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Do you work well under pressure?

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Yes! I would say I work well underpressure because even if I am under pressure I do not rush to get work done I will still do what is needed efficiently and effectively and I will make sure I get it done and I will try to exceed what is expected of me.

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    Do you work well under pressure?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Yes! I would say I work well underpressure because even if I am under pressure I do not rush to get work done I will still do what is needed efficiently and effectively and I will make sure I get it done and I will try to exceed what is expected of me.
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    How would you define great customer service?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Smiling, being polite and not saying you think their hairdo is ridiculous.
      2. Listening to the customers needs.
      3. Always smile.Its the first thing a px should see when they walk into your practice.Always putting the customer and their needs first.
      4. Alert, kind, knowledgeable, successful experice.
      5. Always putting the customer first. Showing empathy when needed. Making the customer feel that they are valued.
      6. Listening to the customes need, making them feel special and important.
      7. Helping the customer come to a conclusion that is best for them and the company and making sure that the customer has a positive experience.
      8. Great customer service starts with impression. Going above expectations and meeting the customers needs. A customer should leave with confidence in their purchase.
      9. Satisfaction. Solving the customers problems.
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    How do you ensure your customer has a proper fitted pair of glasses?

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    Why did you choose to pursue a career as an Optician?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. To help people with their vision.
      2. The reason I choose career path is because of the love I have for eyes.
      3. Internist to this career.
      4. I believe it'll be a great opportunity to help improve the company as well as myself.
      5. I choose the optometry field because I always felt an interest in the anatomy of the eye and how vision can really impact ones life.
      6. I saw the work environment and duties watching my aunt and uncle in because (they are both licenced opticians) and I instantly felt that I would love to do this as well its a nice environment to work in and I am a very detail focused person so even the tiniest details matter to me and I think that would help me in performing the duties of an optician.
      7. Because I enjoy dealing with people making sure they are happy.
      8. I really love the work environment and being a very detail focused individual I feel that this is a perfect use of my skills.
      9. I love working with people and helping them and this is the perfect opportunity for me to be able to do that.
      10. Because without eye the is no life.
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    How would your co-workers describe you?

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      1. Yes, I am committed to downtime... To rest up after a big rush hour before coming in with a clear head.
      2. Yes very.Its one of my strengths.
      3. I think that I am very effective at managing my time even being a perfectionist I will get whatever it is I am doing done with good results to show for it.
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    How do you adjust your procedures for younger patients?

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    Describe a deadline situation when you had several tasks to do at once, and how you coped.

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. In my practice in melbourne, there would be many times where I would have to help with a frame selection, trace lenses and do medicare billings in between patients. We prioritised which task needed to be done most urgently and then wrote a to do list to ensure that all tasks were completed in a timely matter. Because I did my own frame selections with patients, I would always prioritise their needs before anything else.
      2. Multi task and get it done.
      3. I prioritised the tasks and worked on them as calmly and effeciently as I could. I had several pxs orders to write up and see late arrival pxs as they were my regulars and some required their isssues resolving.
      4. I had alot of jobs to get done by the end of the day so I delegated some of the load and worked as a team as fast and effectively as possible.
      5. I've taken initiative to realize a wall of frames was out of order and unorganized. My solution was to plan-o-gram the walls with team work, but at the same time, we had other priorities to met too that night, and knowing the week end was approaching, and offers and promotion was prepared. So I have made a small group gather, and given each coworker a task to fill and complete before the big weekend specials. It may took long hours to met our dead line but it was worth it at the end when clients found it to be easy to navigate in our store with a peach of mind.
      6. Costco optical everyday. Ask people to wait patiently, put people on hold the phone, placed orders attentively and quickly. All with a smile.
      7. I handle stress fairly well and having said that at my previous job we had to unload a truck and we only had 2 days to do it and it was a big delivery and one of my co-workers had an illness in the family and had to miss. I worked hard and at a steady pace and was able to get the truck put out in time.
      8. Every day I am required to handle multiple tasks at once, each with a different deadline. It's all about prioritising your workload, one of the ways I try and stay on track is to keep a physical to do list of all the tasks that I have to do for that day, all those that need to be done that week, and all those that need to be done that month. So for example when Rodenstock released their new lens prices in April I knew that I needed to get an up to date price list done quickly but that the updated parameters of all the lenses in our database needed doing but was not so urgent. On the days I had a second dispensing colleague I utilised the time to create the new pricelist so we are up to date, thus being able to delegate other tasks such as fittings/adjustments. Updating the lens parameters in our database is something I can do between day to day dispensing tasks.
      9. I did the important urgent things first.
      10. Well, at my previous job working at esso and mac's, they have check-ups every so often so everything in the store has to be spotless. Also we get mystery shoppers that come in to check up so you never know when it could happen. We had to keep everything clean and spot free and try our best to make sure everything was proper, it was just in general alot of pressure because failing the mystery shopper could cause the company to lose business and money and having so much to do at once really puts pressure on you if there are not enough people to do it. But thinking logically and calmly helps relieve some of that pressure so the coworker and I would split the tasks by looking at our strengths so I would usually clean the store while the coworker took customers because I was always a more detail oriented person and because of that I took my time and finished my work to a higher than expected standard.
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    What are your career goals?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Spent the last 25 years in one optical location.....Would like to find a new home.
      2. "I have learned that long-term goals are best achieved when I break them into shorter goals. My short-term goal is to find a position that will put me in a forward-moving company with solid performance and future projections. As part of a team, I want to add value and continue to grow the company.
      3. Become the best optician that giving useful contriution to the world.
      4. Medical mission. Be with a company on the forefront of eye care.
      5. I would love to become a licenced optician in the future.
      6. My goal is to become a licenced optician in the near future.
      7. To become a Certified Optometrist Assistant.
      8. I want to own my own estate agency.
      9. I want to become the best dispensing optician I can. I know that sounds very broad but I like to be able to do a job and do it well. I guess thats part of my musical training, you work hard to create perfection, and that is always something I strive towards in my professional life and my personal life In the next 5 years I would like to expand my understanding of different lens manufacturers, improve and grow on my paediatric dispensing experience and become more accomplished at completely unique and challenging dispenses. I would also love the opportunity to learn more about making frames if that were ever an option.
      10. My plans to be in medical field not just a aestheticians.
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    Tell me about your education.

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      1. I graduated with a diploma and an associate degree.
      2. I am in my first year of a optician program at oulton college.
      3. Anatomy and phsiology of the ocular.
      4. I have an associates degree and an bachelor degree in psychology,
      5. I currently am attending university of Colorado at denver pursuing bachelor of Science on biology.
      6. I was always, and still am, a very creative individual so at school my main interests were music and the arts. I wanted to be a musician and I attended a variety of orchestras, including the RCM junior department. I went on to study music at university but decided that whilst I loved music, I did not love the life of a musician and that it didn't really fit with what I wanted from a career. I am happy that I found optics, in its own unique way you can be creative, whether thats through creative thinking when approaching a complicated dispense, giving fashion advice or looking at ways to improve product displays within the practice.
      7. Paraoptometric technician.
      8. I currently am a biology major at UCD, which I hope to complete at the end of the year.
      9. I studied at sisler high school here in winnipeg and graduated last year I love sciences such as biology and chemistry and my math skills were always very good (i took pre-cal in high school) biology math and physics have been my strong subjects throughout high school. I was unsure what I wanted to do exactly for my future but after I saw my aunt and uncle at work I decided that being an optician would really suit me and now i'm pursuing that decision.
      10. I studied in sisler high school, graduating last year. I have always had a keen interest in all sciences but more in biology and physics and math which have been my strong subjects throughout high school.
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    What is your greatest strength?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. My greatest strength right now is that I have experiences in a.
      2. Not being able to give up on something, always trying to find a way to make it work or make it better.
      3. I am very focused on whatever I am doing and always finish whatever it is that I am working on to the best of my ability.
      4. Providing patients with quality eyewear and knowledgable lenses that suit their needs.
      5. My greatest strength is customer experience. I enjoy person to person interaction.
      6. I am passionate about optician career therefore I take initiative to learn and improve myself.
      7. Patience, I have a very strong capability to control my emotions regardless of someones attitude.
      8. I can walk in a room and get along with anyone.
      9. I'm excellent in solving problems and I really enjoy to help the people.
      10. My greatest strength is being detail orient.
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    How do you adjust a manual lensometer for your eye?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. First I insert the frame in lensometer after I adjust the power reading mears to find exact powers of the lenses.
      2. I can adopt because I was taught by hand how to operate one.
      3. Adjust the height of the lensometer put the right lens on the thing adjust the hand wheel till it comes in clear.
      4. You must first neutralise the focimeter, adjusting the eyepiece so that the target is in focus. You can then begin to check or neutralise frames.
      5. I am hoping to be trained with that as iv not done it before.
      6. Steps in using the Manual Lensometer Adjust the eye piece until the target is clear Position the glasses with the bottom of the frame against the frame stage. Center the target (where the lines intersect) Focus the narrow lines (single lines) and read the power wheel. This gives the spherical power. Focus the wide lines (triple lines)and read the power wheel. Read the Axis wheel If the lens is in the incorrect cylinder you can either transpose the prescription or re-read the lenses and rotate, but rotate the lens 90 degrees. To get the prescription you will need to know the sphere, cylinder, and axis. Sphere = narrow lines Cylinder = wide lines – narrow lines Axis = read the axis wheel.
      7. I am familiar with this equipment but I have not used it or been trained to use it yet as I have not started the course and have not had a previous optical job.
      8. I have to make sure that the accuracy of the measurement. The eyepiece is adjusted to refractive zero.
      9. First of all, I turn the lensometer on, then turn the eyepiece anti-clockwise without looking through, then I keep looking through the eyepiece while turning it slowly clockwise until I can see mires inside sharply.
      10. Adjust the eyepiece so that the mires become clear.
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    What kinds of people are the most difficult to work with or help?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. The ones who have had a bad experence at a differnt store.
      2. The ones who have had a bad experence at a differnt store.
      3. Ignorant people and not open minded.
      4. People that vaguely have an idea of what they want in mind and people that want 1 pair of glasses to do everything.
      5. I think the most difficult people to help are those that haven't accepted that they have to wear spectacles, are adamantly against them or have a real solid dislike. Sometimes, no matter how good your advice or service is, or how well you communicate the products and options available to someone you can't help them unless they are willing to open up themselves to the possibility of being helped. A lot of this can be to do with peoples willingness to trust you, if you have a personal connection with someone they are more likely to open up to you and accept help. I would try and break through that wall by asking the patient/customer about themselves, their work, hobbies, interests and take the focus off of spectacles for the moment. It shows that your not just trying to sell them something but that you are interested in them for who they are. By doing this I might learn something that I wouldn't have done about their visual needs that could further help them too.
      6. People who are negertive and love complaining.
      7. It's not hard that to help people with anything.
      8. Honestly, from the day one I chose optician career that I got to know dealing with different kinds of people is my routine job. If I have to pick a certain type of people I am less willing to work with or help, my answer probably goes with back-biters. As I believe everyone is unique and no one is perfect, we may not know what stories happened to them behind, however, what we can do is to let them know we really care about them, not to bad mouth. Being proactive and cooperative is vital for a productive and professional team as well as for premium customer service.
      9. Anyone can be difficult at anytime based on certain circumstances, but if having to narrow down specific individuals I'd have to infants and toddlers.
      10. Patients who do not respect the optomtrist or health care proffessionals advice of opinion.
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    What questions do you have for us

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. A paicent did not like their glasses....So we reslected.
      2. Not meeting my sale goals at first, I was selling the products backwards by starting at the bottom and worked my way to the best products, it may the client to get the less expensive eye ware when they have a very strong prescription, not I have learn and was taught to start from the top to explain the features and benefits, which from that point on clients was convinced and bought it.
      3. Px was being very limited in her answers and ended up with aa prescription I was not satisfied with.
      4. Asked for reduction in clinic times, but was declined incase complicated cases came about.Gave my reason that complex cases etc can arise any time but I would use my skills of proritising and efficiency in order to catch up without impacting px care.My reaction was to accept what was said, but to make sure that we review after a month.
      5. When I am in my last sem of optimestry course, I was failed.. I need to countinue it to other sem.. What my action, I accept it!
      6. At my previous job quality control would monitor our calls and one important thing we had to do on every call was to make sure the customers credit card was activated I failed to notice that my customers card was not activated and because of this oversight I received a 0 on the call, I made sure that after that I ALWAYS made sure every card was activated.
      7. I had a patient who needed a distance and reading correction, he first had separate pairs which he didn't like because of the irritation of swapping between the two, he then had a bifocal which he didn't like because of the line, he also had a varifocal which he didn't like and couldn't get on with. Both the bifocal and the varifocal were unsuccessful in part due to his unwillingness to try either solution longer for a couple of days despite me emphasising the adaptation time for both pairs of spectacles. Unfortunately the end result was that the gentlemen ended up with a full refund and no spectacles to aid him with his reading. I explained that I wanted to help the gentlemen but that he must try to take my advice. He did not seem receptive to further attempts however I said to him that if there was anything I could do to help him or if he needed advice to please come back and see me. I feel disappointed in myself that I was unable to help him, and I wonder if he is ok, I do tend to think about my patients and I am concerned for their welfare. I wish I could have given him a pair that he was happy with. But I know now that sometimes despite all your best efforts, if other person is unwilling to take your or follow your advice, sometimes there is a limitation as to how much you can help them.
      8. When I set myself to make money in a week to buy a laptop and my goal was not achieved as I planed and I felt bad.
      9. I remember one patient who had order her glasses a month early because she was leaving back to her home town for some reason or another the lab kept on messing up with her lenses she was hightly upset what I did to calm her down was make sure she was not to upset I gave her a discount.
      10. The only time I have had a result that I was unsatisfied with has been when I clean my cars. Being a very detail oriented person I really focus and get into what I am doing and I hate seeing dirty cars so I will go out and detail my car completely inside and out every other month and I will take a good part of the day to do it just because for me it has to be done perfectly but once or twice I just didnt clean it to the extent I wanted it but I took out time later on to finish the job I started because I just cant leave it that way it just has to be done properly for me.
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    When can you start working?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. I have been wearing glasses since I was six years old. I had a really good optometrist who look after my eyes and introduced me to CL wear. I see the value in good quality eye care and the importance of appropriate frame and lens selection for optimum comfort and visual clarity.
      2. I saw an ad for optical sales.....I was hired and have loved it ever since.
      3. I have taken the passion to care for children needs, when my son was born with no iris back in 05, was my purpose to help others who is in need.
      4. I would like to be a eye doctor.
      5. For my first job I started working at a family friends optical store. As I started working I realized that because I wear glasses,
      6. Iv never thought of becoming an optician, an opportunity just came my way.
      7. Again, this is something I fell into. I found the course very challenging actually, as I am not maths or physics inclined by nature, and often times Val and I would have trouble understanding each other as she had a physics degree and didn't always explain things in a way that I found clear. I realised though that actually, it's a very good career choice for me, I love helping and looking after people and get a real satisfaction from making someone happy, so I know its the right thing for me to be doing.
      8. I realized it would be the ideal job for me when I was in BC for a wedding and saw my aunt and uncle at work (they are both opticians) I was looking for a new pair of glasses but I had just finished high school and was thinking of what I wanted to do in the going into the future so I took a closer look at the work they did and the work environment ad it really just pulled at me I felt that my skills and interests would be best suited to this job.
      9. I realised that after I decided to come to Canada. After a lot of online research, self-analysis, plus professional career exploartion aptitude and interest test, I picked opticianry program. It is a well-informed decision and it is an ideal fit.
      10. 20 years ago I started helping my mom at her optical shoppe and just enjoyed it and have continued on.
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    What is it about being an optician that you like the most?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. As a registered Optometrist, it is imperative that I have sufficient CPD points. These usually involve both clinical and non clinical seminars. I do a combination of webinars as well an online tutorials. They are all assessed.
      2. I have renewed my ABO which included continuing education.
      3. Since I went on the register in September I have attended a couple of CET meetings, one in maidstone and another in hick stead. I am also currently attending a marketing course run by rodenstock which consists of 4 modules. It gets you to look at how your practise fits into the market and helps you to identify ways you can improve the service or new ways to grow and promote the business.
      4. I did sectional tittle managemennt with UCT
      5. I have a certificate of Spanish Medical Interpreter from Berkeley City college.
      6. I have not been enrolled in any college or university as of yet but I have decided t pursue the opticianry field but from my research I have found out that I need a job at an optical place to continue to pursue this field that I have chosen.
      7. Became a Certified Optometric Assistant. Took course and became certified and continue to do CE Courses.
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    What are your experiences using a lensometer?

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      1. I use a manual vertometer for checking prescriptions on glasses. I also have an automated vertometer at work.
      2. It is use to find sphere, cylindrical axis and prism in lens.
      3. I have used one since my very fist optical job. I would say I amexperienced.
      4. I know how to use an lensometer very well.
      5. We check glasses when they come back from the lab and if a member is having issues I check the lenses with it to make sure they are made correctly.
      6. I have not used a lensometer as of yet.
      7. I have used both an auto lensometer and a dial lensometer.
      8. The lensometer is a precision instrument and as such its instructions of use should be adhered to strictly.
      9. It was challenging to understand the facts how to operate with correction with no faults, and it may me to gain more knowledge and Independence to fit into the work environment.
      10. I practise a lot in my college.
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    What is your experience with contact lenses?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Do everything possible to satisfy them.
      2. Firmly but with compassion and understanding.
      3. Take deep breaths, try to keep it light, and get them what they need/want as fast as possible.
      4. A geneuin smile and speak good in a soft tone voce.
      5. I dont consider any customer to be difficult. There are cases of some customers that take a while longer than others and with them I just take the time they need and help them to the best of my ability I am not very easily angered which I think plays into that role of being patient with the customers and helping them understand exactly what is happening.
      6. I listen and try to make them feel heard while working to understand their problem.
      7. Listen, understand the complaint, and attempt to collaborate a solution within the policy and procedures of the company.
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    How would your former employer describe you?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Reliable..... Honest.... Effecent..... Customer freindly....... Excellent multi tasker.
      2. That I am Ambition: show strong desire; Dedicated: being devoted to a task assigned to me; and self-discipline: the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses.
      3. Bubbly personality and excellent at what I do with great interpersonal skills. Works well in a team and on my own.Adaptable in any situation.
      4. Kind, professional, polite, maybe too brief.
      5. Dedicated, driven and hard working.
      6. As a bubbly self motivated individual.
      7. I think they would say that I was effective at my job and even exceeded expectations.
      8. Energetic and positive. Efficient with my work.
      9. Eager, punctual, loyal, quick learning, intelligent, easy to get on with.
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    What skills do you feel are essential for this position?

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      1. Communication Organisation Compassion empathy Working alone as well as in a team.
      2. Patience, finding out what some really needs/wants for eyeglasses.
      3. Customer service, computer skills, good communication skills.
      4. Good customer service and meeting deadlines.
      5. Being patient and caring working well with your hands having an keen eye for the finer details being outgoing and exceeding expectations.
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    How do you navigate the procedures and billing instructions for insurance claims?

  21. 21.

    How organized are you in maintaining customer prescriptions and work orders?

  22. 22.

    Do you have experience in maintaining and tracking inventory?

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    Tell me about your previous experience as an Optician.

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      1. I Managed the location for 25 years..
      2. I find it extremly rewarding .I get many positive feedbacks from pxs . I take great pride in giving excellent px care together with seeing to the needs of the buisiness. I always have apositiveresolution for pxs with problems .I have a profeesional but wonderful relationship with my pxs.
      3. Place orders for contacts and glasses, minor repairs. Troubleshooting problems with eyeglasses.
      4. Listening with a geneuin smile and speak good in a soft tone voce.
      5. I have not had a previous job as an optician.
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    If hired, how do you intend on making a difference with our company?

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      1. My presence will make a difference.
      2. By continuing to give your customers the best customer service possible.
      3. I would like to help the buisiness grow by continuing to give excellent px care.Word and mouth more pxs will want to come to us. I would like to help in supervising of pre reg students.... Passing first time, hence further building the reputation of the company.
      4. Staying positive is key to a healthy work place.
      5. Always making sure I represent the company to the best of my ability by smiling and being cheerful.
      6. I inend to give every customer a good service.
      7. I usually come to this company/store for my own optical needs and so does my family my mom dad sister grandma. We have an extended family which I have encouraged to come here because of the service and options available and if I worked here it would encourage more family and friends to come here. I think I would be very good asset to this company because of my skills and interests and passion for this job.
      8. I believe I can help the company by helping the location succeed by having a team that strives to deliver results and a great customer experience.
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    How do you handle stressful situations?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. In a calm, polite and diplomatic manner.
      2. I like to cut out all the drama, figure out the real problem and take care of it.
      3. I do very well with stressful situations. I tried to see all the aspects of the situation and try to find a solution in which every is satified.
      4. Calm down and take it easy.
      5. I'm not a person that stresses too much over anything. Some stress is good stress but I do not stress excessively which I think helps me to stay calm in every situation and handle it accordingly.
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    What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. How to make a sell is my weakness, so I've dedicated my time to contribute the proper training by impacting the selling technique method which made a great improvement continuously.
      2. Always wanting to help pxs with my knowledge and experience in non- optics related issues. For eg seeing pxs with anxiety disorders etc giving them tips on self help measures.Keeping the conversation brief but letting px decide whether they want my help in that matter.
      3. Too critical. Stop and see things from a different perspective.
      4. I tend to overthink things. I am working on this by understanding that I need to stop second guessing myself.
      5. My weeknes is that get paranoid if I dont do all im suppose to do, im learning to take things easy.
      6. My greatest weakness is that sometimes I tried to take more than I can handle to help the team out. But I trying to improve by asking for help and letting myself know that I do it all.
      7. My greatest weakness, I would say is being such a perfectionist because sometimes I will take longer on tasks that dont need that much time just because I need every detail to be perfect but nonetheless I will get it done.
      8. My greatest weakness is organized OCD... I know eveything isn't in exact order at all times, and thats ok. As long as it gets put back.
      9. I get distracted easily. I try to put everything into step by step processes to compensate.
  27. 27.

    Why did you choose to apply with us?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Because I wanted to work for a company that has a professional working environment ./ ethics.
      2. I would love the opportunity to work for an amazing business whose goal is to put customers first.
      3. It is a great company in which I know I will always have job security and I love the fact that promotes on thriving.
      4. It was an offer I couldnt resist.
      5. Because I have been a customer for a long time so I know that I like this company and because of the field that I have chosen to work in I think this would be ideal for me.
      6. Closer to home and a company I can grow within.
  28. 28.

    What do you know about our company?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Your a local company and pride yourself in customer satisfaction.
      2. Envision is where I come to the eye dr and I know first hand as a patient the care that Envision provides to customers.
      3. I know that you are an optictan dealing withspecticles.
      4. From my experience which has been great as I always come here for my optical needs. I know this is a great workplace and everyone I have met so far has been very kind and focused to help me out as best they can.
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    Why are you the best candidate for us?

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      1. I have work in the optical field for 25 years.... And will help your business grow.
      2. Because I have the skills necessary for the job. Excellent communication Time management skills vital in a clinic based environment Empathy and compassion vital for a care related profession Able to work on my own as well as in a team.
      3. I love kaiser, 5 years of optical experience, willing to learn, wanting to grow.
      4. Because I am dedicated driven and a hard worker.
      5. Because I am hard working, dedicated, self mortivated and I have a balanced personality.
      6. My passion for this job is genuine and my interest in it is of my own accord no one has pushed me to do this I have chosen it myself because this is where I think my skills would be best put to use and that I think makes alot of difference over someone else who may have chosen it as a second or third choice, this is my first choice and I am set on this being my future.
      7. I will apply my skills and professionalism. As well as my passion for the eyecare industry. I know that coming from a private practice to a corp will be a few learning curves but I am prepared for any challenges and thankfully am a very fast learner.