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Shift Leader Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns

Updated August 20th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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Do you enjoy the challenge of more responsibilities?
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How to Answer
Give your interviewer confidence in you by expressing your enthusiasm for challenges and explaining your process for overcoming challenges. This is a good chance to show off a solid work ethic. Leaders are expected to be well-aligned with the company's needs.
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Top 30 Shift Leader Interview Questions with Full Content
Do you enjoy the challenge of more responsibilities?
Give your interviewer confidence in you by expressing your enthusiasm for challenges and explaining your process for overcoming challenges. This is a good chance to show off a solid work ethic. Leaders are expected to be well-aligned with the company's needs.

Rachelle's Answer
"I love having more responsibilities because it means that I can have a bigger positive impact on the company. I see challenges as ways for me to grow and add value to the company."
Anonymous Answer
"I enjoy the challenge of more responsibilities. It makes me feel a sense of dependability, trust, commitment, and career development."
Rachelle's Answer
It is great that you get so many fantastic feelings from gaining more responsibilities. Try telling a brief story of a time when you were recently given more responsibilities on the job. I have provided an example below.
"I enjoy the challenge and career development that comes with more responsibility in the workplace. Recently, I was given the opportunity to (insert your story or example). This situation made me feel like I was depended on, trusted, that my commitment to the company was valued."
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What will you offer us, as a shift leader, that others may not?
If possible, give some context about an uncommon experience that you may have had or highlight a special achievement that utilized a particular skill that you developed from outside this industry.

Otherwise, choose 1-3 character traits and connect them to actions that would benefit the company.

Rachelle's Answer
"I do a lot of volunteering at the hospital, and I learned how to be very empathetic and how to peacefully manage a negative situation. I'm also very positive, I genuinely care about the people I'm leading, and I'm very organized. What that means is that my team will be motivated to do their work, and that there's going to be better performance due to the fact that there's less wasted time and effort. I also set a good example on how to be compassionate, which leads to faster resolution times."
As a shift leader you must have great communication skills. What would your previous manager or supervisor say about your communication style?
Give 2-3 qualities that describe your communication style and give a brief example of what you would say in order to demonstrate those qualities. In general, a leader should give clear directions to ensure that the team members can be held accountable.

Rachelle's Answer
"She would say that I'm very concise and clear. I give directions to my team by stating the outcome I need and by when. I also check in to see if they understand how to do it. That way, if something isn't done, I can hold them accountable."
Anonymous Answer
"Fantastic! It is one of the qualities that got me promoted from field operator to shift supervisor."
Rachelle's Answer
Awesome! Good for you :) Were there any defining moments that led to the promotion, or was it your communication style in general?
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Give me an example of when you led by example.
'Leading by example' is a broad concept. Whether or not it involves a task, your outlook and mindset is the key to successful leadership.

Choose a scenario where you were able to take actions for your team members to model. Describe the situation. Then talk about the actions you took and how you turned the situation into a teachable moment. If possible, follow through with a positive long-term outcome, such as a change in the team member's performance.

Rachelle's Answer
"One time, a team member was getting frustrated at a customer. I noticed the expression on his face, so I politely stepped in. I positioned myself across from my team member so that he could see me talking to the customer. I made sure to have very positive body language: I had a smile on my face, I had a relaxed and open posture, and my tone of voice was friendly and caring.

After the customer was taken care of, I had a chat with the team member. I approached it as positive teaching moment. I also found out that he was having issues in his personal life. I was able to help him out with that in a small way and I earned his loyalty and respect, which led to him being a much more enthusiastic team member."
Describe a time when you facilitated a creative solution to a problem between two employees.
Depending on the organization's culture, you may wish to focus on the creative aspect of a solution. Use your best judgment. If you don't have a creative solution to talk about, then simply highlight your conflict resolution ability.

Do this by laying out the two employees' stances: what were they in conflict about? Show the actions you took, making sure to mention your judicious use of listening. End with the resolution you arrived at and the lasting impact on the team.

Rachelle's Answer
"We had two team members who were accusing each other of being the one who got the whole team in trouble for not cleaning up after themselves in the break room. They were the only two people who last used the break room. To encourage teamwork, I told them that they had to come to an agreement on a next step: [list options]. I told them they had 15 minutes to come to an agreement. They couldn't come to an agreement, so I had both of them clean the break room with me for a week."
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