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Account Representative Interview

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Do you make mini goals for yourself?
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Yes. I do make mini goals for myself. I find it important to hold myself accountable for doing my best. For example, I make it a goal to try a new approach to working with a kid if my last approach is not working.
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Why should we hire you?
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You should hire me, because I have a track record of being successful and working hard. In college, I pushed myself to my best and maintained a 4.0 GPA for two years. I am a hard worker and resourceful and if I need help with an issue, I have no problem trying to find it.
I bring forth the team work spirit, dedication and utmost professionalism needed to complete my job tasks.
I'm great with people, i'm hard wrker, patients and i'm a good listner.
I feel that I am highly motivated and driven to work for Hydro One. I have experience working with Northern Remote areas and customers.
I feel I can bring a genuine, caring and supportive personality to assist the team in meeting short and long term goals of company.
I have over three years experience as a rep. I am looking to further advance my career and am motivated to do so for your company.
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Name three positive traits you already have and would most like to build upon.
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My three best traits are my persistence, care and professionalism. I genuinely care for the people I work with and will try my best to help them. I am willing to go the extra mile to make sure that my job gets done and done well and I always find a way meet my goals as professionally as possible. If I needed to work on any traits, I would say that I tend overthink or over analyze situations and worry on occasion.
I love helping people, I like meeting goals and finding results, I;m genuine.
Great communication skills. Ability to lead. Ability to get tasks done in a very efficient manner.
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How do you stay focused throughout the day?
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I keep myself focused throughout the day by simply reminding myself of my purpose for being at work and the benefits that come by meeting my goals at work. I think of sense of well being and confidence I will get by performing well. Also, I think of how doing my job well may bring more opportunities for me and my family.
Doing the right things and achieving the priorities first and foremost.
I like reaching goals so full speed ahead until finished.
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If a customer hasn't placed an order in a few months, what would you do?
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Inquire with the customer and ask if they need assist or what hasn't made them do it yet?
Call to check-in and see if customer is satisfied and comfortable with item.
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Describe to me your style of selling.
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I try to ask questions that "peel an onion" and discover client needs.
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What do you know about this industry and the products we sell?
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Not really much. But I am willing to learn.
I know that this industry can provide financial security and stability as well as offer many options for life insurance and retirement.
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What about sales, do you enjoy?
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Of all of the aspects of sales, I appreciate the most would be benefitting a customer with a high quality product. For example, when I was serving tables, I always enjoyed seeing the look on my customers' faces when they cut into a prime steak, they were skeptical about. For me, it's all about making someone happy and satisfied.
I like providing answers to assist people in meeting their financial needs, security and goals.
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Do you have goals to be a sales manager?
User-Submitted Answers
At the moment, I do not have goals to be a sales manager, because I am in the midst of a career change. Since, I am new to an account representative position, I would prefer to focus on learning the most I can about this job and being the best at it. However, in the future, if I find out more about a sales manager position and I feel better equipped to do a nice job, I may go aspire to move up to a sales manager position.
Yes, a move to being a sales manager would definitely mean a change in everything.

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