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Accounting Clerk Interview Questions and Answers
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In your current or former position, what were your long and short term goals?
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Short term goals are to be able to handle all my tasks effectively as an accounting clerk asap. Learn new things and reach middle level of accountant within one or two years. long term goal is to be able to do financial and accounting analysis hopefully.
What percentage of your time is spent doing each function.
Long position, build a career stable. Short term pass the exams.
My short goal was to keep everything up to date . Long goal was to achieve more knowledge in accounts.
To get more more experience in accounting. To learn a new set of skills and to get a higher position in your industry.
I am intended to secure a relevant job in accounting and finance as my first job.
Long term goals to become an expert in the accounting field short term goal to develop and acquire new accounting skills.
My short goal is to become a star in my field and a respected employee. My long term goal is to become a successful accountant within the same company.
My short terms goals are getting monthly duties done properly and on time. When you are looking over 32 technicians you have to stay on top of monthly goals. In long term we strive to keep out stop percentage down and our customers happy.
My long term goal is to know every aspect and know how to do everything from the accountig department, for example, right now I am being trained to cover the operational manager position. Short goal is to continue to learn new and fastest way to do my job. Tackle problems faster and easier.
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