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Data Scientist Interview

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What statistical software programs do you have experience using in past positions in this field? Which one do have you the most experience with or feel the most confident using?
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What programming languages do you have experience using? Of these, which do you have the most experience with? Which do you have the least experience with?
Question 3 of 16
To be a successful Data Scientist, many in the industry believe it is important to keep up-to-date on the newest technologies and methodologies. What new data-related technology/methodology have you heard of that you wish you could learn more about?
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The work of a Data Scientist can have a large impact on the strategy, and ultimately success, of a business. Is there a time you felt your work as a Data Scientist had a profound impact on strategy development? Explain your role and contribution.
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When your job requires you to be immersed in data, you can discover some interesting patterns or trends. What is the most interesting learning you discovered through the mining/exploration of data?
Question 6 of 16
Describe to me a data project you worked on in the past that you would do differently with the knowledge/experience you have acquired up to this point and/or new technology that was not available at the original time of the project.
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What data visualization tools do you have experience using? Which one is your favorite to use and why?
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Describe a time when you had to present findings/recommendations to a non-technical audience (very little or no background in data or databases). What strategies did you use to ensure that the audience did not get confused and clearly understood the messa
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Describe to me your experience with machine learning methods. Is there a particular method you have more experience with than others?
Question 10 of 16
In your past positions, have you had experience contributing to the improvement of data analysis processes, database management, data infrastructure, or anything along those lines? If so, please explain your contributions.
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Data visualization is an important skill that will be used often when communicating results with stakeholders. Describe to me one of your most innovative data visualization ideas that went beyond pie and bar charts.
Question 12 of 16
What experience do you have conducting text analytics?Describe a project you worked on that required text analytics.
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How have past positions unrelated to data analysis helped you in your current profession as a Data Scientist?
Question 14 of 16
Many companies rely on Data Scientists to tell them what analysis is possible with the data available. Talk about a time when you took the initiative to recommend a new business measure for the company to track.
Question 15 of 16
Describe a project where you had a surprisingly difficult time dealing with unstructured data. How did you overcome the obstacles and what tools did you use?
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Data Scientists do a lot of exploring and testing of hypotheses. Tell me about a time where you were given freedom to explore a business problem with very few parameters. What was your initial approach in attacking this project?

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