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Who taught you mostly what you know in plumbing?
You can get a bit personal when answering the question but be sure to remain on topic.
Answer examples
"I was first taught about plumbing from my father who was also a plumber. He had me working with him on small jobs ever since I was a kid. Of course, I also learned a great deal from the supervisor I worked under during my apprenticeship. So between my dad and my supervisor, I would say I have been taught a great deal."

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User-Submitted Answers

Who taught you mostly what you know in plumbing?
People that I worked before and self experince.
High school, and just being curious as to why and how it became broke and how it needs to be installed in order to work again.
My former boss, and my only co worker taught me everything I know.
Installation of Showers, drainages, toilets, hand and dish wash basin, heating system, Irrigation pipe lines, Sprinklers, Fogger, and Misting pipe lines.
I learned most of it through schooling and from the contractors I worked with in past.
Co-workers who are journeyman plumbing.
Journeymen and Cosco Fire Protection and NAVFAC-SW.