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Give me an example of how you are dependable.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Pharmacy Technician interview

How to Answer

A great way to prove that you can be relied upon is to be consistently on time. Be sure to set the standard by arriving at least a few minutes early before your interview. Map out the route and go the day before so that you know where it is and how long it will take. You could also talk about a time you followed through with something even in the face of conflict. Consistency in your work shows you are dependable as well.

Give me an example of how you are dependable.
Answer example

"I do my best to show up to work 15 minutes early, just in case something comes up on my way there that might set me back. Traffic can be unpredictable, and it's important to me to be on time."

Answer example

"I currently have a schedule that allows me to pull call whenever needed with a short amount of notice. My flexibility comes in handy when someone calls in sick."

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Give me an example of how you are dependable.
By being at work on time.
I am always on time for work, and ready for work.
I am a early person so, I tend to set my alarm alot earlier specially for work.
My parents claimed me as a dependent on their tax returns.
I live close by and am always dedicated to any job I have.
My employers do not worry that I will call off leaving them short handed. They also know that if they give me a project to complete, it will get done, and in a reasonable amount of time.
This is a career I've been wanting to pursue I want to be a worker with a purpose so I'll definitely be someone you can count on.
To turn up for work on time, be flexible where other rolls are involved, work in a pleasant friendly manor and have confidence to carry out my duties to the best of my ability.
Asked to. Do things. .. Go. Out of my way to do it and then more.
Come to work when scheduled and being on time.
When I dont know some things, Iwill ask then after that I will do it on my own.
Ill be on time, as I have always been . Ill meet your timelines and deadlines.
By showing up everyday and on time.
I will be able to work on what needs to be done without someone standing over my shoulder watching all of my steps to make sure im doing my work correct.
For one, I am my worst critic. I hold myself at high expectations. I go out of my way to help my team members.
In my current job I have never been late and have only called in sick once out of my 2 and a half years of employment.
If things arent going the way they are supposed to be, I would take initiative to make it to the right direction.
I have a zero sick record, I am reliable, responsible and punctual. All my colleagues have only good things to say about me, I keep my head down, do my work but this does not mean to say that I compromise patient care. I am still a caring and friendly individual who would do whatever possible to ensure patients are first concern.
If I am given a task, I make sure it is completed correctly and on time.
I always am punctual, know my work, and do my job that is asked of me.
I always cone to work on time. If my manager needs me to stay late and help I usually stay. If it's my day off and someone calls in sick I usually will to come in to help.
I am hard working and on time and always ready to learn.
By you asking me to achieve something, I will remember what you have asked and achieve what you have asked.
Hard working, good in details.
I completed my two year course. I met all my deadlines And am on course to completing my qualification and NVQ deadlines too.
I Have never had a day off sick or been late to work. I will finish all task set by my current employer when I have said I will.
Well I can work by my self.
Part of my job is to help out anywhere that is required of me because I am a team player.
I can illustrate dependability by being trustworthy or reliable.
I am a per diem employee currently and have never declined a shift in the two years that I have been working there. I will work any shift in any position; clerk, intake, typist, filler, clinic use, or refill tech.
I have covered shifts for people numerous times in the past. I don't have any kids and I'm single.
I arrive to work at least 10 minutes before my shift, and will work if I am called in to work.
I am reliable and can work on my own.
I am a person who is always on time. I always try to be at work at least 30 minutes early at all times. Better early than late.
I am quite independant and can articulate in both writen and spoken language. If there is something im not sure off i'll ask the relative person to explain.
I am very puntucial hard working.
I have called in maybe 3 times in the 6 years that I've worked for my current company and every time has been a true emergency. I can always be depended on to be at work and I've come on days when they have had last minute call ins.
I think that you will not have to worry about depending on me, because I try not to let anyone down and I try my best to fulfill that dependence that you may have on me.
That I get the job done no matter what.
I have two children and a husband that depends on me.
From a previous work refernece.
I am dependable working alone for example if no one is show up in our Pharmacy I can work with the Pharmacist by performing all area of the job.
My ability to work without making errors and if ever done one document it for correction and legal requirement, also being able to work independently when required.
Dependability means trustworthy and reliable.
I'm not the dependable type of person. I'm always responsible of my tasks and perform them in a timely manner.
I am sincere, punctual at work and I am very good at team work..I am passionate devoted love to work.
Am hard working and on time and always ready to learn.
I am flexible with my schedule. Anytime you can call me to work.
I have worked such and such for 4 years, I'm always early and show reliability.
I am reliable; on-time, and will go above and beyond what it takes to get the job done in both an efficient and above satisfactory manner.
Actions speak louder than words, however if you look at attend ace records from previous work place it should be evident.
Am a team player. No one knows it all.
I dont like being dependable on anyone except my family and friends.
Do as instructed to the best of my ability and helping out in other areas when I'm not busy.
By coming to work early or come in on my day off.
I come to work on time and for the days im scheduled.
Excellent always willing to help if I can within my means.
By my attendance record the fact I have stayed late to complete outstanding work without being asked to.
I will be at work early and stay late until I make sure I have done my work.
Working alone after hours and weekends when my direct supervisor is off, will assure you that all performance is depend on me. By solving problems, perform all the new orders processes, answering phones, mixing iv and cleaning iv rooms. That showed I am dependable and reliable.
If you find something I did wrong, ie processed wrong medication to patient. I would gladly admit it and learn from my mistake. I make sure to double check my work.
The last three jobs ive worked for I have never missed a day from work. I didnt even take my sick days when I should have.
I am quiet confident in working in a team or as an individual.
I'm a very independent person, I want stand on my own feet and start building up my career in this field.
My life revolves my kids and my family and I wouldn't jeapordize my childrens salary or stability so I will make the best about always being on time and being depandable as humanly possible.
The best way I can illustrate this to you would be when I was a student in memorial regional hospital south. I was left independently to take care of tasks so that the other workers could accomplish a lot of the things that needed immediate attention.
I can come in normally within an hour.
To illustrate my dependability, I am a dedicated employee who arrives prior to my shift starting, am flexible with the hours I work; will double check my work to prevent errors in my tasks.
I am a in dependant person. I want to stand on my own feet and I believe my journey will begin from here.
I'm more than happy to let my previous and present employers to provide testimony on work ethnics. I'm hardworking, responsible and take my job seriously.
If you would speak to my current and past employers you would find I am never late or absent.
I am a very hard worker and on time.
I'm always there when i'm supposed to be.
I like being responsible and feeling like I am an essential part of the team. I will do everything in my control to be there and get the job done right the first time.

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