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How do you stay organized as an accountant?
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Same way as anyone else does. I keep lists of tasks including longer term lists - such as I'd like to Anaya's a trend etc. That isn't required immediately. I use outlook tasks and email filing - I try to avoid paper note taking and printing so I don't lose paperwork.
By ensuring that I plan in advance. Planning in advance ensures that I foresee challenges and try to come up with solutions making it easy to stay focused and organised.
Keeping my office tidy - make notice to my self in order to dont miss any requirement for the project.
Ability to understand my job discrpition.
I have excellent time management skills, and I know which to prioritise.
I make planning my priority. I have keep list of what to do on my jotter and spreadsheet. I maintain calendar to keep abreast of event.. It enables me to organize and monitor my team.
I parotize my work according to deadline.
Completing work with the time frame provided, all daily work should be up to date and also ensure accuracy to avoid rework or any other unnecessary work. In terms of documentation, ensure all supporting documents are filed for easy location when needed.
Keep repriotising work putting most important on top.Deadlines need to be met but accuracy is equally important. If mistakes are made it will take longer to resolve problems. Keep stakeholders informed.
I cannot overemphasise on systems. The system should make it easy for one to pick up human error.
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