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Restaurant Manager

25 Interview Questions & Answers

What would you do if you saw a server about to deliver a poorly plated meal to a customer?

Example #1
"Every experience like this is an opportunity for further training. If the plate was delivered to the customer, and the customer complained, I could show the server what the plate should look like. I would also use this as an opportunity to further train the kitchen staff on the quality that needs to come out of the kitchen at all times."
Example #2
"I would never correct a server in front of a customer. Unless you have a policy that states otherwise, I would try to intercept the plate before it arrived at the table. I could use the experience to train further the employee on how to better screen dishes before delivering them to their tables."
Example #3
"My leadership style tends to be friendly and direct, so I would quietly approach the server to see if the quality of the dish was up to our standards. If needed, we would send the dish back to the kitchen, and I would communicate with the chef to ensure the issue did not arise again."
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