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Restaurant Manager

25 Interview Questions & Answers

How do you handle customer disputes?

Example #1
"I have specific training in customer dispute resolution and am happy to train your employees on the techniques I have learned, over the years. In my experience, allowing the customer to talk, and express their feelings, is the most important step to creating a resolution. Also, my tone is fundamental. I am empathetic, nod a lot, and use the correct body posture to show that I care."
Example #2
"Here are some key factors to successful interaction with upset customers:

- Allow the customer to be heard. Show that you care about their feelings of frustration
- Be prepared with empathetic statements such as "I understand" and "That must have felt terrible."
- Never be passive, roll your eyes, cross your arms, or disagree with the customer
- Focus on the important factors. Many upset customers will bring up small issues that are not related to the primary concern. Always bring the conversation back to the issue at hand
- Avoid saying "never" but say "likely" or "possibly."
- Keep the conversations out of the public eye. Anger will be fed by an audience"
Example #3
"When handling customer disputes, remaining neutral is the most important factor. I know that I cannot come across as a biased party, only sticking up for the company. I offer empathy to the customer, allow them to talk without seeing a reaction from me, and then present potential solutions to their problems."
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