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We use DMAIC for improving business processes, and DMADV for creating new processes, products, and services. What do these acronyms stand for?

"I have earned my Six Sigma Green Belt and have plans to earn my Black Belt in the next year. During these studies, I did learn about both DMADV and DMAIC. I understand that DMAIC is used to improve business processes by defining the problem and project goals. Then, measuring in detail the various aspects of the current process. Next, analyzing data to find the core defects in a process. Then, improve the process and control how we approach the process in the future. With DMADV, we can create new processes by defining the project goals then measuring critical components of the process and the product capabilities. Next, we analyze the data and develop various designs for the process, eventually picking the best one. The next step is to design and test details of the process then verify the design by running simulations. As a Construction PM, I find the use of DMAIC to be more prominent."

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30 Construction Project Manager Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. We use DMAIC for improving business processes, and DMADV for creating new processes, products, and services. What do these acronyms stand for?

  • 2. Have you ever experienced conflict on the job? If so, how was it handled?

  • 3. When change occurs in the workplace, it can create new problems. Do you see these as inconvenient problems, or opportunities to learn?

  • 4. A Construction Project Manager must be an agile problem solver. In your opinion, what does it take to be a great problem solver?

  • 5. Construction projects often have tight targets, and missing a cutoff can be very costly. How do you react when your team misses a deadline?

  • 6. The Construction Project Manager is a critical role in our organization. How can we motivate you as a leader, keeping you engaged in the job?

  • 7. As a Construction Project Manager, what do you find to be the most challenging aspect of leading your current team?

  • 8. Highlight your top leadership qualities for me, and how they benefit you as a Construction Project Manager.

  • 9. What do you believe are the core duties of a Construction Project Manager?

  • 10. How comfortable are you performing duties related to negotiation and conflict resolution? Give an example of a time when you resolved an issue in the workplace.

  • 11. What sources do you turn to when staying up-to-date on the rules, regulations, and quality standards of the construction industry?

  • 12. On a scale of 1-10, with ten being exceptional, how strong is your knowledge of construction materials and equipment?

  • 13. Have you obtained your PMP or an equivalent certification? If you have not, is this type of certification of interest to you?

  • 14. We prefer to hire a Construction Project Manager with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, or another related field. Walk me through your education, and the core coursework that is relevant to this job.

  • 15. What stage of project management do you feel you are the strongest?

  • 16. Do you consider yourself someone direct and forthright with others?

  • 17. Do you have any formal Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma training? If not, are you open to exploring options towards Six Sigma Certification?

  • 18. What project management methodology do you most prefer; Waterfall, Agile, or Scrum? Explain your reasoning.

  • 19. What construction project management software do you prefer to use?

  • 20. What is the most significant error you have made on a project? How did you address the issue and repair the situation?

  • 21. How do you go about assessing your team members' strengths and delegating work to each member of your project team?

  • 22. Do you have experience managing outsourced resources, such as temporary employees or subcontractors?

  • 23. How many team members do you have experience managing? Include their job titles and the extent of your leadership involvement.

  • 24. How do you ensure the budgetary health of a construction project?

  • 25. If you notice that a project is off track, what action steps do you take to course correct?

  • 26. In your opinion, what are the most prominent signs that a project is off track?

  • 27. Briefly describe your project management style and how you feel it will benefit our organization, should we hire you.

  • 28. Have you ever worked on a project that spanned the course of a few years?

  • 29. What gives you the most satisfaction working as a PM in the construction industry?

  • 30. How do you explain complicated construction or engineering concepts to someone who may not understand?