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How do you stay organized as an accountant?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Project Accountant interview

How to Answer
Tell the interviewer about your organizational skills as it pertains to the position you are applying for.

"I use to-do lists to keep track of my duties for the day, and prepare to-do lists for the following day each afternoon before leaving for the day. I also set reminders to be reminded of important meetings and deadlines."

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How do you stay organized as an accountant?
I have my calendar, I make daily work list and check list and get organized.
By Maintaining secrecy All documents to be kept confidential never discloses any information to anyone.
I parotize my work according to deadline.
Completing work with the time frame provided, all daily work should be up to date and also ensure accuracy to avoid rework or any other unnecessary work. In terms of documentation, ensure all supporting documents are filed for easy location when needed.
I believe that I am very organized person with a good time management, I like to prioritise my job and make sure that I provide the best service. I like to check my job and make sure that results are accurate.
Same way as anyone else does. I keep lists of tasks including longer term lists - such as I'd like to Anaya's a trend etc. That isn't required immediately. I use outlook tasks and email filing - I try to avoid paper note taking and printing so I don't lose paperwork.
I have excellent time management skills, and I know which to prioritise.
I have a work diary. I like to update it at the end of the day and read it in the morning over breakfast. This helps me plan the day ahead and keeps me organised. Of course there will always be further tasks or queries allocated throughout the day but this gives me more control over my projects and responsibilities.
Keep repriotising work putting most important on top.Deadlines need to be met but accuracy is equally important. If mistakes are made it will take longer to resolve problems. Keep stakeholders informed.
Keeping my office tidy - make notice to my self in order to dont miss any requirement for the project.
Put priority on the top and in the line of order for the rest.
I cannot overemphasise on systems. The system should make it easy for one to pick up human error.
I make planning my priority. I have keep list of what to do on my jotter and spreadsheet. I maintain calendar to keep abreast of event.. It enables me to organize and monitor my team.
Ability to understand my job discrpition.
I believe that organization is vital to my success as an accountant. With a large case load and other required assignments I need to utilize any and all resources available to me. We have an internal software program called Gentax which I primarily operate with. I use the internal time management function to break up my day into budgeted time slots. I don't always stick to it firmly, but it definitely helps. I also use a desk blotter and Microsoft Outlook calendar to help organize tasks. Finally I have a dry erase board that I use to track short and long term goals.
I believe, at least for me, that it is critical to stay organized as an accountant. Between a very large case load, a continuous flow of abatement requests and non-stop correspondence with taxpayers I find it necessary to organize. To do this I use any means available to me. Our internal software program is called Gentax and it has an internal time management tool that I use to budget my time throughout the day. I don't always stick to it but it is a great tool to outline my daily requirements. I also use Microsoft Outlook to schedule tasks, appointments and follow ups with taxpayers. And as if that isn't enough I also use a desk blotter to visually remind myself of upcoming events and a dry erase board to track short and long term goals.
By ensuring that I plan in advance. Planning in advance ensures that I foresee challenges and try to come up with solutions making it easy to stay focused and organised.
From my education and my past experience also with my self effort.

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