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How often do you shop at Nordstrom?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nordstrom interview

How to Answer

Perhaps you are a preferred member, or maybe you have not visited often. Regardless, you should have at least one to two experiences at a Nordstrom store before you head into your interview. You might mention that you like to have two big stock-up shopping trips a year. You might share that you shop at Nordstrom monthly because you just can't pass it up when you are already at the mall. Or, you might share that you love visiting Nordstrom for holidays and events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, Weddings, Baby Showers, and Christmas because it is a great place to get gifts!

How often do you shop at Nordstrom?
Answer example

"I love shopping at Nordstrom, and also Nordstrom Rack. The customer service is amazing, and I love the selection offered, as well as the brands. I am in your store once a month, if not more."

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How often do you shop at Nordstrom?
I visit Nordstrom online quite often and whenever I can I visit in store, as well as Nordstrom Rack.
I visit Nordstrom maybe once a month. Or longer depending on what I am going into the store for.
I mostly shop online from nordstrom, however I do visit the store twice a month.
I shop at nordstrom a few times a month and I check the website every few days for new products.
Whenever I travel to the US I shop at Nordstroms. Now that they are in Ottawa whenever I shop I go there.
I do not currently shop at Nordstrom but my brother does .
A few times a year in stores, based on not living in locations near them. However I shop online Nordstrom regularly.
I shop on the website perhaps once every 2 months. I like to browse through the shop department.
At least once a week. I adore this store and always want to see whats new.
I visit Nordstrom every couple of months. They recently built a Nordstrom Rack in Eugene and I have been there three or four times since January. When I come home to Portland I usually visit Nordstrom to check out what is new!
Whenever I enter the mall or leaving the mall, and its my go to store for online shopping for shoes.
Every time I visit a retail shopping plaza, several times a month.
I've only been to Nordstrom in San Diego, California and I always look online to see what is trending in fashion.
I shop online and our local rack whenever im in the need for something new.
I shop and visit, peobably around 3 times a month.
I shop at Nordstrom maybe once or twice every other week.
Nordstrom rack is about 5 min from my house and it is one of my favorite stores! I love finding great deals and I love the fashion. I have so many pieces from there already. I would have to say I visit there probably once a week!
I usually shop at Nordstrom rack because it's closer to where I live, I usually shop at Nordstrom when comes to shoes and never a doubt was I never satisfied.
At least twice every week.
We don't have a Nordstrom in South Carolina but I like to shop at Nordstrom Rack.
Well because it's new to Canada mostly when I go to the states, or I shop online.
I visit every couple months, and whenever I go to the mall.
All the time. Often as I can.
I shop at Nordstrom at least once a month, and I always stop by just see what they have even if I am not shopping. I love the atmosphere and how welcoming it is, but not overwhelming.
My mom and I go to the mall every week or two and Nordstrom is always the first store we look at.
I visit the store nordstrom in store about once a week but I dont really like to shop online because I like to try stuff on before I buy it.
One or twice a month because of my inflexible schedule at cooland.
Quit often I love the product and quality newness.
I shop at Nordstrom online about once a month and visit an actual store about once or twice a year.
Frequently. If I need a pair of shoes Nordstrom is my go-to for dependable, comfortable and stylish selections. The high quality of apparel Nordstrom carries makes them my top shopping spot.
Not quite often because I don't have a nordstrom near me.
I visit Nordstrom almost every time my mom would let me drive her car to the mall because this happens to be the place she got her first job right after high school. The store has these many malls of bags and great selection in shoes so when I needed retail therapy this where would be my first place of choice.
I have a few friends that work at nordstrom ottawa so I visit the store quite frequently I would say twice a week.
Very often, I am familiar with the conduct of the employees, what made me as a consumer feel the most welcome as well as what approaches allowed me to feel as though I as being helped rather than intentionally sold on an item that may not fit my needs.
Anytime I need new clothes or I have somewhere specfic to be.
I don't shop there often because it's way above my budget.
I shop at Nordstrom once or twice a month. I love the store atmosphere and the selection and quality of the merchandise.
I usually go on-line with some of my friends and shop online, as there no Nordstrom store in Vancouver yet.
I love shopping and am probably here at least once a week or so.
I have been a Nordstrom customer for years. My family and I have always loved shopping at Nordstrom, because of the friendly sales associates and fun atmosphere.
Anytime I am going to a party, or need any makeup, perfume, clothing, Nordstrom is the first store I always go to.
I love shopping and am probably here at least once a week or so.
I shop at Nordstrom very frequently.
Whenever I am at the Galleria. Usually about once or twice a year.
A fair amount. Whenever I am shopping I automatically walk through the women clothes and shoes, which is about once every 2 weeks. Its sort of a habit but I'll purchase items more when I need something. I try to not get to attached to shopping and buying something when I truly don't need it.
I don't visit the psychical store because there isn't one near me but I visit the online site maybe every few months.
When I know I need something specific, i. E. Cosmetics, shoes, jewelry.
I am constantly stopping by just to see the lastest fashion trends.
I have visite Nordstrom more then usual the past year since fallin in interest with the items they have.
Very often. Visit website at least once a day to keep ahead on new and current trends.
Every time I come to the mall. I am always checking out what new products nordstroms has to offer.
I shop at or visit Nordstrom at least twice a month. Nordstrom really helps me to find out about some up and coming trends.
I go there when I want a good brand name.
Whenever I want to look and feel good for the clothes they have.
On a regular basis a few times a month.
All the time.
I actually have never been to Nordstrom, I know that may sound bad. But I think it could be a good thing because I think it will cause to become very loyal to the company. I've heard many good things of nordstrom and would love to join.
Every time I need a certain clothing item, Nordstroms is the first store I check out.

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