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How do you deal with distracting coworkers who stand in the way of your progress?

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    How do you deal with distracting coworkers who stand in the way of your progress?

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      Even the most well-meaning coworkers can distract you from getting things done at work from time to time. The funny and entertaining coworkers who like to chat online and send YouTube videos are often the ones who can get in the way of your productivity if you let them. How do you respond? Show off your ability to set professional boundaries, when needed.

      "I typically just set a kind, but clear, boundary and tell my coworker that I need to focus at the moment. I will offer an alternate time for a catch-up, over lunch for example. It is important for the sake of workplace culture to set aside time to be social with coworkers, so I usually just let them know when I'll be available for a quick break in the day."

      Michelle's Answer

      "If I have a distracting co-worker, I will highlight the distraction right away while remaining kind. I feel it's always best to nip issues in the bud before they get out of control. Overall, I'm very good at setting personal and professional boundaries, so this has never been much of an issue for me. I've found that if I'm clear that my time is currently allocated to another task, people respect that and are happy to catch up and be social at another specified time."

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      "It's something that often occurs, I would kindly reject any distraction and suggest to catch-up over lunch or perhaps after work hours. I have a mindset that when it's a business hour to be fully focused on work."

      Cindy's Answer

      Good. Staying focused is key to success. Do you have an example of a time when you were able to stay focused and avoid distraction? This will help the interviewer see your skills and techniques in action.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "Honesty is one of my values, I would nicely invite the person to talk to me during our break or after work and mention that I have important deadlines to meet."

      Marcie's Answer

      Confronting the person in a nice manner would undoubtedly be a good way to handle the situation. You can also mention to the interviewer that you would create a good exit strategy to use when the person started conversing with you. (Something like 'I have an important call I have to make.') You could also seek out alternative workspaces, but no matter what you do, make sure you don't talk negatively about this person to others.

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