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How do you determine accurate labor costs for a particular employee that has worked on several projects?
Answer this question by providing information as to your organizational and project management skills.
Answer examples
"I always keep all relevant information pertaining to each employee up-to-date, including charts for each employee and detailed information pertaining to their related projects, and I generate and save new reports on a weekly basis. In that particular case, I would generate an up-to-date report including the projects the employee has worked on, for a given period of time, and gather the relevant documentation I had already saved."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you determine accurate labor costs for a particular employee that has worked on several projects?
The labor costs are usally pulled out from a payroll system. Particular employee should be coding his/her time according to the cost code worked.
By looking at the expences for the particule projesct and the labour hours involte in the eacch project.
Check the previous amounts he/she earned per hour add any increment as per contract he/she signed with the company then multiply with the number of hours he/she worked.
Time track data is the key and total employee cost and divide by projects.
This can be determined through the time cards of each employee or attendance sign in at the project site.
Labour is booked specifically to projects so this hasn't really been an issue I'm faced with. It's more the opposite problem that a project manager will assume they are getting 100% of someone's time and so does another but they don't necessarily compare their data. The is really difficult to spot but can usually be unearthed eventually by looking at the bookings and also by ensuring reviewers such as finance see projects in groups where the same people generally work.
On how much time she spent on each project.
I would establish a per hour rate and then do a percentage on that rate attributable to each project.
I will need to work out time spent on other projects. Work out the salary and apportion base on time spent on the project.
Time allocation or the level of effort against the total time spent in a day.
I would have the employee breakdown how much time was put into each project to allocate the proper labor costs to each one. I think instilling time management skills in staff members is absolutely imperative when in project management. It not only informs the manager of employees progress but also gives the employee a visual tracker of progress made. Giving staff members a time budget also is helpful to both the staff member and the project manager.
First I will check employee expence then will give him more than his expense so he can be motivated from us.