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Tell me about a time you learned a lesson from a mistake you made on the product specialist job.

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    Tell me about a time you learned a lesson from a mistake you made on the product specialist job.

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    In your opinion, what is the most important characteristic a Product Specialist working at Tesla should possess?

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    Tell me about a time when you said no to an idea or project suggestion.

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    How do you use market data to influence an important project stakeholder?

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    Tell me about a situation in which a technical solution you suggested became a part of a successful product.

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    What are some of the qualities of being a product specialist you find least interesting?

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    What are some of the challenges you are anticipating if hired for a Tesla product specialist position?

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    Can you describe what a typical work week would look like for a Tesla product specialist?

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    Can you describe a market trend that will impact one of Tesla's products that our company should be aware of?

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    Two Tesla senior stakeholders disagree about the importance of including a feature in a new product. How would you get them to agree on whether or not to include it?

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    In your opinion, what company has great customer service, and how do they achieve this?

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    Please describe our product to someone who has never seen it before.

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    Tell me about a time when one of your product improvement ideas helped to increased sales.

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    Tesla makes products for both the general public and the commercial market. Can you describe some of the different characteristics products must have for each of these?

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    What are some of the techniques you use to attract a customer's attention?

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    How do you integrate artificial Intelligence techniques and predictive analytics when developing ideas for a new product?

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    What are the basic components of a successful product launch?

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    How do you ensure that the Tesla sales, production, and marketing teams understand the technical challenges of a new product?

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    What steps would you take to integrate the Tesla technical teams as stakeholders into the overall product development process?

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    How would you go about prioritizing tasks when working on a new product design here at Tesla?

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    How do you think a product specialist here at Tesla can influence the features included in a new product?

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    Do you feel that it is important to stay user-focused when developing a product, and if so, why?

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    What criteria do you use when prioritizing resources between competing product management tasks?

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    When presented with alternative product proposals, how would you decide which one to proceed with?

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    How do you know when a product is well-designed for the market it is intended for?

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    Can you describe an improvement you would make to a Tesla product?

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    Do you ever cut corners to get a product to market per the release schedule?

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    Tesla's engineering teams employ agile methodologies when developing our vehicles. Have you used agile in your past roles?

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    How would you explain the role of a product specialist to someone who was not familiar with the job?

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    How would you improve a product you use every day?