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At Korn Ferry, we look to hire those who will be a long term fit. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Korn Ferry Interview Questions

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    At Korn Ferry, we look to hire those who will be a long term fit. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

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    If you came to work for Korn Ferry, an expectation of the job would be facilitating training for staff with our clients. What do you feel are the keys to being an effective trainer?

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    An often difficult part about working for Korn Ferry and our clients is the need to be fluent and adaptable to the cultures of our clients. Why would you say that you'd be able to handle this aspect of the job with ease?

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    Change management is an important aspect of consulting our clients here at Korn Ferry. Have you participated in a change management process during your career?

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    Do you have any experience in succession planning? If so, in what areas do you have specific experience?

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    Have you ever experienced a time when a person or group were disruptive during a training session? If so, how did you handle that situation?

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    At Korn Ferry, you will have the opportunity to work with high level executives and leaders from the companies we contract with. What experience do you have in working with people at these levels?

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    What do you see as a potential hurdle you would have to overcome to be able to work with groups of high level leaders at our clients on their team development?

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    In this role with Korn Ferry, you will be asked to work with businesses across different industries. How would you go about best assessing training needs at an unfamiliar organization or industry?

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    Talk about a time you had to work with a very difficult person. What was the situation and how did you handle it?

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    What do you think is the key quality for a great business leader and how would you promote and educate this quality with our clients here at Korn Ferry?

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    Being successful in the consulting industry requires adaptability and the ability to learn a business fast. What would be your approach to help you learn the ins and outs of a new client?

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    This role will put you face to face with leaders of our clients and have you coaching them on how to coach performance related issues. What insight will you bring to the area of performance evaluation and development?

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    When a problem arises, what is your first reaction?

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    In what ways would our clients here at Korn Ferry benefit from your knowledge and services?

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    Working with our clients here at Korn Ferry often involves some initial conflict with our clients. How would you rate your ability to handle conflict or disagreements in the workplace?

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    When we work with our clients here at Korn Ferry, an important part of receiving buy-in from them is attained through business diagrams and charts. What experience do you have in creating and presenting business diagrams and charts?

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    What knowledge do you have of differing leadership styles and how would you work effectively with each in this role?

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    In our world here at Korn Ferry, our clients rely on real world analytical data versus assumptions and guesswork. What analytical skills would you bring to the table here for our clients?

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    Talk about a time you had to use conflict resolution skills in a business setting. What was the situation and the outcome and how did you positively influence that outcome?

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    Would you say that you are a goal oriented person on the job? Why would you say that?

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    If hired for this role, what team building skills and techniques would you be able to bring to our clients here at Korn Ferry?

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    A key component to success here at Korn Ferry is building solid relationships with new clients. How do you effectively get to know new people and lay the groundwork for a long lasting relationship?

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    Do you have any experience in 1:1 coaching of business leaders? If given the opportunity to coach leaders as a consultant here at Korn Ferry, what skills would you bring to the table?

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    Let's say you were working with a client that was facing a decision of cutting production to limit risk in their market. What would be some of the steps you would take to help them analyze their situation?

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    Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.

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    Talk about a time that you successfully educated another individual or group in your area of expertise. What made your educational experience effective?

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    With your experience as a Human Resources professional, do you have any niche areas of the field that you'd be most interested in providing consultative services in?