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Have you ever worked with a Pharmacist you did not like? What didn't you like about them?
Be careful not to bad mouth your old boss! It's okay to share some qualities that might have affected you or the staff negatively. Keep your response positive. In talking about other people's flaws, share what you learned or how you learned to work with them. Sometimes the downfalls of your coworkers can be opportunities for you to share your skills. See if you can flip this question around to show off how well you handled a difficult personality.
Answer examples
"The pharmacist wasn't very personable. They were professional, but just not much of a people person. I love working with people, so I took it as an opportunity to shine when I worked with customers, making sure they received the best service."
"I have worked for challenging Pharmacists. I value my professional work relationships and Sometimes we agreed to disagree and that's ok."

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever worked with a Pharmacist you did not like? What didn't you like about them?
No I have never worked in a pharmacy and get along with all co-workers and managers.
No... I like all of the pharmacist that I have worked.. They treated me nicely and professionally.
This would be my first Pharmacy Technician position.
I have worked with many pharmacists and have never had a problem with any of them.
I have a very good relationship with my co-workers. Never had a problem.
Unfortunately yes, I was told that my job was to do everything, and they only had to sign off on scripts, and council patients. I had never felt so low.
Yes, they were disrespectful but I managed to change their mind once they saw my performance on the job.
No, I am very luck to have a good pharmacist that tech me everything of their knowlages.
I just do my job not emotions attached anyone who dislikes me or not.
Profesionalism is the pefect behavior in this instance.
I tend to not pass immediate judgement of character. I have never not gotten along with a coworker.
Well at work, not everyone is likely to get along. However, I always treat everyone I come into contact with with dignity and respect.
Did not have a problem at all-
The pharmacist put more pressure on me, but I was able to handle it and just did my work and anything she asked I provided to her.
I have never worked for a Pharmacist.
No, never had one. They treat me as a very good technician (like to work-with)
All pharmacist I have worked with has helped me to understand the principle and management of scientific equipment and raw material pertaining to the manufacturing of drugs.
Well, I really try to find good in everyone and something to like. One pharmacist was quick to judge, and easily irritated. He would talk down to you and treat you like you were stupid if you made a mistake or did something in a way he did not like.
N/A - I have never worked with/alongside a Pharmacist before.
Yes, they treated me like I was inferior.
This is going to be my first pharmacy technician position. But during my extership, I never had a problem with the pharmacist because theyre all approachable and compassionate.
I am fortunate to have not worked with a pharmacist that I did not like.
I have worked with a pharmacist I did not see eye to eye with, they came in as a new manager and changed everything while also taking away responsibilities.
Yeah she treated me differently than the others.
With my personality I dont think ive come accross a situation like this.
All pharmacists I've worked with are amazing. Some are not perfect, but I dont like to judge. You never know what some people are going through that certain day or in general.
No. All three of the pharmacists I've worked with were very different some treated me as if I already had my license other was very hesitant but trusted me overtime and let me complete various tasks.
I've never had that problem. I worked with 4 different pharmacists during my internship and I received positive commends from them at the end of my internship.
Its really a mutual relationship, maybe because I was new to the industry therfore just did what I was asked to do which was a bad thing now thinking back. I followed more than being in control/leading which I have learnt throughout the years.
I have not worked as a pharmacist. B
I have worked with many pharmacists in 15 plus years and I never had a problem with any pharmacist.
They told me I couldn't take drugs.
No, I have worked well with Pharmacists. There has always been mutual respect between the Pharmacists and me.
Yes I have. She would always threaten to fire me if and have my license revoked if I didn't do her job for her.
I have worked with a pharmacist and I was treated well. They were willing to teach me.
I have never worked with anyone that I disliked, but I have worked with someone who was unsure of me when I first worked at a pharmacy. I had to prove that I was a hard worker and able to take directions before I was well liked.
Fortunately for me, I have not come across one and hope that I will not have to face that because that can be very uncomfortable coming to work. I beleve strong and positive communication will lead to positive working relationship.
No I have not. And if I did not like a pharmacist I worked with, I would still respect and treat them in a positive professional manner.
To tell you the truth, I have worked with a pharmacist that I did not like very much at first but after Working with her for a long period of time I started to focus on the good things about her. She was very belittling to other co-workers but was also a very hard worker and reliable. - she also took time to teach me things, which I appreciated. I believe that people are put in your life for a reason .
No, most of the pharmacist I have worked with I always try to make them feel comfortable at work.
Yes, but I still work with her professionally and to challenge my self to do better my work.
I have done and they treated me like a school child.
Yes, when a pharmacist has it's favourite employee where I believe every employee should be treated equally.
No, I dont have that kind of experience.
No I dint have that kind of experience I like all of the pharmacist that I have worked.. They treated me nicely and professionally.
Everyone can not get on all the time, if there is any tiffs then these need to be overcome quickly, most of the time a problem can be easily solved I haven't had any serious problems with any member of staff, if I was to then I would contact the person in charge.
If hired this would be my very first pharmacy job experience and I'm pretty confident that it would be a great one.
No I generally tend to get on with my most pharmacist If I told I ask them explain why there why is better, or put across that the way we work that branch works better that why.
I have worked with a few coworkers and pharmacists I do not like. However, they treated me professionally and vice versa. My personal dislikes do not affect my ability to do my job professionally.
Not really although it has been difficult sometimes working with locums who leave you to do everything.
I have not worked with a Pharmacist that I did not like. I believe that while at work, one should always have a working relationship with peers.
Pharmacist who was stressed as she was snowed under with screening prescriptions.... Attitude was a bit snappy but I was able to understand why and carried on with my work.
I have never worked in a pharmacy before. I don't tend to dislike people. Everyone is different and its about getting along with everyone to the best of your ability.
I like all pharmacist they are very professional, nice people with me.
No I never had a problem.
I have never worked as a pharmacy technician before.
No. I try to like everyone, if someone doesn't like me then that's their problem with me and not my problem with them, but I will continue to maintain a professional work relationship in order to meet the demands of the service user.
No, I like both my phatmacist.
I've been in the situation where I've been with a bit of a bossy pharmacist.. Where they ask you. To do things that they can't be bothered doing themselves.. Like grabbing things for them. . More of a dogsbody than a fellow college.. Just deal with it though I'm quite easygoing and I like being helpful. So it doesn't bother me too much.
I've worked with a pharmacist whom we did not always see eye to eye. She is new to the work field and she doesnt like to take advice from some of the older employees. I treat her with respect and still offer advice and let her work it out on her own .