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Project Accountant Interview

31 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns

Updated August 30th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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Describe the systems you have in place for keeping track of assignments given to staff members.
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer about the tools you use to keep track of the duties of your team members to ensure you are always on track.
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Top 30 Project Accountant Interview Questions with Full Content
Describe the systems you have in place for keeping track of assignments given to staff members.
Tell the interviewer about the tools you use to keep track of the duties of your team members to ensure you are always on track.

Rachelle's Answer
"I use a combination of staff folders, to-do lists and reminders to be reminded of deadlines and meetings I need to have with my team to ensure everyone is on track and that we are meeting deadlines."
How have you monitored, or would you monitor, the performance of your team?
Tell the interviewer what you have done or would do to monitor and ensure your team's performance.

Rachelle's Answer
"I haven't monitored the performance of any team, however, I would meet up with them on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting all expectations, and would conduct performance reviews should expectations not be met. The performance reviews would address areas needing improvement and a timeline for the employee to prove himself, at which date I would meet with him/her again to assess his/her improvement."
How do you stay organized as an accountant?
Tell the interviewer about your organizational skills as it pertains to the position you are applying for.

Rachelle's Answer
"I use to-do lists to keep track of my duties for the day, and prepare to-do lists for the following day each afternoon before leaving for the day. I also set reminders to be reminded of important meetings and deadlines."
To confirm I have the most updated copy of your resume in hand, please confirm your highest degrees granted and the years of obtention.
Answer this question by mentioning all degrees granted and the years of obtention.

Rachelle's Answer
"I received my Bachelor's degree in Accounting from UCLA in December 2011, and my MBA from McGill University in April 2016."
How will working for us help you reach your professional goals?
Answer this question by telling the interviewer what seems great about the company, e.g., their services, initiatives, growth opportunities, and so on.

Make sure to answer by providing evidence that you did your due diligence before the interview (e.g., by mentioning something exciting you saw on the job posting, company website or social media pages), which demonstrates you are serious about working for this employer specifically and are not simply looking for any job. Link this evidence to your professional goals proving this position was made for you and it is one in which you will excel.

For instance, you can point to their seemingly friendly company culture as per some specific programs or initiatives you came across on their website, and say how friendly and how much of a team-player you are - and that this is exactly the type of work environment you are looking for.

Rachelle's Answer
"I saw on your website that your company is participating in the Run for the Cure benefiting the Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a great initiative contributing to the company morale by strengthening relationships while giving back to the community. I always seek the opportunity to demonstrate my team playing skills and hope to work with colleagues I will consider part of my family."
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