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Where do you see yourself in the Costco organization in two years?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Costco interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you have realistic career progression expectations within Costco.

Tell the interviewer that you are excited about joining the team at Costco, and you anticipate that you will likely be in the same job in two years that you are hired for. If a promotion or another opportunity is available before then, that is great! But, you recognize that it takes time for developments and internal job changes to occur, so in two years, there is a good chance you will still be in the same job title, and that is okay with you! Be sure to mention that your goal is to learn as much as you can, so when the opportunity arises, you can be promoted.

If you are a student, tell the interviewer that you plan to stay at Costco through graduation in the role that you are hired into, and then share what career or further education you hope to be pursuing following graduation. If Costco offers jobs in your field, such as management, be sure to mention that you would be open to considering a career in your area at Costco if one is available upon graduation.

Where do you see yourself in the Costco organization in two years?
Answer example

"In two years I would like to be on track for a promotion to assistant manager. I realize that a move like that takes time and dedication; both of which I am more than willing to contribute."

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Where do you see yourself in the Costco organization in two years?
I see myself 2 two years at Costco at the Cash register or the person the packs the stuff right after the cash register.
I would like to see myself with a lot of experience in my job and possibly moving up to a certified pharmacy technician.
If I am fortunate enough to get hired at Costco I would like to expand my knowledge in multiple jobs throughout Costco.
I would like to see myself with my experience in retail in a higher position.
I see myself as a supportive worker who understands and can help out anyone and or everyone in any situation.
I see myself as the one conducting the interviews, I want to be the one making decisions, I want to be a person who is respected and liked in the company as a manager.
I see myself moving up in the Salem Oregon Costco. I hope to transfer to the Boise Idaho Costco with in two to five years.
Promoted to a higher position and making more income, also enjoying the benefits of working for such a great company.
I would like to expand my experience, I took a business course and would be interested to see how the organization works.
I see myself working at costco, being a team player.
Hopefully still working, and making a difference and advancement.
Where ever COSTCO feels I can make the greatest contribution.
I would like to be a merchandising manager.
As the assistant manager.
Wow thats a tough question. I am excited just to get a cashier position to start with buy I would like to get some training to advance me in the company.
I would like to go as far as I could go, If would live a chance to work with your company and prove myself.
Advancing to a level in a postion to allow me to strengthen my skills as I grow and learn at Costco & to always be helpful to everyone.
Much better than I was start.
I see myself working part time at the front end while going to school.
I see my self still working at costco and building my skills further.
I see myself as a well experienced employee and also knowledgeable person to any task that is given.
Hoping either to be team leader or training as an assistant supervisor.
Wherever there is demand for me. If an opportunity presents itself that will take me somewhere different, I will most likely take it.
I see myself still working here, and working just as hard as I did on day one, except ten times better. I see myself thriving as an employee for the company and being the biggest aspect I could be in the food court.
I will more helpful confident determined in my work.
Moving up through the ranks at a steady pace.
As a permanent employee enjoying my job, commited.
I would see myself as a productive employee in a friendly environment.
The fact that I have experience I believe I would be a good asset to your company.
Still working there and developing my skills further.
Working hard in whatever postiion I am in and promoting a better costco.
I hope to be moving up into bigger; more resposibility jobs.
I see myself moving into great new places in the next two years with Costco. With my retail experience I wish to grow upon it and bring my unique approach to customer service along with me. Starting at a lower level job I wish to eventually move up to a supervisor position while going on to study retail management at CCSF. Believing in a company to have great results will help you have great success and I believe Costco is the store which can give me this unique opportunity.
Hopefully in some type of customer service position I love helping people and problem solving.
Working in the same department most likely the same role, with potential for a mangerial position.
I would like to move up in the business, and possibly be working in a managerial position.
I would love to become full time and see where it takes me.
Hoping to keep learning, excelling and growing with Costco.
Hopefully at a higher rank, still satisfying customers.
I see myself still working there and further develop ing my skills.
Still working there.
Having an oprtunaty to be promoted and try some thing high that just an employee.
Hopefully would have worked my way up at least 2 or 3 positions and have had a steady maintainable relationship with the employees.
I would like to myself work up in the company to a leader position as I have experience as an HR Admin as well as a Service leader in my most recent experience. I have also ran my own daycare business and have chaired many committees so I believe I exhibit leadership qualities and enjoy the role.
Learning much as possible and growing with the company.
I still see myself at Costco learning as much as possible and developing my skills further.

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