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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I prioritized the more urgent tasks with more immediate deadlines. Those are the ones with the most at stake.
I looked at all tasks assigned and first completed those with definite deadlines and completed those first. Next I completed the tasks that would bring in the most sales while keeping the store looking presentable for shopping and the tasks I couldn't complete I would ask for help from a co-worker or finish on my next shift assuming the task could be left until then.
By doing tasks in order of importance and if I notice I wont have enough time to finish ask another staff member who can help you.
I need more time i can handel eaverything.
I always prioritize work based on when the provided task needs to be in effect accordingly sort it out and completes them.
I organized the tasks from hardest to easiest and made sure to still take my time so that the work is completed good and correctly the first time.
I worked on high priority ones first and asked for help and delegated so that they would be completed.
Complete the task based on its urgency. Not having enough time to complete a task is not an excuse.
I prioritized my tasks by urgency and importance. I am great at organizing my time so I would dedicate time slots in my head for each job and make sure each job was done right and the most important jobs done first.
Propritizing and time management is very important in the customer service indusrty weather it is a customer in front of me or on the phone i will take prioity of sale.