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Why would you like to work at Aldi?
The interviewer wants to hear that you are truly interested in working at Aldi. Of all the places you could have applied for a job, why did you select Aldi? Was it Aldi's great reputation? Was it the great customer service you have received at Aldi? We recommend staying away from responses about money. Instead, focus on positive things you have heard or experienced. Simply tell the interviewer why you are interested focusing on the positives!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why would you like to work at Aldi?
It seems like a very good place to work and would like the oppurtunity to try this for myself.
Good work opportunity and benefits and room for advancement.
Seems like a good work environment, I like how there would always be something to do, and you offer great benefits and employment opportunitirs.
I hrard it was a great company yo work for, flexible with your availabulity, grwat opportunities and benefits, good pay.
I know that I can provide outstanding customer service with outgoing and people friendly attitude.
I would love to work at aldi because I would like a better life for myself and I know at aldi il be able to do that. I am a great team player and hard worker and I no at aldi you have to be a hard worker.
Seems like a good place to work and I would like a chance at this opportunity.
I would like to work for Aldi because I think the work would really suit me. I thrive in a fast paced working environment. I work well in team situations and I enjoy working under my own initiative also.
Great discount retailer with good carrier development and rewards.
It seems like a very good place to work and I would like the opportunity to try this for myself.
Expanding company with job security.
I know I am the best candidate for the job I have cashier experience excellent customer service.
Because I love Aldy products and they are cheaper than any other store.
I would to work for aldi as I believe I am ideal candidate to work for the company as I believethe stores philosophy relates to my work ethic of hard work, producitivity and efficiency being paramount to a stores success.
I feel as thou I would be challenged every day I like meeting new people and helping them out customer service is my number one priority.
I like to work with aldi because is a great company , Ican share my skill and gain my career.
I like a challenge and have a hard working ethic.
I have two years of experience working in a retail envieonment and I have very good experience dealing with customers as they a priority to the company, I am also a fast learner, reliable, pumctual and hard working, Ibelieve my experience will be of great value to aldi.
It is a respected, stable, and growing company.
I would to work for Aldi as I would like to progress further with my career and I think Aldi is the best place to happen.
Looking to transfer my existing management skills into the supermarket sector, and ALDI seem to offer plenty of opportunity with strong expansion plans, unrivalled sales growth and all the top awards to prove it.
Fast pace working environment so will always be busy time will go quick.
I believe that its a very lucrative company to work for, whatever you put in, is what you get out. You appreciate your employees enough to understand that they do hard work and in turn you award them with generous benefits.
I think that Aldi offers me stable employment in a stable industry and will allow me to use the skills I have attained during my mba program.
To become part of a large company working with people.
I like that its a fast paced atmosphere with something to do constantly.
Because their is great room for growth and it is the number one retailer.
I would like to work ar Aldi because of the natural work progression, the fact that you can be a stock assistant then in a few year become higher up is appealing. You stick with a company you like working for and stay there for many years.
I love how their becoming the most popular retail store around and I would like to become a part of that success.
I think I would enjoy working at Aldi because im hard working and can be independent.
I believe I have the right skills and abilities to join a fast paced and harworking environment. I thrive from meeting targets and would like to be a part of Aldis success.
I love to work in retail in a positive and growing chain that trains it employees to be the best they can be and working with a happy united team.
Aldi is the best store for job giving people very good opportunity.
Because I like working with people and helping them to solve problems. I also like to think myself as a very hands-on person.
For the benefit of achieving customers satisfaction and in return I ll be working in Aldi to achieve my goal.
It seems like a very good place to work and would like the opportunity to try this for myself.
I believe in the quality. I never hear anything negative from people.
Aldi looks like a great and friendly environment. I would like to work for a company where opportunities are available to employees. I enjoy working retail and love the satisfaction of a happy customer.
I have seen and heard positive feedbacks that aldi is good to work for.
I believe I can bring what Aldi are looking for, enthusiasm, loyalty, experience and commitment.
I would like to be part of a the team that expands the company in Ireland make aldi the number one choice of all irish households to help make the customers experience a great one in store so that the word of mouth spreads that aldi is the best value the best store and the only choice for a weekly shop.
The work ethic that would be required and the team focus are key reasons as to why I would like to work at aldi. In my current position managers do not partake in physical labour and I feel that creates a divide within the store.
It seems a like good job and I can opportunity to try myself in Aldi.
I would like to work at aldis because it has such an excellent reputation.
I believe it would be a challenging work environment. I have a lot of skill multi tasking and working under pressure while giving good customer service.
I believe in there products and its easy to recommend a product if you like it yourself.
Because it give you chance to do something more, better pay.
A company that offers a chance to grow and due to my youth I want to make good use of it and based on research they also pay well.
Aldi has evolved across the globe and is now one of the best retailers. I have heard nothing but amazing things about working for Aldi. I want my career to develop and progress, as Aldi is consistantly growing I want to help Aldi exceed anybodies expectations by being apart of the team.
Everything just works, some of the best people in this industry have made this company one of the fastest growing in the world.
I want to work for Aldi because I feel can be challenged on a daily basis, I like meeting new people and helping out customers. I enjoy being hands on and if given a task to do I get stuck in straight away. Also from what I have heard and seen Aldi is a great company to work for because it looks after its employees.
I would like to work at Aldi because I feel that it is one of the leading supermarkets and would give me experience in the world of supermarket retail, I also find customer facing roles challenging and well suited to my previous work experience and nature.
Great brand to work for. Gives great opportunities to work with customers by offering them the best service and great value for money.
I believe what they are doing will continue to be successful.
Because is an international growing company in which I feel I can grow and develop a successful career.
I have the skills and experience to work with staff at all levels.
Aldi is a company with great progression opportunities and benefits. I have heard many good things about the company and being employed there. I too shop looking for good value rather than buying brands that are very similar for more cost so I can identify with your customers and understand what they want. Aldi is really growing and I want to help Aldi grow and move forward together.
With hard work and dedication, I can have satisfying career at ALDI. There is always space for motivated and talented individual at ALDI.
Careers prospects. Good salary, pension and a new choice of career for ne.
To prove myself to you that this is the right job me with and I will make such and impact that it will benefit both of us.
I have always relished and overcome any challenges that my 4 years of working for Asda have presented me with, I now feel that this is the right time in my life to seek not only a new challenge, but to even further my career with the retail sector, and as one of the most recently successful and growing supermarkets in ireland, I feel Aldi is the perfect place to do so.
A fast growing company that is becoming a household favourite because of its high quality at low prices which push the brand to the top.
I enjoy dealing with people and working in a fast pace, challenging environment.
Competitive rates of pay and a view to progress within the company.
I would like to work at aldi because there is room for development as employee and there are opportunties for career growth with the company and there is also a competative rate of pay.
One of the fastest growing supermarkets, offering great quality food at a discount price and investing in its employees.
I have herd its a good place to work that there is good training and have good opportune to move up.
I want to work at aldi because I feel like it is something new and would provide a challenge. I like to be challenged. Also I believe that Aldi would provide me with the experience and funds to become more independent in life.
I miss communication to customers, aldi is such a great place, the staff are always so friendly.
Based on research, I know that Aldi have a family environment, they is potential for growth and it is one of the leading brands in the supermarket industry.
Because it is a company that gives opertuities and would also bring the best out of me as it it would b challenging.
Because I aldi is a company that takes care of there employees and they make customer service a priority.
I would like to work at Aldi because I enjoy working with the public and I also have experience cashiering!
I would like the challenge of running a multi- million pound business and also the stability and security of working for a multinational company and progressive and growing company.
I hear it is a great company with great benefits. I need a place to grow carrer wise and maximize my skills.
I would like to work at Aldi as it is the fastest growing supermarket in the uk, everyone wants to work for aldi. Aldi treats its staff wel. There is loyality on both sides, I want job stability and loyality. I dont just want a job, I want a career with aldi. I want a job for life. If I got this job I would be the hardest workr you have seen.
I feel it is somewhere I would really enjoy, because I am someone who constantly likes moving or doing something, and enjoy people. So not only enjoying it, but be able to offer positivty to the poeple.
I see the shops and the teams working and I wont to ba part of this begevoir.
It is nearby, ive read that there is consistent 6 hour shifts. I am also getting the impressio that is is very organised which I prefer to my now all over the shop job.
Excellent product, hours suit me, great remuneration.
I like a daily challenge, being kept busy, meeting new people, customer service focused and being kept busy.
For a career progression and to have the opportunity to learn something new within a different business as with coles I know quite too much.
It know aldi is a rapidly growing company, and I feel that the skills I have gained in my previous jobs could be used advantages to this postion.
I would be an asset to the company. I am lively, full of energy, always ready to work and give off a go getter vibe which makes others around me become more motivated.
Successful company clean environment job security and variety.
To gain any further skills that I can that will come from my possible position which will help me adapt to a fast working environment and possibly help me attain certain skills which I could use for future career choices.
The products are of great quality at brilliant value and the staff are always very helpful. They seem very happy and it sounds like an amazing place to work.
They are one of the world fastest growing retailers.
Aldi is a forward thinking company which cares for its staff. It offers development for staff which I think is important.
I would like to wrok in ALDI, because I was sales assistant, I am hardworking person. I give 100% myself in this job. If I get this job I proof so I am proper person on right place.
I believe that aldi is a very prestigious company in which I want to be challenged and learn new things .
Aldi is a large global company which shares my same views on protecting the environment.
I think I am able to bring excellent customer service to Aldi.
I have always loved shopping at aldi, and I know from experience the products are of good quality. I have also heard from almost everyone I told that I was applying for aldi that it is a great place to work for and that they treat their staff very well. I also like the thought of having contracted hours.
Aldi are is my main supermarket where I shop for groceries, the quality of staff and produces makes me strive towards a caree working for a great company.
I feel I can be challenged on a daily basis. I like meeting new people and helping customers out customer service is my number one priority.
Work hard, and we will reward you. Also, it seems like a good ethical workplace.
Working at Aldi is a hard work but Aldi will always reward hard work.
Because aldi is successful and I want to be part of it.
I have enjoyed shopping in aldi, here is good staff.
I would like to work at Aldi because from what I have seen, they have a great team atmosphere where everyone works hard together to get the work done. I also like that there are career options available, comprehensive training. I like how the company focuses on bringing quality at the best possible prices.
Because Aldi is the best in its class. They treat employees well and expect the best from them.
Its a fast growing business and I would like to be a part of that.
Because its staff are friendly and efficient and its a company I can steadily progress in.
To be able to extend my customer knowledge and service within a fast paced atmosphere.
I have always wanted to work in a face paced, customer service enviroment.
Aldi employs people from a wide variety of background, aldi provides equal opportunity for it workers.
They pay well and the work ethics are fantastic.
It is something I have talked about with friends for a while. I like the salary and the opportunities you offer. The staff are so friendly and efficient.
Because aldis looks like a a place were I can have a succesful career.
To increase my knowledge and experience in retail and to progress.
I believe I would fit in with the team members and help the store succeed.
I would like to work at aldi because after reading what other employees have wrote on line its a happy company and people work well together.
Work/life balance and the day shift hours competitive rate of pay and the regular hours.
Reputable company with good job prospects.
It would be challenging, busy, and satisfying.
It is challenging and rewarding.
I'd like to work at aldi because their hours of operation are when customers mostly shop.
It is a very organized and profitable company with room to enhance career opportunities.
Great customer service, excellent reputation, the staff always seem happy and helpful and great remuneration.
I am looking for a role I can progress in and is challenging. I would like to build on and strengthen my existing skill set.
Id like to work at aldi because they simply offer the best for the customer and thats what I want to do. Give my best at all times and it wouldnt be like feeling guilty like if you worked for a sales company that cold calls people.
I would like work in aldi because I m looking for long term work and also I would like to start my career back, as I am a mother too.
The store is great, the associates are courtesy, it's a great environment to be in And I love being around people . I am a people person.
It's good to do a job in Aldi Because I think it's close to my home and my brother used to work in there and it's good to get experience.
I enjoy working in a a faced paced environment and believe that I work best under pressure. I like to stay on task and constantly keep busy, being able to greet people and put a smile on their face makes me happy.
Aldi has some of the most satisfactory customer service and skilled employees I've seen in any workplace. Plus, it isn't too far from home, therefore, I'd love to be a part of Aldi.
I have read and researched a lot about the company. I am very interested in progressing with the company. The benefits are excellent, and I want to push myself. I think Aldi can help me achieve my best.
I think aldi is a very strong leader in retail.
I have observed how employees work when I have visited the store. I admire the employees who clearly work very hard.
I would love work at aldi because it would give me the opportunity to learn new skills.
I fell as though you are a good company.
Its a fast paced team environment that I have the skills to work at my best in. I am also keen to progress in the company.
Variety, training offered and progression.
Because I would like to learn new skills, love shopping here.
I would lime to work at aldi because as I have been shopping here the staff are always helpful and friendly. And positive when asked for assistance. And I want to be a part of a team like that. The pay scale and benefits are also very appealing .
Researched Aldi company and have spoken to workers and have had good feedback of company and the work involved, varied enjoy dealing with customers.
I'm a people person.I'm a team player. I enjoy working in a fast paced environment and finally I have great customer service skills.
I would like to work for Aldi because it is one of the leading stores in Australia providing a friendly work environment and opportunities for professional growth.
Aldi had a good reputation as employer, the working times are flexible with suits as addition to my self-employment.
I like the fact that it is an upcoming company with good career prospects.
I love the work ethos. I like the idea of savings passed onto the customer and since I was a young girl I've been impressed how employees are able to remember everything.