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What differentiates you from other accountants?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Project Accountant interview

How to Answer
Answer by emphasizing your greatest strengths against the advertised position. What do you pride yourself on the most? Which strengths will be, in your opinion, most beneficial to this role? Which will contribute to the company's success? Which strengths make you indispensable?

"I am a hard worker who does not hesitate to go above and beyond to ensure successful completion of projects, and I am more than willing to take on duties beyond my original job scope. I sincerely believe the company's success is my success."

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What differentiates you from other accountants?
Contracts evaluation/Subcontracts accuracy.
Using my knowledge I can provide great accounts and helping the company achivening the goal.
I will try to work harder than that of other accountant in the project by analyiing all the reports that directly related to project accounts work.
I will not only be an asset to your company in accounting field but also in other decision making processes. This is because my last job involved designing projects thus I have gained insights in the area.
Attention to detail, just need to be familir with system no training, and financial role.
I will do my duty honestly and extra hour also if company ask me to do so but how can I say about others what they will do or not.
Committing myself towards work.
I'm sure many other accountants have my skills but I can bring my general skills - I'm a fast Learner and am self teaching, I'm easy to get along with and build up a rapport with business partners, I am dedicated and loyal. I work hard and will take on challenging tasks with enthusiasm.
I can bring to your company the expertise I had working with an international NGO managing projects with EU and USAID.
I can build great working relationships with other colleagues at the university. I can ease the burden of staff having to train me as I have already held a similar role. I am familiar with the systems and management accounts and I can confidently communicate with project managers needing very little supervision.
I am committed and hands on. I would like to interact with other department roles, learn the business. I am a volunteer trustee in a charity and I can learn and bring on other skills that I learn from my network that can help the department.
I come with Program management experience for more than 2 years, as well as my informatics skills have proven very handy when it comes to projects.
I am committed to hard work and passion for excellence. I am a professional and add value to organization. I have managerial skills and committed to client service.
Given my diverse career background I think I can offer some things that other accountants can not. For example I believe my extensive experience in customer service has given me great strength in managing and communicating with people. I'm not afraid of confrontation and I thrive in communication. I will stay in contact with my team at all times so they feel they have the resources necessary to succeed. Secondly, I bring good experience as an accomplished writer. I know how to develop informative and easy-to-follow hard copy as I've developed training and procedure manuals as well as company newsletters and interesting blogs. I know how to engage a reader, even with drier types of material. So I believe creating accounting white papers will not be a problem for me. Finally I bring a fresh perspective in terms of accounting. I haven't been cloned by another accounting department so I can be trained to do things the best way PNM deems fit without friction from previous methodologies learned.
If company needs extra time from my side I will give because I always want to provide my best services.

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