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How do you maintain accurate patient records?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Technician interview

The challenge may not be your ability to maintain accurate records. It might just be balancing all of the other duties along with it. Talk about your attention to detail and ability to stay calm, even if the customer or their pet are not. You also want to be thorough, reviewing records to check for accuracy. If a customer gives you information that you're not sure was recorded correctly, do you double check by asking them? What systems do you have in place to make sure information is correct?

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How do you maintain accurate patient records?
CPCR is a split second decision. You need to be ready at any time and when that patient walks through the door you need to drop everything and start CPCR on that animal that second.
When fostering kittens, I had a litter of 3 kittens, 2 of which had am inherited desiese (which we didn't know at the time). This kitten was not eating, was having a hard time breathing and looked horrible. I rushed him to the shelter owner who confirmed that he was not going to make it. She decided it was best for the kitten to be put out of its paid. The next morning, his brother died from the same disease in his sleep. =(
Wether or not to put my horse with a broken leg down.
When I worked at a dog kennel, there was a dog fight and I had to break it up. It was a split second decision because I had to think on my feet and get involved so none of the dogs in my care would get injured.
I like your article.Your article is like a big tree, so that we can squat in your tree, feel yourself a real. I feel very moved, very empathy.
-Performing a Chemistry panel for a patient, the creatine was not registering on the machine, so I diluted the sample, equal parts dH20 and serum and ran the test again to gain the proper results. Placed my results and findings on the sheet and handed it into the veterinarian.
DeMarco, the investment firm that is pushing the idea of eminent domain as a mortgage fix, All rights reserved. - Other banks included in the analysis were Industrial and.
Reno Santa pub crawl.
My family got a puppy for christmas and we believe he got sick with parvo so we had to make a decision as to if you wanted to keep him alive or have him euthanized.
IC injection when I was in the clinic alone and a dog had arrested.
When I was offered a salon position she told me I had to get back with her within 30 min or I was going to lose the opportunity because there were others interested also.
I had a boyfriend go into a diabetic seizure and I could have called 911 on waited but instead a grabbed his insulin and gave him an injection, then called 911. He recovered fine and it turned out he had forgotten to take the insulin the night before. My decision to intervene was the right one.
When I thought a bandage was too tight I cut the bandage so much so that at that point it was no longer usable and good thing I had because it was turning the patients leg cyanotic.
Growing up with horses and cows, I have had to make a few split second decisions based off the reactions from an animal. I have almost been run over by large animals a few times.

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