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How have you monitored, or would you monitor, the performance of your team?
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It was great since they have never let me done in my work and am always in time with my reports.
I always set achievable and relevant targets with review dates on the performance to view the actual and set resaults.
Firstly am going to put plan and implemented this plan step by step.
I have the schedule of everyone on my spreadsheet. I maintain regular meeting and communicate effectively with my team. I try to meet them personally especially the introverts amongst them.
I have weekly meeting with my assistant, to see where we are. I have a monthly meeting with the team leaders giving feedback and raising issues.
I gave them task with period then after it I check their performance with suitable conditions.
Use of performance appraisals. I have noticed that one should always have a clear understanding of TORs, work plan and the structure as a whole.
I monitor the overall forecast Accuracy.
I try to use technology, when I can, to keep tabs on my team. But more importantly I like to use my communication skills to monitor the performance of team members. I minored in Communications and I find it to be a vital ingredient for project success. The power of dialogue I think is underestimated. I realize that some personality types communicate less than others and I certainly don't want to micro-manage my team, but staying in contact with members and getting real time feedback is the best way to find flaws in the plan and get a sense of how realistic the time budget is. This also shows team members that you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty either and that you value your team and are invested in their success.
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