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What differentiates you from other accountants?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I will not only be an asset to your company in accounting field but also in other decision making processes. This is because my last job involved designing projects thus I have gained insights in the area.
Given my diverse career background I think I can offer some things that other accountants can not. For example I believe my extensive experience in customer service has given me great strength in managing and communicating with people. I'm not afraid of confrontation and I thrive in communication. I will stay in contact with my team at all times so they feel they have the resources necessary to succeed. Secondly, I bring good experience as an accomplished writer. I know how to develop informative and easy-to-follow hard copy as I've developed training and procedure manuals as well as company newsletters and interesting blogs. I know how to engage a reader, even with drier types of material. So I believe creating accounting white papers will not be a problem for me. Finally I bring a fresh perspective in terms of accounting. I haven't been cloned by another accounting department so I can be trained to do things the best way PNM deems fit without friction from previous methodologies learned.
I'm sure many other accountants have my skills but I can bring my general skills - I'm a fast Learner and am self teaching, I'm easy to get along with and build up a rapport with business partners, I am dedicated and loyal. I work hard and will take on challenging tasks with enthusiasm.
I can bring to your company the expertise I had working with an international NGO managing projects with EU and USAID.
I am committed to hard work and passion for excellence. I am a professional and add value to organization. I have managerial skills and committed to client service.
Committing myself towards work.
I am committed and hands on. I would like to interact with other department roles, learn the business. I am a volunteer trustee in a charity and I can learn and bring on other skills that I learn from my network that can help the department.
If company needs extra time from my side I will give because I always want to provide my best services.
I come with Program management experience for more than 2 years, as well as my informatics skills have proven very handy when it comes to projects.
Attention to detail, just need to be familir with system no training, and financial role.