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Animal Control Workers Interview

33 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns

Updated August 17th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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Have you ever had pets in your personal care?
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How to Answer
The interviewer would like to know more about your personal experience when it comes to caring for pets. Talk about any pets that you may have had while growing up, and any pets that you care for now. Keep your answer brief but be sure to express enthusiasm for being a pet owner!

If you are not a pet owner, that is totally okay! Let the interviewer know this but still be sure to express your enthusiasm for animals.
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Top 30 Animal Control Workers Interview Questions with Full Content
Have you ever had pets in your personal care?
The interviewer would like to know more about your personal experience when it comes to caring for pets. Talk about any pets that you may have had while growing up, and any pets that you care for now. Keep your answer brief but be sure to express enthusiasm for being a pet owner!

If you are not a pet owner, that is totally okay! Let the interviewer know this but still be sure to express your enthusiasm for animals.

Rachelle's Answer
"My family always had a dog or two when I was growing up. It was my responsibility to feed and walk our family pet. At this time, I do not have any pets in my personal care. I work far too much to make it fair for any animal in my care. As an Animal Control worker, I am happy to spend my days caring for the precious pets of others!"
Why do you want a job in Animal Control?
Similar to the question on why you believe Animal Control to be an important profession - be ready to share with the interviewer your thoughts on why this is the profession for you. Perhaps you have a passion for the welfare of animals. Maybe you are interested in some form of law enforcement, but being a police officer is not for you. Whatever your reasoning may be, ensure that the interviewer knows that you have a passion for this career and that you plan to maintain this career path for the long term.

Rachelle's Answer
"I want to work for Animal Control because I believe it to be a very important function of law enforcement. My passion for helping animals made the choice an obvious one."
Being an Animal Control worker is often stressful. How do you handle high pressure situations?
As an Animal Control Worker, your days will always bring new challenges and stressful situations. The interviewer wants to know that you can take the heat! Talk to the interviewer about your ability to manage pressure in the workplace. Include any stress management techniques that you find helpful.

Rachelle's Answer
"I handle stress very well and when you call my references, they will attest to this fact. When I am under pressure on the job, I focus on the task at hand and make sure to not get distracted. Staying focused is very helpful and I will delegate when necessary to alleviate some stress."
What are your long term career goals in Animal Control?
Interviewing and on-boarding is a costly and time consuming process for any company and hiring manager. Assure the interviewer that you are seeking a long term fit and that you have a vested interest in a career within animal control.

Take a look at your career growth options. If any of these stand out to you, it's a great idea to specifically mention them to the interviewer. For instance, your expressed interest with internal advancement will solidify the fact that you are, indeed, seeking a long term fit with them.

Rachelle's Answer
"I am looking for a long-term fit within animal control. As you can see, I have an Undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences. My plan is to continue a career in Animal Control and eventually work my way into a leadership opportunity."
Do you have any experience with exotic animals, or wildlife?
Walk the interviewer through any exposure you may have had to exotic animals, and wildlife. You will preferably have a work related example to give; however, personal experience can be very valuable as well.

Rachelle's Answer
"The bulk of my experience has been with domestic animals such as cats and dogs. I do have some personal experience with exotic animals as I used to breed snakes. Also, I grew up on a ranch so I do have exposure to caring for large animals such as horses and cattle."
In your opinion, why is Animal Control an important profession?
The interviewer is looking for passion in your answer as they want to know that you believe your role as an Animal Control worker is an important one. Be prepared with some solid reasoning on why you understand this profession to be important.

Here are some reasons to get you started:

- Animal Control is responsible for the safety of others in the community.
- Because of Animal Control, rabies is now under control in the US and Canada.
- They enforce the laws the protect us from exposure to dangerous and/or diseased animals.
- Animal Control workers help animals who are lost, injured, or mistreated.
- Animal Control workers help facilitate the adoption of homeless pets.
- Animal Control officers will testify in court against an abusive pet owner.

Rachelle's Answer
"I take great pride in my work as an Animal Control worker. Every day I am able to facilitate the safety of innocent animals, as well as the general public. I am very proud of what I do."
Considering your background is in a focus different than Animal Control, what skills and characteristics do you have that qualify you for this position?
There are many ways that you can be a fit for a position, even though you do not come with direct industry experience. Think about the variety of skills that you have and how those can benefit another employer, despite the industry. These are your transferable skills and they can include things like dispute resolution skills, documentation skills, customer service experience, and even software skills.

Rachelle's Answer
"Although my background is not in Animal Control, I have worked with many clients who have been in your industry. I bring excellent transferable skills that qualify me for this position. These skills include my advanced abilities in dispute resolution, as well as my proven background in team leadership."
Why did you leave your last job?
The interviewer wants to know why you chose to move on. A great response would be to say, "I was ready to take on a new challenge," or "there was no room for growth in that position." It's always best to draw attention to what you are moving onto rather than focusing on what was wrong with what you left. It's understandable to want a new challenge or to desire to learn new things. So share what you're interested in getting out of this new opportunity! If you left involuntarily, explain why and be willing to admit fault. Show what you learned from the situation and how you want to prevent that issue from happening again.
Rachelle's Answer
"I was ready to take on a new challenge,"
Animal Control requires a great deal of patience most days. Do you consider yourself a patient person?
The interviewer would like to know if you consider yourself a patient individual. Impatience can cause a lot of stress and anxiety so it is really important that you are able to showcase your ability to remain patient and professional in workplace situations.

Patience is certainly a virtue, but can be difficult to maintain when it seems that situations continue to push your buttons. Show the interviewer that you posses the ability to keep your cool in challenging situations.

Rachelle's Answer
"I do consider myself a patient person. I would rate myself an 8 /10 for patience because I certainly have room to grow but I do have a very long fuse. If I need a boost of patience in a challenging situation I will take a step away, count to 10 and then return to the situation. I recently read a book, 'The Power of Patience' by M.J. Ryan which also gave me some great new methods for coping under stress."
How would your co-workers describe your attention to detail?
It is always best to support your reply with a real life example. Talk to the interviewer about your level of attentiveness when it comes to details on the job.

Rachelle's Answer
"My co-workers would describe my attention to detail as very strong. I can very easily point out spelling discrepancies in communication and will notice the small things. I think big-picture as well but have always had a knack for details."
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