Medical Device Sales Interview Questions

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How would you handle competition between your coworkers to maintain accounts?

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15 Medical Device Sales Interview Questions

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    How would you handle competition between your coworkers to maintain accounts?

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    Describe how you would handle a frustrated physician in the operating room who is having difficulty using your product.

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    What do you think is the most important benefit that you can provide hospitals or physicians who choose to use your product?

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    How would you continue to maintain all of your accounts while also building new ones?

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    Do you have experience in presenting to groups of medical professionals?

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    If hired, explain to me how you will target physicians and what marketing plans you would implement.

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    How would you handle a physician who complained more than once about a medical product that you sold her/him?

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    There are numerous ways to reach a suitable audience to pitch our products, which method do you find most attractive and would be your ideal outreach plan?

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    How do you maintain focus on your sales and work, throughout the day?

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    What experience do you have generating leads?

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    Tell me why you would enjoy a position where you traveled 80% of the day?

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    Tell me about any healthcare experience that you have, and how that would relate to this position in medical sales?

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    When you attend a social event, what type of person are you?

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    What do you know about our organization? And who are our competitors?

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    What type of research would you expect to do before calling a prospective client?