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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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What are some of the animals you've worked with in the past?
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Yes, its sad but my maternal instincts kick in and all I want to do is nurture it and make it feel better.
Though it is always difficult to see an animal in pain, my purpose is to stay calm, assess the situation, and help in any way possible. In order to help you must remain composed and focused on the situation at hand.
Yes I have seen a lot of animals in pain.
Yes, it is part of the job. I of course would do my best to work with doctors and other staff to alleviate that pain if possible.
I have seen animals in discomfort and pain before. I was the one who found my horse one afternoon after she had been rolling in the dirt and rocks for clearly a long time and had cuts and raw spots all over her. I also held her when the vet put her down. It was hard considering she was my own animal, but I think I did a decent job holding my composure. At school we castrate the goats using the burdizzo which is painful for them.
Yes. I know it's tough, but that's part of my job. If I saw a patient was in a lot of pain I would alert a doctor and ask if we could provide the patient with some pain medications to make them more comfortable if they were going to stay in the hospital with us.
Yes, I think so, try my best to calm the animal and assist with the procedure requiring immediate action.
I have had some experience seeing animals in lots of pain, and I am also able to keep a blank face quite easily. The only times I normally react is if I am trying to be cautious or the animal is being aggressive.
Absolutely, this is an aspect of the job that is tough but I do need to stay strong for the client and focused on my job.
Yes..It is important to be calm so as not to evaluate the situation even more.
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