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Sales Engineers Interview

31 Questions and Answers by Ryan Brown

Updated August 17th, 2018
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How do you believe you will be effective in sales at our company?
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How to Answer
The hiring manager wants to be assured that you will hit the ground running, making an impact as soon as possible. Talk about your level of motivation and what you will do to build your sales pipeline right away.
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Top 30 Sales Engineers Interview Questions with Full Content
How do you believe you will be effective in sales at our company?
The hiring manager wants to be assured that you will hit the ground running, making an impact as soon as possible. Talk about your level of motivation and what you will do to build your sales pipeline right away.

Ryan's Answer
"I feel that I would be an effective sales engineer because I will make an impact on your sales targets immediately. I bring a strong portfolio of business with me and will also work tirelessly to earn new business."
What motivates you?
A good hiring manager will always want to know how they can motivate you on the job. Give an example of how you stay motivated in the workplace.

Ryan's Answer
"I am easily motivated by words of positivity and encouragement. I am also highly motivated by working with people who I can learn from."
How would you describe the corporate culture of your previous company?
What type of corporate culture do you come from and what type of culture are you looking for? The hiring manager should know, through your answer, if this company is a cultural fit for you. Draw on your pre-interview research as well.

Ryan's Answer
"The type of culture that I currently come from is based on independence and accountability. Although I really appreciate the countability component, I am actively seeking a role that offers more team work based opportunities. From my research, I understand that you offer this type of culture."
Are you efficient with your time?
Tell the hiring manager a bit about how you stay on track with your time throughout the day. You can also bring up a time in your career that you have been recognized for time efficiency.

Ryan's Answer
"Yes, I am very efficient with my time. I ensure that I am on track by planning out my day through a CRM and Google Calendar. I have set tasks that are scheduled to ensure that I am on task and on my time target. In previous performance reviews I have been complimented on my ability to be efficient."
What is your greatest strength?
If you are awarded the position, what will you bring to the role that others may not? Your greatest strength should be a skill that will make you a stand-out candidate for this role. Tie in your answer by talking about how this particular strength will help the company you are interviewing with.

Ryan's Answer
"I feel that my greatest strength is in my ability to close a sale. Because of my strong listening skills, I am able to easily make a connection between the product I am offering and what the client's needs are. This helps me greatly when it comes to closing the deal."
What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
Where do you feel that you could improve in your career? Be sure to keep your answer career related and end on a positive note by talking a bit about what steps you are taking to strengthen your skills in that area.

Ryan's Answer
"Through performance reviews and other feedback that I have received, I feel that my greatest weakness would be in my Excel skills. I am an intermediate user but do feel that as a Sales Engineer, I should be at an advanced to expert user level. I have enrolled in an Excel course that will start this fall and will run for 12 weeks."
Do you have any previous experience as a Sales Engineer?
Take some time to discuss with the hiring manager any similar roles that you have held. Bring your resume to life for them. Remember to draw on any experience that could be transferrable.

Ryan's Answer
"I have been a Sales Engineer with company ABC for the past 3 years. In addition to this experience, I also have been a sales professional in a less technical role for 2 years. This was with company XYZ. I am very confident in my sales ability and feel that my previous experience will certainly benefit me in this role."
What kind of work environment do you thrive in?
When you answer this question, be sure to draw on the company research that you have performed prior to your interview. What type of culture do they offer? Is their brand or environment something that excites you? Talk a little bit about the types of work environments you have been exposed to, what you prefer, and how their culture works with your preferences.

Ryan's Answer
"As a sales professional, I do thrive in a collaborative team environment. Knowing that I can draw on the knowledge and help of my team is very motivating to me. From the research I have done on your company, I understand that you have a large focus on positive teamwork. That is very appealing to me."
Are you comfortable generating leads? Tell me about your experience doing so.
Business development and the activities that come with that are very important topics in a sales interview. Talk about your ability to generate leads. How do you ensure that your sales pipeline is always full?

Ryan's Answer
"I am very comfortable with generating leads. Prospecting and cold calling are both tasks that I am good at. I will network and ask for referrals from my current sources. From there, I will utilize networking sites such as LinkedIn. In total, I have 12 years' experience in a business development role."
How would you explain the benefits of a product to a customer?
The hiring manager would like to know that you are able to sell a product to a client by referring to the benefits it will bring them. Take the interviewer through your typical selling process but do make it brief.

Ryan's Answer
"When I am selling to a client based on the benefits of the product, I first take the time to ensure that I understand what problem it is that I am trying to help them solve. I will tie their challenge into what the product can do to help them. Having the client agree with the connection of problem vs. solution is also really important."
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