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1. What is the primary difference, in your opinion, between school board goals and school district goals?
2. What are your career goals as a school superintendent, and how will this role help you to achieve those goals?
3. On an especially tough day, what motivates you to succeed as a superintendent?
4. What are the standards you use for judging whether or not your board of education is doing its job?
5. As the school superintendent you are the point of contact for all government related interactions. Are you confident in your ability to professionally communicate with government agencies?
6. In your opinion, how important is careful budget planning and resource allocation in the school system?
7. Do you have experience with professionally developing senior staff members?
8. Do you have experience wit hiring senior staff members?
9. When did you complete your Masters' degree? What was the focus?
10. What was your favorite post-secondary course, and why?
11. Many superintendents have their Doctorate in Education. Are you planning to obtain this designation?
12. Do you have a valid certification to be a superintendent in our State?
13. How do you respond to feedback?
14. How do you like to encourage ideas in your students?
15. Would you consider yourself a creative person?
16. How would you describe your personality?
17. Do you feel that you are currently paid what you are worth?
18. Do you feel performance should be rewarded over experience?
19. What are your salary expectations?
20. Setting educational standards is incredibly important. How do you ensure that your standards are set, clearly communicated, and met?
21. What course was the most challenging for you during your post secondary studies, and why?
22. As a Superintendent, you will be under a fair amount of stress. How do you successfully handle stress?
23. What major challenges and problems did you face in your last position?
24. Talk to me about the various ways that you evaluate student success and achievement.
25. What has been your biggest career related achievement to date?
26. How do you go above and beyond your general requirements as a school superintendent.
27. Tell me about the last book you've read for professional development purposes. What did you learn?
28. Are there any work related situations or tasks that make you uncomfortable?
29. Tell me what led you to choose a career as a superintendent.
30. How important is it for the superintendent to have a strong relationship with the school board's leadership team?
31. What is your personal secret to a successful career as a superintendent?
32. To be a successful superintendent, you will have to deal with a wide range of personalities. Can you handle this?
33. If you were the successful candidate, tell me the first thing you would do to make an impact on our school board.
34. Tell me about a professional goal you have set and achieved. What personal qualities and characteristics helped you achieve that goal?
35. In what area do you feel you need the most professional development? What are you willing to do to strengthen yourself in that area?
36. Community involvement is important to us. What do you know about our community and school district?
37. What makes you the best superintendent for us?
38. In your opinion, what should a school board member do when contacted by a parent with a school-related problem?
39. Have you ever worked with a school board on setting school district goals?
40. Do you think honesty is always the best policy?