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What do you know about working in retail?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you understand the industry of Lowe's company. Think about your experiences in retail stores. What have you observed? What types of things are the employees working on? You might mention that customer service is very important to keep your members coming back to your store. You might share that organization/tidiness is necessary to keep the store visually appealing. You might discuss that there are many moving pieces such as merchandise being ordered, new displays being built, stocking merchandise every day, cashiering, ensuring lines are not too long, member service, sales analysis, and general operations. Be prepared to discuss 5 or 6 things that you have recognized about the retail setup.

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What do you know about working in retail?
Customer service comes first and foremost.
Alot of product knowledge and customer focus.
I know it takes an outgoing personality and a strong ability to listen to and balance company needs with customer needs.
I know that it takes a whole lot of patience.
Customer is always first. Happy customers are repeat customers.
I know how to sell merchandise, I know how to give the best customer service to my customers as well as my.
I know how to cut keys mix paint cut mini blinds, and very good product knowledge of plant and garden products in general.
I know that working in retail one have ot give exceptional customer service, by recpecting the customers needs and time.
Customers come first. They are the reason for me having a job.
Retails is all about sales and making the customer happy.
Working in retail requires excellent interpersonal skills, effective time management, cash handling, the ability to handle pressure and problem solving make for a successful retail experience.
I know that taking care of the customer is the most important thing. And in retail good customer service comes in lots of forms. From your every day interactions with people to simply making sure that the products they want are available for them to buy.
I have worked in retail for over 10 years, so I have seen almost anything and everything.
A lot I have been doing this type of work for years and in order to stay in this type of business you need to be a people person and willing to go the extra mile for that customer.
I know that we have to make sure the customre is satisfied.
The customer drives retail. Each action has to be motivated by capturing and keeping the customer. You must now your products to be engine to the customer. Insincerity about your base knowledge of so etching comes through pretty esily.
You do everything you can to serve the customers.You want them to come back.
It can be pretty simple. Help the customers, keep the shopping space clean and full. Be kind and helpful.
I know the customer is everything and if you dont keep them happy and coming back then you will fail.
I know quite a bit about working in retail..Ive worked in retail all my life.
A lot of every aspect. That there are margins for profit that are necessary to cover expenses and overhead.
I know that its all about the customer and making sure they have the best most satisfying experience at your store.
I have worked in retail for 20 years and I know what kind of service our customers expect from us.
Working in retail it is our job to put the customer first and they say the "customer is always right", for a reason because they need to feel valued so they want to come back to us and help our company thrive and meet its goals and budgets.
I know that customer service has a big role in retail and if you have good customer service you should have good business. The customer is the number one priority and the customer is always right.
I have been in retail for 11 years prior to coming to Lowes. Insurance agent.
I have been in retail in some form for many yrs making sure you have merchandise on your shelves and your customers are always smiling.
You need strong customer service skills and patience. Necessary to know the products and their applications.
I know that it is important to be customer focused and friendly.
Schedules. Target sales. Customer service. Floor presentation. Merchandise orders.
Retail is about careing for the customer and thier needs . Offering the best product at the lowest price . Make sur the customer always leaves happy and that they well come to us first for thier needs.
Customers come first and providing them with good customer service is key to keeping them coming back.
I have worked retail the last 3 years I know that if we can make a great first impression we can have a lifelong customer.
You have to let things roll of your back and take things with salt but learn from situations and keep moving.
I know that customer service is the top priority. I know that the store should look clean and organized at all times. Shrink and inventory control are very important.
Customer service is top priority. Shrink is key key factor when it comes to profitability as is inventory control to avoid false overages and missing product. Also zone recovery is very important because it ultimately reflects the store and how it is operating on a daily basis.
I know that retail is about the customer having a safe positive experience. cleanliness and organized environment.
I know that customer service is key because the customer is the one who ultimately pays the bills. I know that being able to work as a team and to be able to handle the department alone are also essentials to working retail. Sometimes there are long hours.
I have worked customer service and retail environment for 15 years.
I know working in retail the most important thing is customer service without customers we have no sells.
I know that all customers are different. No 2 customers are alike. Everyone has to be treated like an individual. When you treat customers like individuals, they wont feel like a number. That is good customer service. That is what keeps customers coming back.
What I have learned at Lowes.Stocking products and servicing customers.
Communication and EmpathizING with the customer, and providing a proper solution.
I worked as a cashier in Walmart so I know about dealing with customers and how to handle transactions and money.
Satisfied customers will referred us to friends and family, and we can achieve companies goals.
Retail is about customer service, with customer satisfaction comes repeat business and positive word of mouth advertising.
I have nearly 20 years of retail experience both in management and on the sale floor. Retail work includes selling skills, product knowledge, customer service skills, working as a team with fellow associates, time management skills, merchandising, loss prevention strategies, knowledge of financial trends, gross margin and bottom line profits.
Honestly I dont know alot about retail . But what I do know is hta I am a easy learner and I will be able to use my people skills to help any customer to find what they are looking for and leave lowes with satisfactory experience.
It is hard and fun all in one. You have to keep the customer in mind on what they are working on and also get along with your coworkers and if you have happy coworkers they help the customer better and customer loves a happy place to come too and know they will be taken care of so they return and with that you have better sales and happy people all around.
I know that retail is an industry where the you must know every detail about each product sold in the establishment.
I have worked in retail for thirty years. The customer is not always right but you treat them like they are. Listen to the customer that goes a long way.
I have worked in retail on and off for 32 years. Customer service is top priority !
Customer support helping find the item they need and sale them to them.
The customer is the most important part. If we do not have customers, our business cannot exist. In order to keep customers happy, we may have to sacrifice our own happiness to meet their demands. Some customers may be difficult, and there are times when we cannot keep them happy because they are too demanding or wish to take advantage of the business. The best we can do is remain calm and polite and attempt to solve the issue within our ability.
I have worked in the retail environment happily for several years.
I know the most valuable thing is to have customers satisfied.
I know that when working in retail the customer always come first. I also know that Customer Service is always the most important task in a retail position.
Customer service, merchandising, selling,
Patience, knowledge, choivces, upsaling, satisfied.
I worked at your competitor Home Depot. Making certain the customer leaves the store satisfied is the main goal.
I know customer service is not only key it is essential. Customers come first, tasking second.
It is a very un appreciated job. with that being said it can become very fulfilling if customers come to relie on your knowledge and your I will take care of you attitude.
I have worked in retail for total around 13 years so I have a good Idea of how it works.
I worked in retail in High School and I understand customer service and know how to talk to people and assisting them in their needs.
I know that it is all about customer service and making sure the customer gets the best experience possible.
I know it can be a very tough, but rewarding job. I know there are opportunities to show our customers about all we have to offer in the way of financing, installation professionals, and extended protection plans.
Working in retail is not a headace working in retail you must have to know what you are doing and know what you getting your self into, you have to be all about the customers and your store you have to be able to stay positive and keep a smile because retail is alot to deal with like money, registers, managers, co workers and everything that comes with the package you have to be able to keep up with the retail business.
Working in retail is all about listening to and understanding your customers need.
I know that you can generally find and satisfy a customers needs.
Retail is all about keeping track of inventory, and keeping customers happy and loyal.
Customer first and knowing the bussiness.
I have worked in multiple retail environments and I know that customer satisfaction and the safety of the customers, coworkers and others are the two most important things.
The best customer service, sell products as the best on the market.

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