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If a customer needs a new toilet installed, you remove the old one and find the floor to be rotting all around the toilet, what do you do?
When you answer this question be sure to give details on your work and what you would do. Also mention any contact with the customer that you would need to be having.
Answer examples
"If I removed a customers' old toilet to find that the flooring was rotting the first thing I would do is report that matter to the client. I would want their approval prior to taking on a big job like that. After their approval, I would then go and properly fix the flooring prior to installing the new toilet."

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User-Submitted Answers

If a customer needs a new toilet installed, you remove the old one and find the floor to be rotting all around the toilet, what do you do?
Advise the customer that we are dealing with a leak, find & repair the leak and recommend someone to replace the rotted wood.
Replace the wood that is rotting.
I scrape the rottin floor and put a new plaster and let it dry for 2 days then drill new holes according to the size of the new toilet.
I suggest the customer to repair the floor first.
I just close the suplayer first and take the magerments there ffor I must know wht tools to use.
Try fixing the floor if its a miner job but if a major job get the revelant authority to fix it then install the new toilet.
He or she must called a builder to make a floor, then after a act.
I talk to customer about the problem and money.. And wait for customers aggrement.
If the floor around the flange and wax ring is that bad, and I felt it to be unsafe, I see what I could do to fix and replace the floor that is rotting. If I feel that the floor is rotting that bad, and a lot of it needs to be replaced, first I would call my boss and see if he wants me and other employees to take on the job, or if I should recommend a company that can do a good job with the floor.
Will fing alternate solution.
1st. I prepare my personal protective equipment's( PPE) 2nd.Clean the area of an old toilet. 3rd. Installed properly the new toilet. 4th. Commissioning the system has installed Properly.
Change the subfloor and put and replace tile or linoleum.
Use compound to secure the floor around the toilet.
Let the customer know that this floor needs reparing first before I can put the toilet back.
Done a water proofing and then layed new pipe with gud joints pressure test and everyting done before concealed.
Immediately inform the customer, let them make the decision on what step is to be taken next.
Tell them to get a builder to repair the floor.
Old line removed, and new line installed new toilet.
Advise them to replace the floor and then make a decision from what they decide too do.
Replace the rotted floor and put new water closet back in with the new toilet.