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Why do you want to work here and why should we hire you?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Costco interview

How to Answer

Costco's focus is bringing its members quality, brand-name, products at great prices. Tell the interviewer that you support Costco's goal of providing families with these great products and reasonable prices. Recognize that you would be helping create an environment where friends, family, and business colleagues come to shop together. Be excited to share that you would get to be a part of something great by being an employee at Costco!

Why should they hire you? Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. If you are unsure, talk about to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You'll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you insight into how to answer this part of the question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your co-workers, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

Why do you want to work here and why should we hire you?
Answer example

"I want to work here because your organization is so huge and offers an incredible amount of opportunity for growth. You should hire me because I would be a loyal and long-term hire. I understand what goes into sourcing, onboarding, and training a new employee and I would be fully dedicated to this process and my potential career growth with Costco."

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Why do you want to work here and why should we hire you?
I love this store and I think that I will be great fit in this position.
I have people communication skills, time management skills, leading a team or working alone aptitude, fast learner, I can be an asset to Costgo.
Costco is one of the best companies when it comes to customer satisfaction in regards to their needs. You should hire me because I am helpful, patient, cooperative, respectful and most of all I have customer service and have good communication skills.
Well I share the same principal Craig Jelink utilize which treating employees fair, I would never ask a co worker or person I supervise to do something I not willing to do my self I bring experience in mgr. Customer service, and I am a team player I can work alone or in a group to get the job done.
I love working here im a very hardworking person.
I would like to work there because they have a family oriented environment style.
I want to work here to make a difference in my community and to help out in getting some income to save for the future. You should hire me because I preserve and never give up and I will always do my best to help Costco.
I want to work here because know Costco is the right place for me to work. Costco should hire me because I will be an added advantage to the company.
I would love to join your team to gain valuable work experience and create relationships with the costumers. I believe you should hire me because I am very hard working and out going. I believe that I would make a wonderful addition to your team.
I want to work here because COSTCO is a service oriented company and I want to serve the customer.
I know Costco is a busy thriving business and my skills will help your store stay succesful.
I have been a member since 1992 and everyone seen to like there job, you great the member with good service and the member keep coming back I have that service to offer.
I enjoy working with the public and I am hard working employee eager to learn.
I have been in a costco store in America and I loved the whole concept. I think Costco is going a great success in Australia and I would love to be a part of that. I am reliable, confident and am a great team player. My experience and training over the years gives me the ability to show my great customer service.
I would love to work here, because I have heard so many wonderful comments about the staff and management, and its a good stable job for me to be able to afford living costs. I believe I should be hired because I am out going, hard working, ready to learn. I do not have a lot of experience but I will work hard till I figure things out. I am mature for my age and I would like to work in a mature enviroment.
I would love to work here because I see a lot of different departments and room for growth. I love training and learning all different areas of a store. Your company should hire me because I am an energetic person whom loves a challenge and room for advancement. I have a passion for excellence and customer service.
I am wanting to get in with a company that has long term potential. I am very dependable and prompt.
I feel I could really learn and grow my experience in retail. I am a hard-worker who gets the job done when needed who also works well as a team member.
I will get my job done efficiently and accurately, I will bring a positive attitude as well.
Cost is a great company gowing a lot and I want to be part of its growth, I have lots of experience as a cashier and in retail.
Honestly your rate of pay is very respectable and highly competitive with other companies, and I see the team work there, I even read in an article that the CEO wants his employees to be happy with what they make to give them an incentive to work at Costco. I would love to work for someone like that who cares for his employees. Plus there are many avenues to grow at Costco.
Great company, good employees, because I would like to make a difference in my life and the lifes of others . And to be a apart of thus company would give me great pride.
I believe I should be hired for the job because of my previous experience with costumer service, I have always went above and beyond to accommodate my costumer to the best to my ability. Not only that I would make an excellent addition to the team due to my reliable and flexible nature.
I am very motivate to do this job, if you hire me I will do my best to exceed you ex[expectations. I want to work for Costco because is the second largest company in the word and the third largest retailer in america. It is well know for its a variety of products and good customer service.
I want a job by Costco because of quality of products, I am a member of Costco, I like a very busy store as Costco and I have expirience in Customer Service, speaking some languages.
I want to work here for a number of different reasons. Most importantly the experience and skills I would gain working for you. Costco is also in a very good spot being located between my school and my home. You should hire me because I am a hard worker, ambitous, and I have a deep determination to succeed in any situation despite the hardships involved. As for employee and customer interactions I think you will be quite pleased with the amount I am willing to do help out.
Looking for a place to succeed and more importantly a place to call home. Quick to learn.
I have heard nothing but good about this company. I believe they value their employees and thats why employees stay so long.You should hire me because I have excellent people skills and will make a difference.
I love shopping here. I so love the way the staff are happy and helpful. I can see myself thriving in such a positive atmosphere. I would do the very best job I could. I am a fast learner and enjoy a people atmosphere.
I love costco. Its like my second home. I have been going here ever since I was little and I have a good idea where everything is. I am a hard worker, I am dedicated, punctual, and reliable.
I would love to work with a big household brand name and my interpersonal skills, communications skills, positive attitude, working in a team environment and knowledge of the retail industry.
I want to make a postive difference here. I feel my skills and abitlites fit right in to the person you are looking for.
I know my self to fit or match I know the position or department and company their culture and goals product.
I personally love costco from my shopping experience and also hear from workers that it is a great place to work. Hire me because I am outgoing, hardworker friendly.
I've heard and read good things about CostCo working enviroment and how they treat their employees. I think with my grocery background that I could be an asset to COstCo.
I'm seeking greener pastures and a job with advancement and learning opportunities. You should hire me because I'm a self motivated, high energy worker.
I have shopped at the Costco for the past two years. The store is clean and organized everyone is friendly and helpful.
I would like to work here bcause I feel like I would be a great addition to your Costco team because I like to be positive and hope for great outcomes and I never like to leave a task unfinished.
Costco is recognized like a big strong company with great benefits for workers and I think is a great place to grow and should be hired because I have the capacity to demonstrate my potential to be part of it.
I would like to work at Costco as it is an excellent organisation with many opportunities to expand my skill set and advance in this field. My previous experience working as a merchandise stocker, and four years of total experience working in dynamic and professional customer service roles make me an ideal candidate for this position, and will allow me to support the needs of the Costco team and organisation as a whole.
I would love to work at Costco because I love the fast pace of the business. I believe by hiring me I can be a great asset to Costco with my pleasant personality, willingness to help, and loyalty.
Ive heard only positive feedback about being an employee at costco; everyone is in a positive mood, and all merchandise is neat and easy to locate.
Because there is lots of advancing opportunity.
I prefer this type of work. I work better in an environment like this. I would contribute a lot to the team.
I love working at costco because it has the best work place where everyone can work comfortabely and provide great service.
I want to work here because I want to help other customers who enjoy the store as much as I do. Also, I think you should hire me because I am loyal, I am very reliable, a fast learner, hard worker and I strive to do the best to my ability.
I want to work here because I am looking for a fast paced, friendly, and productive environment that would best suit my personality. You should hire me because I am confident that I would be an asset as I am a determined, fast learning individual with the desire to accomplish all tasks to the best of my ability.
I like the store I shop here all the time, I did my research and I like the opportunities that cosco offers I will like to be part of cosco.
I am Looking for a new challenge in my life as I have been employed with the same employer for 5 year as with that job the industry is falling and costco is a place that I can learn and am willing to learn and educate my self as I always to to keep myself striving for more. You should hire me because I am very good with folling proper policies and solving any situations and I think I will be a very good addition to your team.
I want to work here because I'd love to learn the business and contribute my knowledge and experience to the company. I'm reliable and determined in my contribution.
I would like to be a part of a great company who values its customers as well as its employees. I believe I would thrive in this environment and I believe I can have a positive effect on Costco. I am self motivated and want to learn as much as I can in order to be promoted with in the company.

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