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Question 22 of 35

Why do you want to work for American Express?

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Advice and Examples: Why do you want to work for American Express? For an American Express Interview Question.

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    Why do you want to work for American Express?

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      You may have done a great job of customizing your resume and cover letter to each and every submission. However, just because you know how to market yourself doesn't mean you're a good fit. They need to know if they are the right company for you, or a means to an end. They want an employee who has the skillsets for the position, similar core values to their company or mission statement, and a personality match for the culture of their brand and their team. They are looking to build a relationship. They need to know if you're looking for the same, versus just looking for a job.

      How to Answer

      We cannot stress enough the importance of doing your homework. Researching the company online will help uncover what employees are saying as well as their reputation. Discuss what impressed you. Integrity, respect, and quality are among a list of values you can find on their website's careers page. They care about their employees and their personal goals. It helps to talk about how much you want to grow personally and professionally and to identify precisely how the company will help you achieve your goals. Researching the company's values will help you tap into their universal appeal!

      The Goal

      American Express wants individuals who strive for success and also those who are motivated and goal-oriented. They also want people who are impressed with what the company has to offer. American Express is recognized as one of the best multinational places to work, which means you have a fantastic opportunity in front of you!

      Elisabeth's Answer

      "I want to work for American Express because you are the undeniable giant and leader in the financial world. AmEx is a billion-dollar business, and there are endless skills that I will gain from a career here, not to mention the notable reputation you have for building your staff to be the best of the best in the multinational financial services industry."

      Kevin's Answer

      "I took a look at the website, at the company's core values and mission statements, and so many of the points there resonated with me. Integrity and respect are also my core values. I am very goal-oriented, and it's my goal to work at a company that would value these traits in me. Job hunting is a numbers game. But I'm not just looking for any job. The culture of a brand is important to me. Wherever I end up working, I want everyone, and myself, to be happy that I'm there, and that takes ensuring it's a good fit. It's why we're both here, having this interview right now. I wouldn't be here if I didn't feel like it was a good fit."