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Have you ever had to handle conflict? How did you resolve it?
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No, but it can be resolved by a structured meeting and negotiation.
Often. Firstly I always keep calm and I am respectful, I don't loose control in front of my colleagues or clients. I try to listen and understand the position of the parts involved than I try to find a solution that would satisfy both parts.
Throughout my college career I had to handle many instances of conflict. Most recently in my internship I had to represent management to the front line employees. During this stint one of the departments I was running had an extended shut down. This was due to a mis communication between processing and maintenance and required me to resolve the conflict by finding who was responsible and communicating the priority of the situation. Through this the department was back up with in the hour.
Yes. Conflict with customers. Empathize. Take responsibility where there is some. Double down on customer service. Diplomatically point out the issue.
When working with teams, it's very important to be able to identify when conflict is arising. THe previous time I had an issues wiht a co workoer it was caused by lack of communicagtion, this person was a bit overwhelmed and did not know how to appropitale deal iwht that. I was able to to talk to this person and try to really understand what I can do to help.
Yes many times. I try to understand the issues and get into the details come out with the solution beneficial for both the parties or if any one party at fault try to explain how can we rectify the same.
Yes, I had them both sit down and talk to me one on one. I find out the reason the conflict happened and try to resolve it fairly.
Yes and work on the same project.
Getting to the root cause appreciate the +ve points of both teams then find a common agreed solution.
Yes, customer was being charged for a product which was no longer live. Enquired about the product status & stopped the billing & looked into reactivation of the product while waving off the reactivation fee.
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