Superintendent Interview Questions Go Back
1. What motivates you to succeed as a superintendent?
2. What is the primary difference between school board goals and school district goals?
3. What are your career goals as a school superintendent?
4. What are the standards you use for judging whether or not a board of education is doing its job?
5. Many superintendents have their Doctorate in Education. Are you planning to return to school to obtain this designation?
6. As the school superintendent you are the point of contact for all government related interactions. Are you confident in your ability to communicate successfully with government agencies?
7. How important is careful budget planning and resource allocation in the school system?
8. How do you respond to feedback?
9. Do you have experience developing senior staff members, professionally?
10. Do you have experience in hiring senior staff members?
11. When did you complete your Masters' degree? What was the focus of your Masters'?
12. Do you have a valid State certification to be a superintendent?
13. Setting educational standards is incredibly important in this role. How do you ensure that these standards are set, clearly communicated, and met?
14. What leadership qualities do you possess?
15. How do you like to encourage ideas in others?
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