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How do you believe you will be effective in sales at our company?
The hiring manager wants to be assured that you will hit the ground running, making an impact as soon as possible. Talk about your level of motivation and what you will do to build your sales pipeline right away.
Answer examples
"I feel that I would be an effective sales engineer because I will make an impact on your sales targets immediately. I bring a strong portfolio of business with me and will also work tirelessly to earn new business."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you believe you will be effective in sales at our company?
Knowing background of the product and experience, it will help in attaining company's goal.
With my extensive experience in sales & my knowledge of the market I feel I can bring good buisness to the company.
Because product is almost same & aware with brand. Also target to region as per business.
I have strong interest in working in multidisciplinary environment. I alwasy make an effort to communicate effectively to all levels of staff. Undestanding the needs of clients is important to finding what solutions will them. I have diverse experience from consulting to techincal roles. My technical expereince with welding combined with my styrong reltionship building skills would make me a valueable asset to the sales team.
I have a very good communication skill.I can really talk and engage people when it comes to pursuing someone.
My communication skills and my convincing power along with my positive attitude helps me stay focused on the targets.
By effectively listening to customers' needs and gaining their trust. Being up to date to understand current trends technologically and liaising with the production team to make products which satisfy customer needs as per current trends.
Logical approach friendly discussion market updated negotiation.
I believe my experience in a similar role affords me an advantage. Having worked extensively in the industry also gives me an upper hand in the development of sales leads as I have developed business relationships with most of the customers in the industry.
It all has to do with engineering, being good at it makes the sale go easy, I have the background knowledge of structural engineering which is I think about most of your products and services go.
I understand the nature of product and services am rendering.
I am very good to make people convince for the work.
According to me, a big part of sales is to first understand what the customer needs and how your product can satisfy that need and go beyond. Have a clear understanding of our own product and explaining this to the customer is what I do best.
I have the confidence yo do this.
I will give 100% commitment to the company and hit my personal target in sales as well as company sales target.
I m having some technical knowledge and I ll put my effort to growth of the company.
I'm a very determined person, highly motivated, I take my job seriously and im still young so I will bring a fresh prespective to the company.
I believe I can use my background and my approach to earn the trust of customers.
My history of working in sales in different domains let me think that I am good at understanding customers needs and recommend them the best product.
I have excellent customer service skills, I am a good listener and I posses good communication skills.
I have the right combination of skills and experience and desire to be part of a dedicated culture.
How do you believe you will be effective.
I think in your company you have great product that different about other product.
I have a strong technical background but enjoy and value human interaction. I like to see the results from the problems that I solve.
Sir I have good convincing skills, also good in making connection with people, ready to help nature, believe in doing work on time. Good in working under leader.