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What do you know about Nordstrom?

Written on July 1st, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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As with any job interview, we recommend that you visit the company website before going to your meeting. When asked this question, list a few facts that you learned about Nordstrom from their website, articles, or even online reviews.

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"I have researched Nordstrom a great deal, and have been a dedicated customer for many years. Nordstrom has been in business over 100 years, and I know that you have about 320 stores. I appreciate that Nordstrom started out as a small shoe store in Seattle, and is now publicly traded on the NYSE. What a success story!"

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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
Published: 07/01/2018
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What do you know about Nordstrom?
It is a luxury retailer that emphasizes customer services and offers the best quality for the best prices.
Encourage the empowerment of staff to enhance the customer experience to grow the business.
Nordstrom opened in 1901. And sells high fashion from several major designers. Nordstrom is all about customer service. Nordstrom is also one of the top 100 companies to work for.
Company started in 1901 in the U.S. And is targeting upscale shoppers that offer various brands and departments, which makes Nordstrom accessible and with many options for a shopper.
Having known about Nordstrom since I was little, as well as seeing friends and family work for the company, I know that it is a reliable well known company that focuses on the good of others. Nordstroms number one goal is not to be the most popular store, but instead to maintain good quality costumer service, as well as treat their employers with the upmost respect.
It is one of the most successful high fashion retailers in America, with a winning focus on customer service.
It is a clothing distibutor in over 28 states.
Nordstrom is known for their excellent customer service and building relationships with their customers.
Nordstrom is a store that sells high end fashion apparel.
Nordstrom is a Retailer who specializes in a great return policy.
I know you were founded in Seattle, which is a great city, and your founder is John W. Nordstrom. I also know that you are famous for wonderful costumer service, and I hope to be apart of that one day.
The best retailers companies started as a shoes retailers company then escorted handbags accessories clothes sunglasses kids clothing plus sizes home and Nordstrom retailers company Is the best and tops In cares about customers more than anything else and about her internal workers cares more than anything else this company can move up within industry.
I know that besides having your nordstrom store there is also nordstroms rack and haute look. Nordstroms also wants the best for customers, with great customer service and amazing deals and sales.
The return policy, where everything is located, and around where everything is priced.
As I said Nordstrom is a fourth generation family business. Nordstrom is a specialty fashion retailer committed to quality...Nordstrom started off as a shoe store and grew to be the largest shoe store in...
Nordstrom sells a vary of products for women, men, kids, as well as jewelry and shoes. They started in 1901 with John Norstrom in seattle washington as was originally a shoe retailer. They have many stores nationwide and even in canada. In 2012 it was the largest retail store in america with making the most revenue.
Nordstrom is a fashion specialty chain with global reach and offers an unparalled selection of shoes, clothing and accessories.
I know Nordstrom started off as a shoe store in 1901 and is now the leader in fashion specialty retail.
Nordstrom is a very high end department store that was founded in 1887 by John W Nordstrom who was from Sweden. Nordstrom currently operates 323 stores in 39 states and Canada with 121 full line stores in the US and Canada, 194 Norstrom rack stores, 2 Jeffrey boutiques and 1 clearance store. The company owns the Trunk Club and it's 5 clubhouses. It plans to open 3 new full-line stores in 2016, it's first Manhattan store in 2018, and expects a total of 300 racks by 2020.
Nordstrom was a small shoe store in Seattle and from there it has achieved so much. It has provided best of best brands available under on roof from jewelry to clothing to shoes to home.
Nordstrom was found by John Nordstrom and the first or headquarters was in Seattle. Nordstrom first started off as a shoe retailer then later expanded to clothing jewelry and wedding attire.
There known for great customer service and fast pace environment, trendy savvy and only place I would work for in cosmetics.
I know that nordstrom began about 100 years ago and they are definitely fashion focused but want to show the customer how to possess style meanwhile giving the customer oustanding service. As the customer evolves so does Nordstrom.
Nordstrom has great customer service, they pride their self in it. Its is one of the top department stores.
Customer first company and Fortune 500 top best company.
I know that this company really focuses on customer service.
I know that Nordstrom is a great company that treats its employees and clients the best possible way.
I know a bit of history about it, that it did start in Seattle and became a large shoe repair shop in the 1960s, and from there became a high volume fashion store in the late 1970s and then growing it income is now found all over the US and with many joined companies along with it. Its a Company with a long great history and that is always considered a High Standard Store.
I know that it was opened in seattle in 1901 and was originally called wallin and nordstrom. Now they have nordstrom nordstrom rack and hautelookk. Com. The nordstrom company is growing signifficantly and exprecting to open 300 nordstrom rack stores by 2020 and a manhattan store by 2018
I know that Nordstrom was founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl Wallin in 1901 and it started as a small shoe store. It then branched out to womens fashion and has become one of the top retailers in the US, located in 38 states with global reach. I know that last year in 2014, Norstrom opened a full line store in Canada. Nordstrom which means the company is now international!
Nordstrom is a high end fashion store that takes proud in excellent treatment of customers and employees.
Nordstrom started out as a little shoe shop in Seattle, and presently itís one of the largest upscale department stores across North America. Its been consistently named one of the top employers by Fortune magazine for its outstanding customer service. So recently, Nordstrom released a texting app which allows customers to shop simply by texting, which goes by the name of TextStyle I believe. Personally I think its a great idea because its so convenient. The company can also reach out to more potential customers who donít have time to shop instores, or even online. People can now purchase stuff where ever they are.
I know nordstrom puts customers first.
Nordstrom started out as a little shoe shop in Seattle, and presently itís one of the largest upscale department stores across North America. Its been consistently named one of the top employers by Fortune magazine for its outstanding customer service. So recently, Nordstrom released a texting app which allows customers to shop simply by texting, which goes by the name of TextStyle I believe. Personally I think its a great idea because its so convenient. The company can also reach out to more potential customers who donít have time to shop instores, or even online. People can now purchase stuff where ever they are.
I know and respect that Nordstrom's first primary concern is their customers. Between the customers shopping experience and the quality and value of clothing, shoes and accessories offered to the customer, Nordstrom is committed to exceeding shopping expectations. I feel like a company that has been around for more than 100 years proves that when you're loyal to your customers you will succeed.
1901 shoe store by John W Nordstrom, later expanded to apparel, accessories, hangbags, hard goods, fragrance, and cosmetics. 117 full line stores 151 racks.
Nordstrom is known for providing outstanding customer service, every day, one customer at a time. The culture of the company is very close-knit and resembles that of a family - all employees share one common goal of making customers feel good.
The company is very diverse and a comfortable setting that offers many trends to the people. One of the first apparel was in-fact woman. I know the company offers a variety of jobs and even take part in college internships for students.
It has been around for more than 100 years and is always first in my opinion with the latest trends. They help their customers have style not just fashion.
Specialty retail store ranked top 100 companies to work for in Fortune 2010 and 2012
High end dept store and first started as a shoe store and went into retail.
Nordstrom started as a shoe company in 1901.
I know that Nordstrom focuses centrally on customer service, which I agree with. Nordstrom has been in business since 1901 and has been growing ever since.
Number one in costumer service.Best environment.
Yes. I know that Nordstrom has been in business for over 100 years. It a successful specialty retail store that provides excellent customer service.
It's very high end store . Latest styles and fashions they carry.
Best customer service. Best retail store to work with.
That they are all about stayed ahead of the latest trends.
Nordstrom is a major company that has been running for 100 years now. It is a big company with the top brands and best fashion.
Nordstrom emphasizes on their ability to provide sophisticated style and up-to-date trends for so many individuals and their personal preferences. Also, with Nordstrom Rack and Last Chance stores, these styles can be bought at a discounted rate, which is great for college students like me who care about the clothes they wear, and are looking for the best deal they can get without compromising on quality.
Aside from it being one of the biggest luxury retailers, I know that the company started off as a shoe store. When reading up on the history I thought it was very interesting and inspiring to know that the founder was able to make his investment through gold mining. I know that over the years the company has grown to what it is now and that it will continue to grow.
Variety of designers and price ranges, has something for everyone in the family, good quality.
I know that nordstrom is a great company that cares about.
I know and see all the amazing different industries you apply and think its an incredible thing to be apart of. I understand you are very big on customer service, which I believe is a very big characteristic to have within a company. The customer comes first in my eyes and I see that not many other companies treat there customer like this.
Nordstrom was founded by John W. Nordstrom, originally specializing in shoes.
Nordstrom is a company that is known for its exceptional customer service and it's upscale up-to-date fashion.
I am familiar with its history and culture. Mr. Nordstrom was an immigrant from Sweden and began a shoe business in downtown seattle. To this day his family still has part in the business. He believed in quality products and the experience that customers had in his store.
That the restaurant division is a rapidly growing part of the business. With 9 restaurants and 3 beverage bars, and more on the way, it is an exciting venture. It is ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for. The dedication to serving local, organic, hormone free produce and hydrogenated free breads is an exciting movement in the restaurant industry, bringing the best available product to the customer.
It helps employees promote from within, thus indicating they value lower level employees equally as top level managers.
I know that Nordstrom specializes in customer service and finding products that truly make the customer happy.
Began as a shoe retailer and has since expanded. Its expansion into Canada I believe brings 6 new stores to the Canadian base.
I know that Nordstroms has the best return policy within any retail store.
They sell great brands always on top of trends.
The company is known for excellent customer service, return policy and clothing selection.
A fashion retailer for men, women and kids.
Nordstrom are one of nation leading retailers, with over 200 stores in uniteds state. Their fashion are with men, women and kids, shoes and accessories.
I know it has a very classy selection of clothing and holds great quality,
Top 100 company to work for and offers the best value, service and quality.
Top Fortune 100 company to work for.
Why do you wanna work for nordstrom?
Only comissions.
It was opened in 1901
I know they were listed as fortunes top 100 companies to work for. They pride themselves on excellent customer service. They promote from within.
Nordstrom is all about the customer. Through experience in stores I can tell the employees always strive to keep the customers happy. I also know that Nordstrom has many opportunities to grow within the company and higher within.
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