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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
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Yes, when I as a department manager, I had an employee who wanted to raise his EPP close rate, but was not having any results. I watched how and when he presented it to the customer and found his methods were not so effective as he waited until the end of the sale to mention it. I found that after giving him some suggestions of talking about the EPP throughout the sale and showing the value in it while discussing the product, and him applying these techniques, as well as me recognizing his achievements... His close rate rose over time from less than 10% to over 30%.
I am very good at teaching other people how to setup details, pse leads, how to order or manually order sos product, how to talk and sell to the customer and address the needs of the customer, and with doing so I am able to teach people how to become better at their job to help profits in the store.
A seasonal employee at my current store wanted to become permanent part time. I told him what he needed to do with approaching our store manager and expressing his interest in staying and that he should start applying for positions within our store and possibly others. He ended up getting hired on permanent part time and he was appreciative of my efforts.
Yes, ask probing questions to find out what the person needs. Make sure that they have every product needed to accomplish the goal.
Yes I recently helped a friend get their Emt certification, I would help them study and lend my experiences with them.
Yes I have. I hired a teenage girl to work at a bank I worked for stuffing bank statements and sorting mail. This was her first job and it was confusing and frustrating for her, One day she burst into tears because she couldnt keep up with the pace. I stayed late with her a few days and gave her one on one training and taught her organizational skills that made her job easier and less frustrating. She is still in a banking careeer after 20 years and shes rocking it !
Showed other person how to do her job because person training her was trying to make her fail.
When I was in acting, I noticed someone was having trouble remembering their lines whenever they would rehearse, and their partner was being unsupportive. Because I played the opposite roll, I offered to take some of my own time to help them learn their line. They eventually learned them perfectly, and we ended up being chosen to be the parts for the main performance.
Yes, when a co-worker was struggling on how to help a customer I told her some basic questions she could ask to get info that would help her achieve that. She said that it helped her a lot to figure out what the customer needed.
When I moved from appliances to cabinets, we hired on a new specialist in appliances that was a cashier before. He told me he had no knowledge of appliances. I took the time to type up a general information about each appliance manufacture we carry and the protection plans. In the info I included all the models we sold that were at top of consumer reports, as well as what companies own what companies and where their products are made. Doing this helped his knowledge level of the department, and his protection plan closing rate was greater than 50%.