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Where do you see yourself in the Lowe's organization in two years?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you have realistic career progression expectations within Lowe's.

Tell the interviewer that you are excited about joining the team at Lowe's, and you anticipate that you will likely be in the same job in two years that you are hired for. If a promotion or another opportunity is available before then, that is great! But, you recognize that it takes time for promotions and internal job changes to occur, so in two years, there is a good chance you will still be in the same job title, and that is okay with you! Be sure to mention that your goal is to learn as much as you can, so when the opportunity arises, you can be promoted.

If you are a student, tell the interviewer that you plan to stay at Lowe's through graduation in the role that you are hired into, and then share what career or further education you hope to be pursuing following graduation. If Lowe's offers careers in your field, such as management, be sure to mention that you would be open to considering a career in your area at Lowe's if one is available upon graduation.

Where do you see yourself in the Lowe's organization in two years?
Answer example

"My two-year plan is to join Lowe's and earn my way into a floor manager position. I have a great deal of experience with team management, customer dispute, and inventory. I believe you will see me well-suited for a management role in a short amount of time."

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Where do you see yourself in the Lowe's organization in two years?
Continuing to learn as much as possible and making myself more and more of an asset to continue my career.
I see myself being the person that coworkers and customers can count on to get something for them and get jobs done.
With my past experience in retail and my superb customer service skills I see myself as a floating Manager helping other stores with sales and service.
I will have completed my undergraduate degree by then, and apply for a position perhaps, in co-op or an internship.
I would like to have a full time position at the very least with enough experience to apply for and effectively compete with management positions as they come up.
Still with Lowes taking on more challenging tasks or projects.
Learning more about other departments and hopefully moving up in Lowes.
In management, learning as much to make this possible.
Hopefully moving up, I am always trying to learn new things to expand my knowledge and go as far as I can.
Hopefully the next level of management.
Building my clientele base and increasing my client referal base.
I hope to see myself in a higher position. Perhaps a team leader.
Maybe being a garden specialist and maybe some day garden manager.
Respected in the team and the community.
I can see myself moving into a lower management position. However, I would not want to be too removed from the sales floor, as I like dealing with customers.
I see myself furthering my career by obtaining Administrative Department Manager.
I would say a department manager or in the cash office.
Within two years I will be able to work in any department and will be lowes go to guy.
I see myself striving for the next higher position, to help lowes in sales and our image.
I see myself still at lowes giving lowes the best of me and moving up in the company.
I would like to be a department supervisor or manager.
Hopefully I will be working human resource department as a office administrator, because that is what I am going to college for at the moment and will be done in two years so it would be great if I could stay in the same organization.
I see myself as a successful department manager on my way to becoming an ASM.
I would like to move up into a management position in the time period.
Hopefully within the same location but at the next level.
I hope to gain more knowledge and advance my resposibilities.
In the Lowe's Organization in 2 years, I see myself possibly in other Lowe's locations, Since I am going to college, I would to continue my work with Lowe's even while I am studying in Pittsburgh.
I see myself working as a dm and enjoying what in do.
Like I said, I am going to school right now and my field is business administration. In two years I see myself as a tore manager.
I see myself working hard and trying to move up in the company by showing great dedication and effort.
Working as a BA and hoepfully working as a Senior BA
I hope to be full time and working well. I would like to move up in the chain someday.
I hope to be working as a successful department manager or even an assistant store manager by then,
My Goal is to become a sales specialist and later a department manager.
I would like to move up in the company by two years.
Reliable sales person.Possibly more responsibilities.
Learning every department and moving up in the company.
I have been busy to even think about it. But I hope to gain a lot of experience.
I see myself becoming an expert in the kitchen and bath department because it relates to my passion for interior design and educating guests on becoming comfortable with performing home improvement projects on their own.
I see myself growing into top leadership positions.
I want to move around the different departments to learn as much as I can and move forward from there on my career path with organization.
As a solid team member at the store. My days looking and desiring a high pressure position at least at this point are behind me. I still love to be the "go to" guy.
Advancing. The sky is the limit. I want it all. If I stay in the position as Administration Deartment Manager, I want my employees to feel comfortable with approachinh me in regards to anything. I want the responsibility of a problem solver.
A leader and a positive image in the company.
I would love to be back in install sales, if not there receiving. I have worked back there and loved every minute of it.
I see myself having moved up within he company in any facet, and still providing great customer services to our customer.
I would like to see myself as a well rounder employee and in a supervisery roll.
Open to all option to help gain knowledge to serve the customer.
I see myself still providing the great customer service and possibly moving up to maybe a management position.
Working diligently toward a career and mastering all aspects of my department/position.
Hopefully after earning credibility and respect from my team members and the Management team, I will be offered an opportunity to grow within the Lowes family and be a team lead or an assistant store manager.
Learning in all the different departments and hopefully moving up in the company.
Learning in all the different departments and hopefully moving up in the company.
Learning in all the different departments and hopefully moving up in the company.
I hope to see my clientele base built to where I can expect many referrals from past customers.

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