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Tell me about your work experience.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Treasurer interview

Although it may be tempting, try not to list your past jobs in chronological order with all of your responsibilities. Your resume maps out your work history, but it's up to you to highlight your greatest accomplishments. As you prepare for this question, keep the qualifications for this role in mind in order to focus on relevant experience. If you don't have a lot of relevant professional experience, take some time to review your work history. Think about those transferable skills that you got from a volunteer role or administrative job. You can share your last jobs, focusing on the three most recent, and then talk about what you learned, your skills and your achievements.

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Tell me about your work experience.
Worked as accountant.
I have completed courses in different acocounting softwares programs. This will help me when learning the software this company uses beacuse I will know the basics. I have had on the job experience with excel and other microsoft office programs.
Bookkeeping and and office controller.
Controller of bank, controller of small business, office manager.
I was in charge of accounting for two years. In the same time, I also have experience in banking compliance which involves in dealing with regulations about banking transactions.
An accounting class in high school I do all our finances at home too.
22 year working in the fiscal office where I have performed break even analyses, prepared budget and grants.
Even though I have never played any role in the treasury front office, I have experience in treasury operations and hence understand the operations of the financial market. I understand how the market operates and investment instruments.
I have leaderdhip skills.
I have more than 18 years in the treasury and cooperate / management finance practicing which adds a lot of competency and qualification to myself to mange and lead the treasury activities and financial preference according to the highest standard world wide.
Self motivated, I have undergone a project of similar nature i. E financial analysis and forecasting along with equity valuation of more than 15 companies.
The key for this job is to manage the fund. As a international student, my parents send my a lot of money to me, I need to manage it myself, I have make every dollars useful and buy things wroth it. I need to find a way to make the best choose.
I am an accounting major. I have good excel skills. I have good interpersonal and communication skills. I am self motivated and very organized.
I am an accounting major. I am self motivated, very organized, good excel skills, good communication skills. I want to support Accounting Society.
I don't have any experiences.
I have worked in the accounting field my entire career with the most recent 10 1/2 years for Bryan City School district with the last 6 years as the Assistant Treasurer.
I took AP Statistics in high school and passed the test recieving college credit. I know how to use excel, and I help my Dad run accounting functions as treasurer of the San Diego Waterfront Golf League.
I have over 30 years of office and customer service experience, work well with the public and am eager to learn.
One year experience as a sales manager.
I've been on the Math Team and calculated many costs.
Actually no experience and just for experience I want to apply.
Actually I am a mba student and we know the difference between spending and saving.
Sorry I used to be secretary.
None, but I believe I can handle it.
My daily life. I have to make my own personal financial management. I learnt how to organise those fixed pocket money to sustain for a certain period.
Preparing and maintaining budgets, reconciliations, financial reporting.
I worked as assistant purchase clerk.
I have 10 plus years of banking experience along with 4 years supervisory experience along with my 3 years of working directly with the employees of the school district.
I have been treasurer from 15 years in different companies.
I have knowledge of MS Word and excel which I intend to straighten in the coming days.
I don't have treasurers experience, but I have management and Executive assistant experiences. I have learned how to manage my job by performing all tasks in a timely manner and looking at what has to be done. Analyzing the work, reviewing the answers and checking that you balance are very important daily tasks that I do.

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