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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Costco interview

Start off by telling the interviewer that you are typically an organized person and achieve everything on time. Share how you usually organize your work. You might share that you keep a to-do list of all the objectives that you must complete, keep your electronic calendar up-to-date, and that you spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your day reviewing your calendar for the day as well as prioritizing your to-do list for that day. Next, share about a time when you failed to get an assigned task done on time due to something outside of your control. Perhaps you were sick, an emergency arose, or someone else called in sick for the day changing your priorities. Share how you prioritized your time with the goal of achieving the deadline, and share why you were not able to achieve it on time. Finally, be sure to wrap it up by re-iterating that you are usually a deadline driven person, and you almost always complete everything on time.

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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?
I need more time I can handel eaverything.
Complete the task based on its urgency. Not having enough time to complete a task is not an excuse.
I organized the tasks from hardest to easiest and made sure to still take my time so that the work is completed good and correctly the first time.
Propritizing and time management is very important in the customer service indusrty weather it is a customer in front of me or on the phone I will take prioity of sale.
I looked at all tasks assigned and first completed those with definite deadlines and completed those first. Next I completed the tasks that would bring in the most sales while keeping the store looking presentable for shopping and the tasks I couldn't complete I would ask for help from a co-worker or finish on my next shift assuming the task could be left until then.
I prioritized my tasks by urgency and importance. I am great at organizing my time so I would dedicate time slots in my head for each job and make sure each job was done right and the most important jobs done first.
I worked on high priority ones first and asked for help and delegated so that they would be completed.
I stocked sale items first.
I accept that I probably cannot finish everything but I make a mental list. What needs to be done first? Most important. And go from there.
I had to take care of my department as well as 2 others, I focused on getting all of my freight put up first.. Then using the rest of my time to organize the areas.
Look at what was to be done ASAP and start there what info do everyone else need from to do there job.
Christmas with 3 departments, made of list, ad items and end caps first, review stock order, fill.
I always prioritize work based on when the provided task needs to be in effect accordingly sort it out and completes them.
When I was in the middle of a rush I ran out of supplies to create what was continuously being ordered. So I completed the rest of the order so I could run back and get the supplies I needed to restock as quickly as possible.
Do what ever I can to finish if not let the manager know he can call other to finish it for me.
I make sure to get the highest priority done first then go back and do the rest and ask for help if need be.
Customer was in the reception, the phone was ringing a delivery arrived. I explained to the customer that I would get help.
I focused and worked on high priority tasks first and ask for help if needed to get the job done correctly.
I made sure to get the most important and time sensitive tasks done first. Then I would get help on others, if help was available. If things could be left to do the next day, then I would do that. I always do my best to get tasks done as soon as possible.
By completing the most important job first and ask for some help if you are getting too far behind.
By doing tasks in order of importance and if I notice I wont have enough time to finish ask another staff member who can help you.
In the fast phased environment, time is always crucial. I prioritize my tasks by order of importance and I always ask my co-workers to get a confirmation that what I am doing is the the right thing to do.
I would first let the supervisor know that I would not be able to complete the task at hand and I would get as done as possible. I would request the help of another employee if possible, complete the most important, quicker tasks first.
I alway to plan ahead. I take a look at all the task and put them in order according to deadlines. It is important to set goals and expectations for yourself each day.
Whatever task was most important I finished first and all other tasks asked for help or delegated them to others.
Went through the list of task and then listed most important to least.
Prioritize my time, set little goals and try my best accomplish the task.
Well first, I determined which tasks were the most important. Then I created a plan of how to complete those tasks.
I prioritized with importance and urgency. We usually need to finish the orders that came in first.
When I was running late to help a client, I made my lunch break shorter to better serve the client.
I was given a group of students and they had to complete a writing assingment that was a challenge for them. I looked at the materials and asked the students what they liked about it and used the infromation to encourage them. To give them examples on what would work as well as assist them in the task. To remind them of the time frame and keep them focused.
School project I had short time to finish it bye and I started from easy questions to hard and got it done in time.
Well what I would do is prioritize each work in my head and complete the work that is most important.
I was a cashier, a barista in our cafe, some days I was stationed at our customer service desk.
I close one registar, I eas putting some prises on some items and rest of work was for tomorow.
I made a decision to go and complete tasks that are of higher priority first and if I had time to spare I would then proceed to finishing the other tasks. If anything I would always ask for help if I needed it.
At my old job I had to take out the merchandize and make a move in my department as well as help cashier when needed. Customers always came first and then I did the move and the next day I finished by merchandizing.
Urgent activities first. What is the most important thing.
At dd she would always leave me a list of what had to get done. It depended on the day, if it was busy or not. Some things were just to fill time, other actual needed to get done. Some things had to go on a cake for the next day, or batter had to be made so she could make cupcakes in the am.
I prioritize by getting the most urgent tasks done first, then the tasks that can be done later at a different time. A specific experience I had was when I was volunteering at a graduation ceremony. Several people were giving me tasks to do before the ceremony started. But due to the time limit, there was not enough time to complete all tasks before we began. I chose to do the most vital tasks first, like labeling the rows where the graduates would sit, and I saved some of the decoration hanging for later. In this situation I found that doing the tasks that would most benefit the event first would prove to be most important.
I prioritize the one that needs done first and then second and so forth.
Start with the one that needed to be done first, then second and then so forth to the least one.
I prioritized them by which tasks needed to be done first and by importance.
What tasks have the biggest impacts and which ones are closest to the deadline.
I would prioritize the most important task first but also ask for help from my team who I can rely on and not be selfish to finish the tasks alone.
The most important and urgent one first.
I was at a conference out of town and we were getting ready to launch the, much delayed, B2C website. Testing still needed to get done and the launch was imenant. Working through the evening activities and meal was not getting it done so I requested help and skipped a couple of the less critical sessions.
All assigned tasks are important, however, I would complete the more difficult and time consuming tasks first so that the next shift will only have smaller tasks to complete.
Many times this would happen to me at school. I would have multiple assignments and tests in the same week, or even the same day. In order to prioritize I had to decided which was most important, depending on my grade in the class, which assignment would take me the longest, or which test or assignment was due first. From there I could decided what I needed to do first.
I evaluated which tasks were the most important regarding and when they needed to be completed.
I evaluated which were the most important and time sensative.
Prioritize the most important ones first.
I stayed at work until I finished.
Started with the job that had the closest time restraint and importance and move down from there.
Try to b e fast prioritize task to completed i have to be put my full Efort to comp.
Yes, I tried to get as much done as possible and even stayed passed my time to finish my work.
By doing the most important task with the highest payoff first.
I just did what I felt required more attention first.
My last art project was really rushed however rather than stress out and not complete the assignment, I made my project a smaller scale and prioritized mt time in order to complete what I could as best as I could.
I prioritized the more urgent tasks with more immediate deadlines. Those are the ones with the most at stake.
The hardest task firsts, the easiest ones last; the jobs that would take the most energy would need to be completed first.
One thing about me is that I am a very organized person, which means I have a plan for almost all predictable situations. I would determine either by myself if it was a solo task or my coworkers what task has the most crucial significance at hand, then work our way down to the least significant task.
Made it the first task I would take care of the day after.
Well, there was a time at school where I had a chem test, chem assignment and math test all on the same day... First I did.
Preparing tomorrow job first.
Did the most important thing first.
I remember one time I had a full day with dr. And 16 people scheduled and inventory to be done. I made sure all items were pre counted and tagged properly and looked up all customers ins. Information prior in order to have a smooth day.
I always make sure I complete all tasks. I work fast and accurately.
I try to do as much as I can then stay on task.
I always put the member first then try to complete the rest.
I always make sure that I have to complete all assigned task in time.
I prioritized all the small tasks first so that it allow to focus on a bigger task, which then was broken down into smaller segments.
I make a list. I work out what order to do things in by thinking about which tasks are urgent and how important each task is. If I’m not sure what’s urgent and what isn’t, or how important different tasks are, I find out. If I’m given a new task I add it to the list and decide when to do it, so I adapt the order in which I do things as necessary.’
Prep up certain routine tasks earlier to then concentrate on the ones that were more pressing later.
In school, finals testing week, there was a lot of studying to be done for every class. But they only gave you three days to study. So I started with the classes I knew well and felt more confident in, hoping, by getting that done I would have granted myself more time to study the classes I had trouble in.
With my current job I usually work in the mornings and my main task to complete is replening the accessories and I tend to start with the highest selling items and work my way down from that. On this past shipment, we got in a lot of new flow and I had to focus my energy into putting that merchandise out before I could replen other accessories because that was the most important task that had to be done during my shift.
I prioritized by doing the most important task first and then doing the other task secondary.
I put each task in order by importance and work down the list.
Did the mist important task, or related to the members.
One night I closed an was given a list of duties.
I prioritzed them by the urgency of the tasks.
For me scheduling, ordering cash and coaching which three very important. But you look at what need to be done now and what can wait. Or I would stay to make sure everything done before I leave.
We had about two hours before closing and I put out all the sale items for the ad first and then with the time remaining I recruited another employee to help with stock after I helped another employee with their stock and wewere able to complete.
Organize tasks and figure out steps of tasks number them by importance of them and start with what needs to b done first and so on.
In my previous jobs where I worked in the administrative department I always prioritize my task depending upon how the needs as presented .
Stayed on my initial track and worked as hard as possible.
Important task first then least important soon after.
At university there are often periods with extremely high work loads and dead lines, to prioritize means identifying those tasks that were essential (had the highest value in terms of marks), and those that had the shortest deadlines.
I choose what needed to be done according to the time allowed. Some things can wait, others, can not.
I always tried to do all my assignment because if I do not, I will be at ease. I will also feel disappointed by my self.
I clocked out and finish the project.
Customer service is top priority so complete that first then move on to other tasks.
Customer service is top priority so complete that first then move on to other task.
I had to take a math final earlier than plan so I had to finish a lot of homework before then so what I did was I did the majority of the problems assigned instead of all of them.
Have an action plan, make lists and try to prioritize them in order of urgency, asked for help or to see if I can have some extra time to complete the tasks.
When the company bookkeeper was out of the office due to a health situation I had to prioritize the most important financial tasks and therefore asking help from my team with the apartment showings, and other tasks of lesser priority, in addition working one day out of the weekend to accommodate and follow up with resident issues.
Inventory would be that time. We had to close to do inventory, and we were to close for 4 days. Because we sold more greeting cards, bookmarks and little items like that we did those first, working our way to the items that sold infrequently. We opened on time and completed our stock taking after we opened. It worked very well.
I prioritized by urgency and importance. I knew how much time each task took and did the important one first and if I know I wouldn't get it done I would ask a co worker for help,
I prioritize my task by urgency and importance. Being origanized enable me to do the important one first and if I notice I wasn't able to finish ask co worker to help.
I worked as hard as I could to finish what I needed to get done, and would have to save the rest of the assigned task for the following day.
Whenever I didn't have enough time to complete all my tasks I would just inform the person coming in for me when my shift was over about it.

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