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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

Think about the times you have helped a friend achieve their goal. You may have run a few miles with them each day in preparation for a 10k. You might have stayed up late at night reviewing flashcards for a big test the next day. Or, maybe you watched a family's children for a couple of days to allow the parents to work on their goal of opening a new business. These types of scenarios work great to answer this question. Simply tell the interviewer a high-level overview of your scenario, and share how thankful the individual was for your contribution.

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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
I promote life track throughout my store. It offers many benefits from mental health to physical and financial health.
Multiple times. As a teacher, it was my job to help people achieve their personal goals.
I am very good at teaching other people how to setup details, pse leads, how to order or manually order sos product, how to talk and sell to the customer and address the needs of the customer, and with doing so I am able to teach people how to become better at their job to help profits in the store.
Yes. After earning my CDL I have helped two different co-workers study the permit test and also assisted them with backing and pre and post trip inspections to acquire their permits.
Yes, I am always helping our PSI Jacqueline achieve her sales goals by helping to keep her organized and lighten her work load if possible.
Yes, when a co-worker was struggling on how to help a customer I told her some basic questions she could ask to get info that would help her achieve that. She said that it helped her a lot to figure out what the customer needed.
A co-worker had problems with knowing how to help customers, So I gave her some key questions she could ask the customer that would help her achieve her goal.
Yes, I have found that cashiers enjoy being competive so I isten to each one of them, when it comes to their selling methods, and tell them what is needed to become better sellers, simply by explaining the details of the products he or she is trying to sell.
As a former head cashier I trained and mentored several new employees . I would continuously give cashiers tips to better sell epps or charity donations.
By helping them learn there job better by teaching them hands on so they feel good about themselfs.
Being a store trainer I was always in a position of helping other accomplish there goals. Sometimes it was easy teaching, and sometimes it was a little more challenging, but the more challenging ones I just spent more time with team and even thinking of creative ways to teach something to that particular individual. Until the goal was accomplished.
Yes I teach him or her to be more confident in theirselves. Check to see if there is any problems they need help with.
I helped the footwear associate become the footwear lead by assuring him that he had what it took to be a leader. I gave him advise about treating people equally and respectfully, and lastly, making sure that he believed in himself most of all.
I helped a subordinate to advance by allowing them to control certain aspects of a project on their own, with little supervision.
Yes, mentoring a part time associate - to a sales specialist then to department manager.
I always make myself available to other associates in need of assistance. I pride myself on being someone seasonal associates or new hires can come to for advice or product knowledge. One of the reasons I joined the voice team was to help others with their problems.
Yes, when I as a department manager, I had an employee who wanted to raise his EPP close rate, but was not having any results. I watched how and when he presented it to the customer and found his methods were not so effective as he waited until the end of the sale to mention it. I found that after giving him some suggestions of talking about the EPP throughout the sale and showing the value in it while discussing the product, and him applying these techniques, as well as me recognizing his achievements... His close rate rose over time from less than 10% to over 30%.
When I was a department manager, a member of my team found great difficulty in raising his closing average for EPPs. I observed him with some customers to find out what was happening. I found that he was only mentioning the EPP at the end of the sale as an afterthought. So, we did some role play showing him suggestions in how he could talk about the EPP throughout the sale and show the customer the value. He used what we talked about and the next week his close rate went from 10% to 25%.
Yes by developing a game plan for the employee to reach their sales goals by working one on one to empower them and incoureg them to reaithere goals.
Absolutely, I have worked with many other to get them above and beyond where they need to be by coaching on a daily basis giving examples.
Associate was not comfortable in selling a sos. I walked her through the order process and she learned it quickly. Now she is a pro at it.
A friend of mine has a drinking problem .I gave him a place to stay, took him his AAA meeting and help him get a job .
When I was put through a walk in my shoes. I picked someone to walk in my shoes. I helped mentor one of my top performing csas.
I have trained people on machines that they have never ran before, and to this day they are still exceeding more than what they thought they could.
A seasonal employee at my current store wanted to become permanent part time. I told him what he needed to do with approaching our store manager and expressing his interest in staying and that he should start applying for positions within our store and possibly others. He ended up getting hired on permanent part time and he was appreciative of my efforts.
I have helped so many sales people over the years that its hard to pinpoint one specific.
Yes I have many maintenance people to go on with their job.
Yes, I have helped fellow associates acheive there metrics and assisted them in selling products.
All the time, others can always learn from a mentor.
Yes I worked very closely with the air conditioning apprentices at work to make sure they had the best training possible so when the finished their apprenticeship they would make great Journeyman air conditioning mechanics for the company.
Try to coach people as I have been at Lowes for 3 years and know what they expect.
Yes, helped a friend of mine by letting him stay at my place.
One of my friends wanted to go to college and set a career for themselves but wasnt motivated and had a negative outlook about life, but I talked to them and help motivate them to chase their dream and have a more positive look at things.
Yes. I have have been helping a new sales specialist in our department, learn the installation screens and procedures.
If you are going on a project goal yes I have helped customers from the beginning to the end of a project.
I have experience of dealing with low income familier and helping them realize some of their financial goals.
I try to make it a point to help anyone or show anyone how to do our jobs better, not for any personal reward but to benefit that individual.
As an assistant manager in retail it was my job to train all the new employees. I would teach them everything I know to make them as good as I am.
As my previous company grew, so did the responsibilities and the challenges. As senior designer, I often mentored the new designers, helped with their floor plans, made design recommendations that would enhance the project.
I have trained associates to be back up for the cash office. I go over all the tasks and procedures. I review the days they work and I help them to correct and learn anything they needed improvement on so they would do the job to the standards required.
Yes, I enjoy supporting my co workers. I like to encourage them to try new things and take risks even if it means failing.
Yes. Whenever there is new employee I always make sure that I train them the best way possible. Also like helping them gain more knowledge and develop skills necessary to achieve their personal and companys goal.
I have trained specialist in upping their sales and then trained them on what they need to do to become dept mgr.
Soccer, team to eliete 8, sales goals in flooring.
When My department Manager was out from sick leave I was training the part time employees. I trainined them with one on one conversations and teaching product, by leading by example when it came to helping customers and by work list with explanations. During this time I was training them I asked them if potential to become a Sales Specialist was in their mind set and two of them said yes. So I asked if they would like me to teach them and train them to become what I was. I spent time showing them how to do my job, how to think in my job, What to look for, and how to constantly improve and make their goals. Both of those people had interviews out of 10 people and One was hired for the other Sales Specialist Position.
I have tried to help friends build their confidence to apply for better positions and make them realize that they can do their job and make them see what the potential in them.
Yes I recently helped a friend get their Emt certification, I would help them study and lend my experiences with them.
Yes, I train the employee that others feel are not going to make it. They have become sucessful and some have even gone further in the company then myself.
Yes I recently helped a friend earn their Emt certification. I helped them study and lent my experiences with them.
Yes I was a manager and always tried to help my employees reach their goals.
Being a team leader or by having a cdl I have found others have asked for my guidance to get knowledge or license.
USMC Most recently I took great pride in ensuring the young Marines would have marketable skills at their end of tour at DOD
I have helped new hires become more comfortable here. I try to direct them to be the best employee they can be.
I have given work related advice on how to do a better job. I have trained individuals on various products to further their knowledge to be better.
I always try to be a mentor for those who work around me thet are new to the business and eager to learn. As a manager I always looked for ways to help my employees better themselves so they could move up the ladder to earn more income for their families. Where appropriate I was able to arrange further education that our company offered to allow new employees to increase their knwledge.
Yes. Willing to train, demonstrate, and teach to others.
My former boss in tree work decided to start his own company so I went with him and in his 3rd year his company grossed 3 million dollars with just him and me working 40% of the time.
Yes, I try to help everyone else out if possible. The other day I helped at customer service.
I helped a new associate finish stocking merchandise and help customers find products.
I trained many people to be better workers in construction.
Yes, I try to show other people around me anything I can to help them better themselfs.
Everyday with my daughter being a mom has made me see things i. A different way. Some people need a little push to succeed and I like being the person to help do that.
When I moved from appliances to cabinets, we hired on a new specialist in appliances that was a cashier before. He told me he had no knowledge of appliances. I took the time to type up a general information about each appliance manufacture we carry and the protection plans. In the info I included all the models we sold that were at top of consumer reports, as well as what companies own what companies and where their products are made. Doing this helped his knowledge level of the department, and his protection plan closing rate was greater than 50%.
I have many friends, most have their lives together, some dont, I offer insite of what I may have went through and how I over come the issues. Weight, relationships, work, and maybe family.
Yes, I have showed tools that can be used to make it easer to do the job.
I was involved in the mentoring program at my previous place of employment. I worked with several people assisting them in creating their resumes and interview skills. 3 of the 4 people I mentored achieved their goals and 1 surpassed them.
Yes, in high school I would tutor my class mates in math. Some would struggle and I wanted to help everyone in our class graudate.
Yes my dept specailist he was bad about offering epps so I worked with him on it and showed him how to sell it. I had him listen to how I explained the epp through out my sale.
Simple things really, Staging is one area, Many people lack creativity and have asked my opinions on how to make it more appealing/ eye catching, given hints or example to help them achieve a nice display while making the decision on their own.Encouragement and positive input seems to go far.
I would coach them and be supportive giving them the tools needed to better themselves.
When I was in acting, I noticed someone was having trouble remembering their lines whenever they would rehearse, and their partner was being unsupportive. Because I played the opposite roll, I offered to take some of my own time to help them learn their line. They eventually learned them perfectly, and we ended up being chosen to be the parts for the main performance.
Yes, ask probing questions to find out what the person needs. Make sure that they have every product needed to accomplish the goal.
In my role as a peer tutor I often helped other students to understand the topics of their current class. In doing so I helped them to understand the information of the class, and sometimes even showed them that what they were doing was right rather than wrong.
Yes, a co-worker and myself were applying for a position. I knew they were qualified and also had more income and family responsibilities so I withdrew my application and they got the job.
Ultimately when part of a team you always look for ways to strengthen the team.
Managements goals are always met based on the help of subordinates.
Yes I have cashiers that have low epp performance and I role play with them. I become the customer and tell them to sel me an epp. I find the problen then offer the best solution to boost epp sales.
At my last store, I had a cashier who eventually wanted to become a head cashier. So when there was time that I could pull her away I would have her help me in some of my tasks, explain how and why we do what we do.. When I put in a transfer, she applied for the position.. the last few weeks when she did something, I would tell her.. "you got it" or "ok, you did really good, but try it this way next time", after I left, I heard she got my position :)
Yes I have. I hired a teenage girl to work at a bank I worked for stuffing bank statements and sorting mail. This was her first job and it was confusing and frustrating for her, One day she burst into tears because she couldnt keep up with the pace. I stayed late with her a few days and gave her one on one training and taught her organizational skills that made her job easier and less frustrating. She is still in a banking careeer after 20 years and shes rocking it !
Yes I have helped my direct reports improve their status so they can get promoted I actually have two that are now above me.
Some of my associates becoming magement.
Yes I have, I have worked with others to help improve their skills so that they would be more successful and I did this by looking at their strengths and weakness. And developed a training where they would work on one thing to improve for a particular week.
Whenever any one was behind at work I made sure I was caught up in mine and then helped them out.
Showed other person how to do her job because person training her was trying to make her fail.
I have a prior job in tutoring. I used a lot of the skills I learned to help my coworker understand the concepts of language and how to accurately capture a voice. I was able to get her worked published, but I don't think the lessons ever sank in because I had constantly encountered the same issues in her work.
With my strong work ethic I inspired others to do the same.
By training the person, first by telling them what they should do, then showing them how to do it, then letting them show me how it is done.
By recognition. It goes a long way. Letting a fellow coworker know how great of a job they are doing boosts their drive to go beyond. She applied for a promotion shortly after and by helping coach her and training she got the job!
I have helped the head cashiers get everything on their list done by closing time by asking how you can be of help whether it be sticking up the soda and candy or taking returns back so that everyone can get out of the store at a decent time.
I hope someone achieve their goal at selling shamrocks for the NDA. I had a cashier who wasn't able to sell them for the last two years she was just afraid to ask . After helping her get over her fear by talking to her and explaining to her what to say to people she overcame her fear no she averages over $40 a day.
I use to be a weight loss leader and helped many people get to their goal weight by creating positive challenges for us to work at as a group and acknowledging their successes.
Sure. I unfortunately had to learn and teach most of what I know on my own. I asked for help of course, but I would always share what I learned with my fellow associates so we were all learning.
By answer any questions by showing them step by step.

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