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At Stryker, we've been voted a best place to work. What kind of working environment do you thrive in?

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    At Stryker, we've been voted a best place to work. What kind of working environment do you thrive in?

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    At Stryker, our customers are our top focus and we strive to meet their needs with new and innovative products that help enhance their business. What are some things that you do that prove you are customer driven in your work?

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    In your line of work, what interests you about coming to work in the medical devices field?

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    What is a work accomplishment you feel very proud about that you'd like to share?

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    The technology in the medical device industry is changing rapidly. At Stryker, we are investing in new technology to help patients and our teams do their jobs more effectively. How do you keep up to speed with changing technology?

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    At Stryker, we do a lot of cross functional team projects. Tell me about a project team you've been on and your role.

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    At Stryker, we believe in quality first in all that we do. Do you have any formal training in quality initiatives and, if so, how have you applied them to your work?

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    At Stryker, we value professional development and education. What is the last learning opportunity you have been able to participate in?

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    Here at Stryker, we have a supply chain transparency program that ensures we are sourcing gold, tungsten and tin from socially responsible sources. What do you know about this program and why is it important to you?

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    Here at Stryker, we firmly believe in an inclusive culture and we put a lot of effort into diversity and inclusion efforts. Why are these things important to you?

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    Here at Stryker, our people are one of our four core values and we believe in growing talent from within. What are your ultimate career goals if hired for this position?

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    When starting a new job, what are steps you've taken to develop a 30, 60, 90 day plan for yourself?

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    At Stryker, our medical devices can truly change people's lives. Sometimes, though, a patient may have a question or concern about one of our devices. How have you handled a difficult customer interaction in a previous position?

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    At Stryker, we need outside the box thinkers to continue to innovate our company so we can stay competitive in the medical device industry. Tell me about a time you thought about something differently or proposed a new way of doing something.

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    At Stryker, we believe in finding the most efficient ways of doing things. How have you used technology to be more efficient?

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    In the medical device industry, many of our sales relationships are with large hospital organizations. In previous roles, how have you made connections with the right people in large hospital organizations?

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    We value integrity in the workplace and foster an environment where our employees do what is right at all times, even when shortcuts may make life easier. Talk about a time when your integrity was challenged and how did you handle that situation?

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    In the medical device industry, we are highly regulated by the FDA and other entities. What experience do you have working with regulatory bodies?

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    In your job, what does delivering results mean to you and how have you shown your ability to do this in your work?

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    At Stryker, we believe in continuous feedback so we can all improve. When is a time you received constructive feedback?