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What do you dislike the most about being a Pharmacy Technician?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Pharmacy Technician interview

This is a great opportunity to talk about challenges you face as a pharmacy technician. Giving an example involving customer service is a great place to start. Show that you understand the reality of the job and that you accept the challenges.

Answer example
"I hate when I see a patient struggling to pay for their medication."
Basic answer example
"I know that it can be hard to handle customers when they get upset, because I've dealt with these situations before. However, I feel confident in my ability to handle all kinds of personalities. I am good at staying calm in these situations, and calming the customer."

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What do you dislike the most about being a Pharmacy Technician?
Nothing really because I like and always enjoy my job.
Not having stock in to dispense when it's needed.
I enjoyed it in the past and I see myself enjoying it in the future.
Being a positive person I think I will enjoy every aspect of being a pharmacy technician the reason being that I am a very calm and collective person who can achieve any goal set.
Not making the customer happy.
Working every other weekend.
Not being able to satisfy the customer.
When there not enough in stock.
Well nothing really I find great satisfaction in getting to work with a team or even individually to meet and exceed what my patients need.
I do not have any experience as a pharmacy technician what I would most dislike is not knowing what to do in a given situation.
Having little time to attend to all true customers on queue.
Any error will put the patient in danger.
What I will dislike most about being a pharmacy technician is when people refuse to complain my supply of chemicals or drugs.
Standing on my feet the entire shift.
Insurance changes in formulary.
Not able to fill a perscription.
Dealing with different insurance companies.
Nothing. I enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis and this job would help a lot with my career goals.
The people the dont respect me.
Not being able to consult patients.
IF the instrument are not available then it is the most depressing think about pharmacy technician.
I do not feel like I would like any part of this job so far, since I have not had experience in it yet.
Since I decided to take this program, I never had any dislikes being a pharmacy technician.
Not having stocks of medications. And theres nothing to dispense to the needy patients.
Nothing that I can not discuss.
As pharmacy Technician I would do my best not to dislike anything.
What I think I may dislike the most will be having confrontation with patients if they are too soon to refill a narcotic.
Theres not much to dislike cause I love working as a technician. But the hand written rx would be something tricky.
Long hours with no breaks in between.
Observing patients struggle or be unable to afford their medication(s) and/or medical supplies.
There's many things to dislike about being a pharmacy technician. But every little thing I dislike about it, there is always a good to it as well.
The slow days when theres not much prescriptions to fill.
I like working with customers and people, but I also understand it's a very challenging when you have to work with the public. The most important thing is keeping a level-headed, positive attitude and be respectful at all times.
Every job has their good days and bad days its the process of employment and growing up.
Not resolving an issue for an upset customer.
I don't have any strong dislikes but I know there will be days when customers might challenge me but the training I recieve will help me deal with challenges.
Since I have been a phatmacy technician, I believe what I most dislike is when we do not have a medication in stock for a patient.
Meeting the most difficult patient ever.
I don't recall anything that I dislike about being a pharmacy technician.
When there is not enough medication to be dispensed for the patient.
The hours can be long expecially in retail.
There are no advancements into other careers.
I do not think there is anything I will dislike because I enjoy working in a pharmacy.
I am already a technician and what I most like is being able to help the community through my pharmacy team. Pharmacies that I have worked at always have had the best interest of the patients in mind. Also, I feel that pharmacy is a field that people hold a lot of trust in and I like the feeling of being trustworthy.
Yes, a man who constantly comes in and says he needs his inhaler came in on my shift. Of course, the clerk does what she is supposed to do and tells him he needs to call in advance. This guy is huffing and puffing and getting mad. All of the people in the waiting room are gawking and commenting for the guy to sit down. I am at the input station and I remember his name from last time. I look up his profile and he has no refills. I dial the nurse for his primary doctor and give his info and tell her the situation at the pharmacy. She checks with the MD and ok's his refill. I added the refill and grabbed the inhaler and took it straight to the pharmacist. The man is talking to the manager now. I bring out the inhaler and he signs off for it and I tell him that he only has this refill and no more. Next time to please call before he runs out.
Nothing, because I will embrace and enjoy my work. Passion is the key and the desire to learn and grow.
I don't think I have any dislikes.... Maybe unhappy customers, that tells me that we did not do our jobs well, that we need to work harder.
The fact that a medication error has the potential to hurt someone.
Not be able to supply stocks.
The thing I would dislike most about being a pharmacy tech is trying to be perfect, I get so down on myself if I make a mistake but the good thing about making a mistake is that you learn from them.
Having to deal with rude customers.
Major strength and weakness.
There's nothing that I dislike being a pharmacy technician.
There's nothing that I really dislike but at most I dislike when I'm not able to satisfy a customer.
I enjoyed it in the past and I see myself enjoying it in the future.
My main dislike would be awkward customer, I can deal with them effectively but it can be quit stressful.
The fact that it might be alot of training that I would have to go through to become a Pharmacy Technician.
This will be my first experience as a pharmacy tech, so definitely I am going to learn day by day about this job but personally I dont feel like there would be anything that I would dislike about this job. I am actually really looking forward to be working here asap, because I feel like I would really enjoy it.
No being able to help customers, not providing a effeicent service to the public, not being able to use the skills you have to the best advantage.
There is nothing I don't enjoy about being a tech.
I think being a pharmacy technician it is really stressed . It is important to solve the stress.
Being on my feet all day.
Working with needle, I have a needle phobia.
Maybe not always being able to help a patient.
Theres really nothing I dislike about doing pharamcy.
I don't think there is anything that will make me dislike the job.
The fact that I cannot know all the answers to questions customers may have but at least I would now have the knowledge as to where I can find out the informayion.
What I think I will most dislike about being a Pharmacy Technician is helping people who are not wanting to help themselves improve their medical condition.
There is nothing that I dislike but until fully trained I know there will be a huge amount of learning to do, which to me is a challenge.
When is slow, and cut hours.
I like everything about being a pharmacy tech.
Knowing I have the responcibily of somebodies life on my hands.
The being blamed as part of pharmacy team. As pharmacy is often black listed.
I enjoy working as part of a team. Amd. Enjoy working in the team I. Am. Currenly in.. In will struggle not being part of my current team.. Might feel a but left out when I. Come back. Kntl the dispensary lol.
Perhaps having to explain to a customer that we are unable to provide the medication they wanted, I can imagine some customers could become quite distressed so I know it is important to be very empathetic.
Seeing the same patients over and over again as we call the "frequent flyers" it gets hard getting a sort of attachment to them and then hearing that they passed away or even worse seeing it first hand.
Until I'm am fully confident in my job role.
Working in a sterile environment inside all day.

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