work and insight?

  • 27. If hired for this position at The Sovos Group, what would be the ideal project for you to lead?