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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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What do you dislike the most about being a Pharmacy Technician?
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Perhaps having to explain to a customer that we are unable to provide the medication they wanted, I can imagine some customers could become quite distressed so I know it is important to be very empathetic.
Theres really nothing I dislike about doing pharamcy.
Yes, a man who constantly comes in and says he needs his inhaler came in on my shift. Of course, the clerk does what she is supposed to do and tells him he needs to call in advance. This guy is huffing and puffing and getting mad. All of the people in the waiting room are gawking and commenting for the guy to sit down. I am at the input station and I remember his name from last time. I look up his profile and he has no refills. I dial the nurse for his primary doctor and give his info and tell her the situation at the pharmacy. She checks with the MD and ok's his refill. I added the refill and grabbed the inhaler and took it straight to the pharmacist. The man is talking to the manager now. I bring out the inhaler and he signs off for it and I tell him that he only has this refill and no more. Next time to please call before he runs out.
The thing I would dislike most about being a pharmacy tech is trying to be perfect, I get so down on myself if I make a mistake but the good thing about making a mistake is that you learn from them.
Nothing that I can not discuss.
There is nothing that I dislike but until fully trained I know there will be a huge amount of learning to do, which to me is a challenge.
Standing on my feet the entire shift.
I don't have any strong dislikes but I know there will be days when customers might challenge me but the training I recieve will help me deal with challenges.
I enjoy working as part of a team. Amd. Enjoy working in the team I. Am. Currenly in.. In will struggle not being part of my current team.. Might feel a but left out when I. Come back. Kntl the dispensary lol.
Meeting the most difficult patient ever.
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