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Treasurer Interview

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What is your ideal work environment?
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Describe the aspects on an office environment that you enjoy most and why. Are you motivated by the positive attitudes of others? Do you thrive when your boss empowers you by giving you autonomy over decisions? It's important to know what you need and what you want out of a work situation. Share some qualities and attributes of the people and environment that you thrive in. Sometimes it's hard to know if the past places you've been employed were not the best for you. Think about an environment where you feel you will learn and grow best and describe that to the interviewer.
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Tell me about your education.
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Since you are working in a data, financial and administrative function, focus on the aspects of your education that will support you in this role. Starting with your college experience, explain how you became interested in doing this type of work. What topics did you enjoy most in school? How did your training prepare you for this role? You can share an example of some of the work you learned to do during training and talk about your technical skills. Share any continuing education or certifications you have received.
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Why should we hire you?
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Consider the challenges of your future role. How will you go above and beyond to tackle the most difficult tasks? Sharing your accomplishments, skills and characteristics will demonstrate your extensive knowledge and expertise. How have you successfully managed and limited risks? How have you proven yourself reliable and trustworthy to oversee budgets? What qualities do you offer that make you stand out? Review the job description and your resume side by side once more to help you highlight your relevant experience.
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How would you rate your leadership skills?
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You are a strong leader with a desire to make a positive impact on others. You have are an influencer in many aspects of your life, but how do you talk about? Working as a treasurer requires you to maintain relationships with creditors, bankers and other financial staff members. In order to influence decisions and earn trust, you will need to set an example. Are you consistent? Do you show up on time? How do you build those important relationships? Give an example of a recent time you successfully led a team or took initiative to solve a problem.
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Do you work well under pressure?
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Tight deadlines and a manager looking over your shoulder are sure to raise your heart-rate! Stress management and having the ability to calmly and confidently deal with pressure are important skills. Give an example that demonstrates your ability to do this. Here's a sample example:

"Yes, I'm motivated by pressure. Sometimes it helps give me that extra push to complete projects. I stay motivated by setting deadlines on my calendar and milestones for goals I want to achieve, so that I can maintain my momentum each step of the way."
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