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Veterinary Assistant Interview

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How would your employer describe your past work?
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"Overall my boss was very pleased with my performance. My last job was working retail, staying late and working early morning and late night shifts. I kept a positive attitude in stressful situations and worked well with my team. I learned a lot about how to give a customer the best experience, and I think my boss would say that's where I showed the most improvement."

The more specific you can get, the better! Take some time to reflect on your most recent role, mistakes you made and how you learned from them. Showing improvement in your performance reveals how teachable you are and that you can grow and adapt to new work environments. If you weren't consistent in your work, explain why. Your future employer will want someone who is reliable not just in showing up to work on time, but also in the way they treat customers and complete jobs.
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Tell me about the different types of animals you have worked with in the past.
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Before you go down your list of furry and feathery friends, take a look at the website for the clinic. What types of animals do they specialize in? Even if you have worked with cows and chickens or other animals the clinic does not serve, you probably learned some valuable lessons and skills. Most vet clinics work with a range of animals that might include turtles, bunnies and birds. Each type of animal offers different challenges for a vet assistant. Since you will primarily be handling the animals to administer shots or treatments, show the interviewer how your experience will help you to be an asset to their clinic. Apply the skills you've learned from working with animals to show you are confident and capable of dealing with any kind of animal that comes through the door.
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Tell me about your animal training.
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You may have read books and articles or received formal dog training. Whatever the case may be, you want to share relevant training related to animal handling and training. If you received any training in a volunteer setting at an animal shelter or from your education, be sure to include it! When you talk about training or education, share what you learned and how it has been helpful. Training is not required to be a veterinary assistant, but there are several medical career schools that offer training. If you are considering formal training, be sure to check with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians to find a program that's right for you!
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How would you handle a situation that could cause you to be late for work?
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"I stay calm and composed when issues arise. I got rear ended one time on the way to work. I called my boss immediately and then called one of my co-workers to see if they could fill in for me for the first couple hours of my shift."

Proper planning will get you far, but sometimes life happens and you'll need a plan B. Think about some of the variables in your life that could affect your attendance at work. Sick children, traffic, car breakdowns... the list goes on. Most likely one of these issues has affected you before. How did you handle it? It may not be possible for everything to work out so smoothly, getting your shift covered or still making it to work on time. Your interviewer is looking to see that you are proactive and that you can handle the stress of unexpected situations that can arise.
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Tell me about some of the animals you have cared for in your life?
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Talk about your affinity for animals. As a vet assistant, you an animal lover experienced with pet sitting and caring for your own pets. Your relationship to the animals in your life tells a vet that you are compassionate. Think about setting up your example like this:

"I adopted my dog from the shelter. He was a rescue with severe anxiety. I spent the first six months training him and spending time to build a bond with him. Even though he had some bad behaviors, like peeing on the floor and destroying the house when I was gone, I learned that time and patience paid off. He is an awesome dog and I am so grateful to have him in my life."

Telling a brief story about a relationship with your pet is a great way to respond to this question. You could also talk about an animal you took care of for someone else. Talk about what you learned from the experience.
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