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Top 15 Archivist Interview Questions
1. How do you stay focused while completing tedious tasks?
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List of Archivist Interview Questions
  1. How do you stay focused while completing tedious tasks?
  2. What about being an Archivist excites you, and what originally attracted you to this career?
  3. How well are you able to write descriptions on records? Do you enjoy doing this, and if so why?
  4. Walk me through your typical research style.
  5. Tell me about your organizational skills in a work environment.
  6. Have you ever misplaced documents? If so, what did you do?
  7. What types of record management are you most familiar with?
  8. Tell me about the most challenging work you have done in the past.
  9. What type of archival work are you most familiar with?
  10. Why is this profession important for society?
  11. If you could not be an Archivist, what other career path would you choose?
  12. As part of your duties, you may be required to lift heavy objects. Do you have any physical restrictions?
  13. Tell me about your post-secondary education and how you feel it prepared you for this position.
  14. Are you interested in obtaining a Masters' degree in Archival Sciences?
  15. Do you have any volunteer experience relevant to this position?
  16. Tell me about your technical skills, and the programs in which you are proficient.
  17. Archivists have a good variety of career options. If you could choose, would you best like to work for a museum, school, government agency or private organization?
  18. There are many mediums which need to be archived. Out of the following, which are your top three in terms of archival preferences? i) sound recordings; ii) videos; iii) documents; iv) photographs; v) films; and vi) electronic data.
  19. What part of being an Archivist do you enjoy the most?
  20. Tell me about a time when you incorrectly appraised a document. How did this come to your attention and how were you able to correct this?
  21. What eras of history do you enjoy studying the most?
  22. Why did you apply to our job posting and why do you wish to work for us?
  23. How well do you understand, or have knowledge of, the artifacts and records that our institution collects?
  24. What would your previous supervisor say about your archival skills?
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Archivist Information
May 27th, 2017

Archivists assemble, catalog, and preserve valuable collections of information that have historical value. They spend a major part of their work day selecting, assessing, and arranging materials, preserving perishable documents, retrieving misplaced or lost documents, and making the archives accessible to users. Archivists are typically employed to work in higher educational facilities, libraries, local and central government, museums, and specialist repositories such as the Public Record Office.
Anyone wishing to pursue a career as an archivist must complete an ARA accredited postgraduate diploma after obtaining a bachelor's degree in any discipline. Excellent organizational, administrative and communications skills are essential attributes for this role. Archivists must also be methodical and logical, with excellent computer skills.
Interviewers will be most interested in knowing why you chose this particular career. They will also want to know if you have done an internship or had any first-hand work experience. You will most likely have to undergo a period of on the job training to learn more about the procedures and processes of that particular facility. Make sure all of your replies emphasize your interest and knowledge of the role. Going through commonly asked questions and practicing how to answer them will help you build your confidence before the interview. You can find these questions and answers listed at Mock Questions.
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